It is not so hard to lead your partner to orgasm if you know what you are doing.

Here are 10 tips to give her an orgasm!

If you can lead your partner to orgasm effectively, there are so many benefits in term of your overall relationship.

You might think that it is very hard since how men and women feel pleasure is totally different from each other.

However, if you can understand what makes them tick, and also adjust your techniques according to your specific partner, you will be able to bring her the ultimate pleasure in no time.

This article will teach you 10 tips to make your woman reach the big “O”!!!

So what are the 10 tips??

For those who are rushing towards the answer, I can provide you with the list of 10 tips to give her an orgasm.

Print and place it on your mirror or something and remind yourself with these tips every time you look at yourself. (You will be the master of orgasm technique in no time.)

Here are the 10 tips that can transform you into the new orgasm master!

  1. Create atmosphere
  2. Spend more time on foreplay
  3. Communicate more
  4. Try using your tongue
  5. Use a vibrator
  6. Different lotions will help
  7. Explore new styles(BDSM)
  8. Variations in condoms
  9. Train yourself with a cock ring
  10. Take care of her afterwards

It is important at first to be considerate about her feelings and emotions since women’s orgasm starts from within her mind.

Once you can get going with her emotions, then you can move onto physical stimulation for her.

If you are not confident in your caressing techniques, don’t be shy and try using extra toys to support you in providing her the pleasure.

There is no shame in using tools, and once she gets to experience the big O, it is impossible for her to hate.

Here are some toys to support you…

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If you want to know these tips in more detail, please read on and find out why and how these tips can work.

How to give your partner an orgasm

How do you actually make a woman orgasm?

Here are 10 tips in detail that you can always use to bring her closer to orgasm for sure.

However, remember that each individual is different and these tips cannot be applied or effective in some cases.

The most important thing is to care about her and communicate with her what she truly desire.

With that said, there are still things you can do in general to take you at least closer to the goal of female orgasm.

1. Create atmosphere

You know that men can get sexually aroused anytime, anywhere, and right away with a blink of an eye. You have probably experienced a surge of desire whenever a attractive girl walked by you, at least once in your life time, right?

Sadly, the same cannot be said with women. (There are some women who get aroused as men do, but this case is definitely a rarity.)

Generally speaking (though there surely are exceptions), men mainly get aroused by visual and physical senses, whereas for women, emotional intimacy and sense of security plays a bigger role in sexual arousal.

This means that after a nice dinner, tumbling back into your dirty room with left-over dosa from last night’s dinner on the table and having at it, does not quite cut it for impressing your loved one.

Women much more prefers a slow build up towards the finale of the night. So, you need to tidy up your room (or just book a nice hotel room…), lead your partner with confidence during the date, and perhaps buy her some flowers.

Women love the feeling of being treated with special care and certain finesse.

This may sound like hard work, but when you think about the return of your partner being helpless for your love and addicted to the sex with you, I believe it is a reasonable price to pay.

The important thing is to consider what she truly likes, and think ahead so that you can respond to any of her wishes as much as possible.

Once you build up that mutual trust and earn her emotional security, she will be much more likely to open up her heart to you, which consecutively leads to more fulfilling sex: That is Orgasm.

2. Spend more time on foreplay

Just as I explain in the first tip, “time” is a very important element when considering women’s orgasm.

Generally speaking, women need much more time to get aroused and ready for sex than men. This can also be said about sexual foreplay. If you want to make your girlfriend come, spending more time on foreplay is a necessity.

Then what are the recommended foreplays? The things guys usually think of, such as kissing, fingering, and blow-job can be effective. However, for women, a less physical approach might be a good idea.

For example, complimenting her appearance, expressing your love with action (hugging and massaging), and simply enjoying conversation with her can be a great way to get your partner excited for what’s coming next.

These all do not sound like typical foreplay, but all the physical actions exist on the extension of these interactions.

Once you get into physical action, things will go more smoothly because of these preparations and patience.

Consider the entire the time you spend with her as foreplay, from the moment you see her to the moment you actually make love. If you can keep this in mind, and gradually intensify the anticipation towards the finale, she can surely feel the ultimate release of the tension at the very end.

3. Communicate more

Just as communication is paramount in terms of building a good and lasting relationship, the same can be said for sexual interaction as well.

The important thing, when you wish to make your partner orgasm, is to talk to her and ask her what kind of play she enjoys, or what part of her body feels the most sensitive.

However, be sure to consider your partner’s personality when conversing about such thing since these topics can be awkward or embarrassing for some people.

You do not have to be straightforward with your questions when your partner is quite shy about it. If that is the case, try asking simple questions like “Do you like this?” or “Do you feel ticklish?” when messing around playfully.

Of course, if your partner is right-to-the-answer type of girl, you should ask up front what kinds of stimulation she enjoys, and what moves you should do to please her.

