Sex toys can easily increase your size and performance in sex.

If you are concerned about your penis, read this and solve the problem instantly!

Do you feel like you are underperforming in sex with your beloved partner?

Do you get anxious sometimes or wonder that you’re girlfriend or wife is not satisfied enough with the sexual experience with you?

Sex is no doubt one of the biggest part in terms of relationship.

And everyone wants their partner to feel better in sex if that is possible.

For those who care about their partner’s satisfaction and pleasure, in this article, I will introduce you several tips that can improve your sexual performance with your woman.

Using sex toys can be the easiest and the most effective way to enhance your performance in sex, with effects including increased penis size and more durability in intercourse.

Let’s take a look at how easy it is to solve your performance problems if you incorporate sex toys in your sex routine!

Sex Toys for Better Performance!

If you have concerns surrouding your penis and sexual activity, you want to solve that at god speed, don’t you?

Here are “satisfuction guranteed” sex toys which you can use right away to improve your sexual performance!

Smart cockring for desi pink
Smart cockring for desi pink
Rs 650

Vibrating cock ring can both increase your size and durability as well as providing unmatchable pleasure for your partner at the same time.

You only need to put it on your penis before you start making love, so the ease of use and the results it can bring makes it a essential product for performance enhansement.

Male-wear met sleeve
Male-wear met sleeve
Rs 1625

Penis sleeves can bring a totally different performance for your partner that she has never experienced before.

It can increase the size both in length and girth.

Also, since it covers up your entire penis, it can lessen your physical sensitivity which can lead to prolonged duration of intercourse which is necessary for women’s orgasm.

KamaSutra Dotted 12
KamaSutra Dotted 12
Rs 110

Surprisingly, condoms are one of the best ways to improve your performance in sex.

This dotted condom for example, can provide your partner with a new type of pleasure from the different outer texture of the condom.

It is by far the most accessible and easyly incorporated products if you want to enhance your performance in sex.

If you want to improve your sexual performance and make your woman reach orgasm, there are other aspects you must keep in mind as well.

Find out about different ways to improve your performance by reading this article as well!!

Many men are anxious about their sexual performance

worried man

Most of men have thought at least once in their lives if their sexual performance is adequate enough.

This is a normal part of being in a relationship if you care for your significant other, since sexual satisfaction can play a big role in the overall satisfaction of the relationship.

However, if you get caught up too much thinking about these stuff, certain problems might arise for you.

In fact, thinking about your sexual performance and worrying too much whether you are good enough at sex can lead to several mental as well as physical problems.

“In my experience, [the incidence] is relatively high,” says Michael J. Salas, LPC-S, AASECT, a certified sex therapist and relationship expert in Dallas, Texas. “Many sexual dysfunctions are relatively common, and almost all of the sexual dysfunction cases that I’ve worked with have an element of anxiety associated with them.”

Sex Life and Performance Anxiety

As this sex therapist mentions, many real sexual dysfunctions such as ED and ejaculation disorders have some sort of relation with sexual anxiety and worry.

Therefore, although it is normal and even good to think about your performance by time to time, worrying too much might lead to actual sexual disorders as mentioned above.

Now, let’s understand what specifically men are worried about when it comes to their sexual performances.

There are largely two major concerns that men usually have; Penis size and Durability in sex…

Penis size

Penis size is probably one of the biggest topic when you think about men’s worries surrounding sex.

It often comes up in conversations and discussed in many TV shows and movies as well.

Many women say penis size does not actually matter that much, but it is true that if you can handle your bigger penis well, women’s satisfaction towards sex will increase as well.

Also, bigger penis size will surely boost a man’s sexual confidence which in turn can make a man more leading in sex that can result in better satisfaction for the woman.

There are many types of worries regarding penis size, for example the length, the girth, the hardness, and the shape or curve.

Caring about your penis size is somewhat normal since it is important to take care of your penis, but worrying too much can lead to sexual disorders such as ED as I mentioned above.

Therefore, it is advisable to get rid of your anxiety and concern regarding your penis size in ways which I will explain to you later.

Duration of sex

Another big topic when it comes to sexual performance is the durability during sex.

This means that how long you can perform after insertion until you reach ejaculation.

It is said that most women take much longer than men to reach orgasm, so it is rather important how long you can manage inside of her without ejaculating too quickly.

In fact, according to New York Post, a new study in 2020 revealed that the average time for a woman required for orgasm is 13.46 minutes.

