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Superbrands India

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Superbrands India

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A positive public perception of consumers and industry peer group is the fountainhead of legacy brands. Superbrands India engages with these two core groups to arrive at its elite brand membership.

Selection of brands as a Superbrand is a
two stage elimination process

Level 1

Superbrands India
  • Visitors select from a list of categories that interests them and brands under each category selected are open for voting. The shortlisted names are sent for evaluation to the Superbrands Experts Council.

Level 2

Superbrands India
  • The Superbrands Experts Council, subject each brand to individual scrutiny. To the scores provided by them, the average score given by the on-line respondents is added.
Superbrands India

Final Selection & Invitation

Only brands that are rated highly by the council members and consumers are eligible for inclusion in the Superbrands project. These brands are then invited to participate based on the following criteria - market dominance, longevity, goodwill, customer loyalty and brand acceptance.

Winners are not necessarily the highest selling brands but those who have worked hard to win consumer trust.