In conclusion, it all depends on each individual, so as I said in the beginning, try communicating with her more. All the information you can gather from talking to her or carefully watching her can work in your favor in achieving orgasm.

4. Try using tongue

Have you ever given her oral pleasure before? If you never have in the past, try it out as soon as possible.

Using your lips and tongue can be the easiest shortcut you can take in order to get her to the high point.

Unlike touching and fingering her vaginal area with your hands, using your mouth is much more softer and smoother in feel for her. Some women can feel pain or discomfort when they are touched on their private part with fingers.

However, if you use your tongue, even these more sensitive women can feel pleasure, because the saliva and the soft tongue and lips can alleviate any friction or uneven texture, which leads to feeling good.

In short, giving oral pleasure is always better than using your hands, and all women can feel pleasure from it.

5. Use a vibrator

Using a vibrator seems like cheating? No it isn’t! In fact, using a vibrator can be the most reliable way to achieve orgasm for her.

There are so many benefits of vibrators compared to your own penis. For example, it vibrates(obviously!) like no real penis can. Some models can stimulate the clitoris or anal at the same time.

And most importantly, it can be used semi-permanently unlike you penis (which renders useless after ejaculation…)

You can choose the right size for her if you are not confident with your own size. You also can develop the G-spot and C-spot with longer dildos.

As you know, dildos will not ejaculate and end the intercourse like a real penis do. This is an massive advantage of a dildo to help her reach orgasm.

However, as I wrote above, it is important to ask for her consent first since emotional security is the most influential thing to set right, when considering women’s orgasm.

Some woman feel uncomfortable putting an outside object into her vagina. In this case, you mustn’t force her to use it, because it can hurt her feeling and set back even further from actually experiencing orgasm.

So, only when you are allowed to use a dildo, do so. Using dildos the right way and if you take time stimulating her, it can almost always bring her the great “O” for her!

6. Different lotions will help

Lotion, in other words sex lubricant, can enhance the sexual sensation by a lot for both of you.

It can not only reduce friction for people who do not get wet easily, but applying it all over your body along with your partner can increase the sensual-ness and heighten the sensation of adhesion.

It is definitely a recommended sex toy if you both want to feel even better. The only thing to consider is the cleaning.

Using lotion is a very fun experience, but cleaning it can be a hassle if you do not use it in the right place.

You should use it somewhere you can clean off very easily like in the bath room, or play with it on a washable sheet like a yoga mat.

You don’t want to use it in bed since the mattress can soak up the liquid and because lotions are hard to dry up, you will have a problem on your hands afterwards.

So, if you can use lotion in the right place, it will help your partner to reach orgasm for sure!

7. Explore new styles

It is a good idea to try out different styles or incorporate role-play into your sex life. At first, you might feel embarrassed or cringy, but when you fully merge yourself with the role you are playing, the difference it brings of sexual pleasure can be well worth it.

For example, you can try out BDSM play if you fancy a little kinky-winky fun.

8. Variations in condoms

Do you use condoms normally? If you are not planning to have an baby or catch some sort of STD, you definitely use a condom every time when you insert a penis into the vagina.

But it is not fun to just wear the same old condom every single time when you have sex, isn’t it? There might be some people who don’t want to use a condom because they are just tired of it.

This is not a good idea for both of you and your partner. If you care about your partner and even yourself, using a condom as preventative measure is a necessity.

But wait! There are fun products that can save you from this problem.

If you are tired of using the same simple condom over and over again, there are interesting alternatives. Extra thin types, textured types, flavored types, and warming or cooling types are only a few examples of different condoms with additional features.

The type I recommend the most to bring change to your sex is the textured type.

This type has textural variation on the condom such as dots and bumps, which increase the vaginal sensation when thrusted in and out.

And because it tends to be thicker than normal condoms, you will be able to last longer as well as provide more pleasure for your partner during vaginal intercourse.

Incorporating different types of condoms every time can be an easy way to bring variation to the fun and exciting sex life.

If you need to use a condom in the first place, why not make it an interesting and fun part of the sex? It might change your view of condoms from a necessary chore into a fun option to enjoy your sex life even more!

9. Train yourself with a cock ring

Do you feel like you reach orgasm too quickly, and feel inadequate in terms of pleasing your woman? Reaching orgasm too quickly is called “premature ejaculation”, and it can be considered as one of minor medical conditions.

Here I can provide you with useful information…
According to International Society for Sexual Medication, women takes longer to orgasm

As you can take from this article, women generally takes longer to orgasm than men. This means that if you are experiencing premature ejaculation, it is hard to make your partner orgasm at the first place.

So, does this mean that quick shot guys like you will never achieve giving partner an orgasm?? Yes!! You CAN!!!