So, you need to at least keep moving for more than 13 minutes consistently if you want your woman to climax.

Here is another study in; the average time for men to have an orgasm was around 6 minutes, and many of them ranged between 4 to 11 minutes.

The average time for women to reach orgasm was more than twice than the average of that for men.

Therefore, this suggest that for most of the men, it is pretty difficult to keep moving more than 13 minutes in order to bring her to orgasm.

As you can see, prolonging the time until ejaculation after insertion has the potential to massively improve your sexual performance.

Sex toys to improve your performance

improve with sex toy

As I explained above, there are some different types of concerns regarding men’s sexual performances.

But how can you solve those problems so that you can concentrate on the act itself and enjoy it thoroughly with your partner?

Actually, there are several methods you can use, but the best and easiest way, in my opinion, is to use sex toys.

Many of you might have some kind of resilience towards using sex toys, but it is actually one of the easiest to incorporate compared to other methods such as medications.

For example, using Viagra or other medications along the line, might be detrimental for your health in some cases, or you might be allergic to them.

Sex toys on the other hand, has almost none of the negative effects when it comes to improving your sexual performance, and only gets the job done without any drawbacks.

Also, you can simply buy it once and use it over and over again (except for condoms), so even from an economical stand point, it is better than medications which require repetitive consumption.

Men who use sex toys report that, overall, it improves their sexual experiences [2]. Male sex toy users also report better sexual functioning. Specifically, research has shown that sex toy users report better erectile function, better orgasmic function, more intercourse satisfaction, and more sexual desire [1].

How Sex Toys Can Help Men Improve Their Sexual Performance — Sex And Psychology

Now let’s take a look at a few sex toys which can easily and effectively enhance your sexual performance in no time…

Cock ring

First of all, cock ring can get the job done incredibly well if you want to improve your sexual performance.

Cock ring is a ring shaped device that you wear on your penis, and it has a function to regulate your blood flow out of your penis.

This can result in your penis being filled with more blood that can increase both hardness and size for the better.

In addition, it also has an effect on your durability of intercourse making it last longer for you.

So using a cock ring can solve both of your problems of making it bigger and enhancing the durability in sex too.

The use of cock ring is very easy, that you just put your flacid penis through the ring before sex, and have sex when you get an erection with the cock ring on.

You will certainly feel your penis getting harder than usual and less sensitive for longer session.

It actually has another effect of prolonging the ejaculation time that can increase the pleasure on your side as well.

Therefore, using a cock ring can have a positive effect in terms of your pleasure as well which is a great news.

Cock ring is a very competent sex toy that can massively improve your sexual performance just by wearing, so if you are interested, I strongly recommend checking out different products.

Penis sleeve

Another option is the penis sleeve.

As the name suggests, this sex toy is an sleeve that you wear on your penis, and similar to the cock ring, you can simply put on with ease without any hassle.

It covers up the penis and adds a few cm to your penis both in length and girth.

There are even types with additional textural design with many protrusions and creases for more pleasure on the women’s side.

If you are worried about your penis size, this is an easy to use alternative since you simply put this on like a condom and makes your penis larger.

Moreover, since you wear this on your penis, it works as a buffer material between your penis and the vaginal sensation, resulting in allowing you to last longer in sex.

This is truly a sex toy that kills two birds with one stone in terms of the most common worries of men regarding sex, so if you are looking for something like this, just give it a try!


Many of you probably have used a condom before in your life, but it can help you in improving your sexual performance if you choose accoding to your problem you want to fix.

For example, if you want to prolong the duration of intercourse, you can choose a type that is very thick that reduces the sensation you get, which makes you last longer as a result.

Also, dotted and textured types of condoms can increase the pleasure for your partner which can alleviate some of your worries regarding your penis size, and making you more confident.

You can see from these examples, that condoms can work in your favor to enhance your sexual performance, so it can be considered as a sex toy that improves your experience.

Take a look at different condom types so that you can target a specific issue which you would like to solve!


Many men have at least some form of concern when it comes to their sexual performance in sex with their partners.

It is only natural to be worried about your penis size or your durability in sex, because everyone wants their partner to feel better in sex with them.

If you can use sex toys for purpose to support you in sex, in can have a big positive impact which can transform your sexual experience for the better.

Performing better in sex can make you more confident, and can even improve your entire relationship between you and your partner.

Utilize sex toys so you can have a great and improved sex life!!