Cock ring is one of the useful product that can improve your sexual performance in every thinkable way possible! You probably doubt if this kind of magical toy really exist.


10. Take care of her afterwards

This is not the tip exactly for giving her orgasm, but perhaps the most crucial part of building a trusting and loving relationship. Like I said above, a good relationship is the key for woman’s orgasm.

So following this step will increase the chances of her reaching orgasm in the long term.

How do you feel if you were left alone in the bustling town square after lunch? The feeling of being ignored or treated roughly after having sex can feel like this for a woman.

If you don’t take well care and be kind of her after sex, it can hurt her trust and reliability for you, and damage the relationship itself. This can result in bad sex and disability to orgasm.

Just be considerate and kind after sex even when you don’t feel like it.

Do you know if your partner is satisfied with SEX?

Now that you know exactly how to take her on the journey to wonderland, let’s delve even deeper in the topic of women’s orgasm.

Have you ever wondered if your partner actually feels good during the SEX with you?

It is hard to imagine how it really feels to have a penis inside of you that can make you feel good. (Unless you are gay that is… no offense but just pointing out a fact)

The body of a man and a woman is completely different, especially in terms of reproductive organs.

Do you want to make your partner feel at the best. Do you want to make her come like never before, and render her drunk for your love?

Accomplishing an orgasm during intimate SEX is one of the most wonderful experiences you can have with your partner.

Women tend to fake orgasm when they have sex

This is hard to convey, but your partner might have been lying about having an orgasm…

According to livescience, “Approximately 60 percent of have faked orgasm during intercourse or oral sex”.

This means that even when you think you have made your woman reach climax, the probability of her faking it is more than half of the time.

Now, try not to be judgmental about her, since the reason she might be doing it is actually out of love for you in trying to make you feel better about yourself. Also, some women do it to increase their own excitement.

So, it is not all your fault and don’t worry so much about it. After reading this article, you will at least be somewhat close to achieving her orgasm in the end. So keep your head high and keep on reading.

Small percentage of women have actually experienced orgasm during sex

For guys like us, reaching orgasms is quite easy. In fact having sex almost exactly means that you are blowing off a load.

Even for men who do not have sex usually, ejaculation is a very common occurrence through masturbation which, let’s be honest, all healthy men do by time to time.

In contrast to this, woman’s orgasm faces quite a high hurdle to overcome. Now, let’s check out some numbers…

According to abc News:

About 75 percent of all women never reach orgasm from intercourse alone — that is without the extra help of sex toys, hands or tongue. And 10 to 15 percent never climax under any circumstances.
Female Orgasm May Be Tied to ‘Rule of Thumb’ – ABC News


14 percent never have and orgasm ever in their lives.

As these statistics suggests, women who experience orgasms fairly usually, are actually a quite few and far between. It reflects the difficulty of reaching the big “O” for woman.

Why do you care if a woman orgasms or not?

Because if you don’t care, the odds of you being in an long lasting mutually loving relationship will be stack against you.

A man who can satisfy his partner physically, can be rare for a woman which makes you an attractive partner to spend time with.

In fact, sexually satisfied couples tend to be satisfied with the overall relationship, and the mutual happiness and long-lasting connections of love cannot be underestimated or substituted by any other thing in the world in my opinion.

Now that you understood the importance of woman’s orgasm, let’s move on to what types of orgasms a woman can experience under the right circumstances.

Yes, a woman has the potential to come in multiple ways, unlike men who only ejaculates…

So what does it mean to have an orgasm for a woman?

What does it mean to have an orgasm for a woman?

In fact, women’s orgasm can largely be divided into 2 different types, which are “internal orgasm” and “external orgasm”.

Internal orgasm generally speaking, achieved with penetrative stimulation such as sexual intercourse or masturbation with dildos and such. On the other hand, external orgasm is achieved only by stimulating the outside of the vagina around the entire area.

To be more specific, there are several different types of orgasm within each categories. So, in this section, I will be explaining about each orgasms in detail and how it can feel to a women in words as much as possible.

Since I’m not a woman also, this will be from a knowledgeable individual’s perspective. So, for women, if there is any who is reading, might find it difficult to relate.

Since the sexual sensitivity varies widely among each individual, so there is no point in comparing.

The best and only way is to explore her sexual zones by yourself, man.

-There are actually difference in women’s orgasms-

Internal orgasm

Internal orgasm is, as you can imagine from the name, an orgasm reached from stimulating the inside of the vagina. More specifically, it can be divided into two types; G-spot orgasm and portio orgasm.

Generally speaking, internal orgasms are harder to achieve compared to external orgasms, since the sexual areas must be developed beforehand in order to feel pleasure.

However, the degree of the pleasure and the extreme sensation a woman can feel from this types of orgasm is incomparable to any other orgasms regardless of sex. It is well worth it to develop this sensitivity and change your sex life for the better forever.

As a man, you can feel the pride of making your partner feel good, and the satisfaction of both parties of the couple can improve the relationship itself as well.

Now, I will explain each of the internal orgasm in more detail…

G-spot orgasm

G-spot orgasm is achieved by continuously and precisely stimulating the G-spot, which is a part inside your vaginal canal.

It is said that immeasurable number of nerve cells are concentrated on this point. The G-spot is located typically 2inches inside of the vagina, on the upper ceiling, below the pelvic bone.

At first, you might feel nothing from stimulating this point, or even feel uncomfortable for people who are sensitive.

Developing the G-spot requires a lot of time, experience, and patience. So, do not rush and take some time and slowly evolve the sexual organ.

You can use whatever that can effectively hit the G-spot in order to develop this erogenous zone, such as your finger, penis, or a sex toy.

Finger is the easiest way to start developing the G-spot because you can learn where is the best to stimulate by feeling it. However, it is quite hard to keep giving the same stimulation continuously for a period of time.

Portio Orgasm

Portio orgasm is the great “O” she can reach by stimulating the “portio”, which is the part at the deep end of the vaginal canal where the cervix is located.

A large number of nerve ends are located around this area, so by stimulating this part the right way, she will be able to feel incomparable please.

It is said to be the pinnacle of female orgasm due to its uncontainable burst of pleasurable sensation, like electricity running through her entire body.

People who have experienced this orgasm speaks about it as “life changing experience”, and moments after the climax can feel as good as the orgasm itself leaving her with floaty feelings, and her mind all concentrated on the explosion of pleasure which she experienced.

Unlike any other orgasms, the feeling of cervical orgasm is said to last for hours, or in some cases even days.

According to the COSMOPOLITAN:

Cervical orgasm is a “full-body orgasm,” – you feel that spread all over your body and then explode into waves you feel from your head to your toes.
How to Have a Cervical Orgasm – Best Positions for Cervical Orgasm

So literally, you will be rocking her world!

External orgasm

External orgasms, in contrast to internal orgasms, does not necessarily need penetrative sensation in order to reach it.

You only simply need to keep stimulating the clitoris or the vulva area which is around the entrance of the vagina.

This area, especially the clitoris, generally does not need any prior development in order feel pleasure, so right off the bat you are ready to go!

Within this external orgasms, to be more specific, there are 3 types of orgasms, which are the clitoris, vulva(around the vagina), and as a rare but actual occurrence, nipples.

Clitoral Orgasm

The most reliable and ubiquitous way to bring your woman to happy land is the clitoral orgasm.

Clitoris is a organ which only a woman’s body has, and it is located at the top of the woman’s sexual organ (few inches above the vaginal entrance).

The average size is around 5-7mm and it is usually covered with the foreskin just like a man’s penis, so it might be difficult to find at first.

It is said to contain over 8000 nerve ends inside the tiny clitoris. Therefore, it is a very sensitive point, so you must be very gentle and soft when touching it for the first time.

Unlike the difficulty of external orgasms, clitoral orgasm is relatively easy to achieve since most of women does not require any development to feel pleasure.

You just need to continue stimulating it the right way for a certain among of time. So, it is important to observe her reaction, and adjust your technique on the fly to satisfy her. In addition, communicating with her and asking what kind of touch she prefers is paramount.

Generally speaking, in order to make her orgasm with this method, might take around 20 minutes, but obviously it depends on each individual. Some might reach there in 3 mins, some might take over an hour.

So, do not rush it and be considerate of her.

Although it is said to be relatively easy to reach, all clitorises are different just like all penises are different, so don’t be so sure about your techniques, and always keep in mind that some girls might like it the different way even when you are a seasoned pleaser.

For some women, clitoral stimulation can be painful because of her inexperience or simply for her particular sensitivity of it. In that case, start by gently touching it over the foreskin, and gradually move your way towards the real deal.

Remember, always watch her facial expressions, her body reaction, and verbal cues and respond on it, and be smart and patient.

Nipple Orgasm

Who can have an orgasm through just nipple stimulation!?

Yes, it might sound like a sexual science fiction to be able to come with only nipples, doesn’t it? But reality is often stranger than fiction…

This orgasms, of course, is not your typical orgasm which you can say
And not everyone can reach this heights, rather only a small percentage of women can actually orgasm through her nipples.

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Love is utmost important

I have been explaining a lot about female orgasm and how you can go about to achive them for your partners.

However, the most important thing about sex is “love”.

If there is no love in the first place, it is almost impossible to even reach closer to orgasm even when you have top notch skills, since emotional satisfaction plays a major role in women’s orgasm.

If you have the right heart and mind for her, giving her orgasm is only a matter of mindset.

So, keep that in mind and enjoy the best possible intimate moments with your beloved partner!

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