SEX toys are a mysterious and profound world.
Deep diving into the world of SEX toys will teach you a lot about human nature and psychology.

In other words, learning about the interesting world of SEX toys means learning about us human beings as a species on earth.

Hello, to all fellow pleasure seekers…

  • Are you interested to know about SEX toys?
  • Do you wish to acquire insight towards human nature regarding SEX?
  • Have you ever wonder about your own sexuality?
  • Do you simply seek for more sexual pleasure?

You have come to the right place, if you had had remotely similar thoughts like these about SEX…

Sexuality can be one of the most important core building blocks of our individuality.

As most people have massive difference in personality, background, and attributes, sexuality also has large diversity from person to person.

This means that the world of SEX toys, which directly reflects this variety among people, has similarly diverse difference in terms of its depth and wideness.

For this article, I will guide you through the strange and captivating world of SEX toys, and show you how we, as human being, are diverse and interesting in our each and own ways.

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You know what SEX toys are?!

You probably know what SEX toys are.

Simply put, it is an object used to satisfy ones sexual needs and desires.

Since this article is a deep dive into the fascinating world of SEX toys, let’s delve a little more from a different perspective, which is its history.

According to the trusty Dr.Wiki;

20-centimeter siltstone phallus from the Upper Palaeolithic period 30,000 years ago, found in Hohle Fels Cave near Ulm, Germany, may have been used as a dildo.[15] Prehistoric double-headed dildos have been found which date anywhere from 13–19,000 years ago.

Sex toy – Wikipedia

It is quite astonishing to know that practically the same thing as a dildo from today has been used from the prehistoric era.

What is more surprising is that this means SEX toys were crafted and used even before there was agriculture of any sort which is considered to begin around 10,000 BC. (Source: Neolithic Revolution – Wiki)

This interesting fact indicates that our strong pursuit for pleasure is no different from that of our ancestor’s, and it is natural to seek more pleasure using foreign objects.

Now that we have been through a bit of history lesson, let’s talk about actual SEX toys which is commonly used nowadays.

You probably already know this

Some SEX toys are more famous than others.

Toys such as dildos, vibrators, and masturbators(Fleshlight) are among the most common and popular SEX toys on the market.

These even appear or are mentioned in major TV shows or movies, which suggest how main-stream they are.

It can be said that these are even used as the pronoun for SEX toys.

Let me briefly go through these major SEX toys before we delve into the weirder side of SEX toys…


It can almost be said as a fact that Fleshlights are the most famous and popular SEX toy for men ever in existence, and it fits into the category of masturbators.

Whether you have used one or not, you probably already know that masturbators are used for masturbation by inserting your penis into the soft cylindrical hole which is an imitation of a woman’s reproductive organ, a.k.a. the pussy.

Although masturbators are designed to simulate the feeling of real sex, because it is made solely to provide pleasure for men, unlike the real vagina, it often feels more pleasurable for the users than the real thing.

There are so many different shapes and types of masturbator, and there are things that you cannot even imagine with your right mind (which I will show in the later sections).

If you simply want to feel more pleasure from masturbation, trying out one of these masturbators is the choice you cannot go wrong with.

Dildo and Vibrator

Generally, dildos and vibrators are SEX toys which are loosely shaped after a penis, which is inserted into the vagina or anal for penetrative pleasure.

There are so many different sizes and materials made out of, so you will be able to find the perfect one according to your preference.

Dildos and vibrators are often used by women in masturbation, or in some cases by men also…

There are not much to say about them other than they are simple replacements for penises which does not go flacid and will never ejaculate, which means you can keep using them forever.

But I know you are not here for these ordinary SEX toys, right?

You are here for the weird stuff

OK. Enough of the ordinary, tasteless, and boring SEX toys…

I know you are here for the weird, quirky, and mind-blowing stuff, right?

Let’s delve in deeper, and let curiosity guide us to the very depth of human sexual desire and fetishism.

Unique world of SEX toys

Unlike the ordinary SEX toys which we explored in the previous sections, the entire world of SEX toys is much more entangling and mind-bending.

Some products are simply hard to imagine the purpose of existence for some people, but there is always that kink that needs to be satisfied in so many different ways.

As I mentioned before, the variation in SEX toys is directly the reflection of the diversity of our weirdest of sexual desires.

Even when you think you have ventured deep enough, there is always a different unexplored side of SEX toys which you never expected to exist.

It is impossible to cover the entirety of strange world of SEX toys in a single article, but let me introduce a few of the peculiar choices which might surprise you.

Strange masturbator

There is no better way to start than introducing a weird masturbator you never expect to exist.

The first is this beer-can looking masturbator.

Now you might wonder who wants this sort of masturbator which is unattractive for most right minded people.

However, there is surprisingly a hidden utility to have this masturbator at home for those who want to be as stealthy as possible, due to family related reasons.

Just keep this in the refrigerator with some different beer sticker tagged on it as camouflage, and no one will notice when you are the only one in the household who drinks beer.

The downside of this is that you will get a freezing sensation when you insert into it right out of the refrigerator (you might freeze off your dick).

Also, it can be hard to get aroused when the toy that you are about to penetrate looks like a beer-can which is not sexy.

Nonetheless, despite of its somewhat weird design of it, there is a purpose and people who need to hide the fact that they own a masturbator, may find this a viable option above all others.

Sexby Multi-Frequency Masturbator
Sexby Multi-Frequency Masturbator
Rs 4000

Maybe for some people, it might be a good idea to “take a sip”?!?!

Cock rings

If you only know a little about different SEX toys, cock rings might appear to be as enigma in its use.

However, this little ringy thing is actually packed with functionality which has the potential to positively impact your overall sex life.

Let’s take a look at one of the simplest cock rings on the market and see the effects it provides.

New Viaring
New Viaring
Rs 648

As you can see, a cock ring is simply a stretchable ring which you wear on your penis.

It has several benefits which works in your favor such as:

  • Maintaining an erection
  • Prolonging the feeling of ejaculation
  • As accessories

Wearing the correct size cock ring will help to hold the blood that flows into the penis. This means that the erection can remain hard for longer than normal.

It also prolongs the ejaculation time by applying pressure around the bottom of the penis.

This allows the man to feel the pleasure of ejaculation for a longer period of time, making it feel even better than before.

And you can even use it as an accessory and part of your self-expression by wearing a cock ring of your preferred design.

It is definitely worth it when you can talk about it honestly with your partner to improve your sex, so if you have a trusting relationship, maybe it is a good idea to use this toy??

Penis sleeves

Penis sleeves are another weirder SEX toy which you use to improve your sexual performance similar to cock rings.

You can simply wear this on your penis to increase the size instantly by several inches, or add different textural effects on your penis to make your partner feel more pleasure.

If you want to make her scream like a crazy cat this sleeve is an interesting choice:

Rs 2199

Penis sleeves are for those who want to make their partners feel much better, rather than feeling good themselves.

Since wearing a penis sleeve does not often increase the pleasure of the user, in fact it actually decreases your sensitivity, it is mostly used as a support item during SEX rather than in masturbation.

This is actually for people with certain mind-sets who get joy by giving more pleasure to the partner rather than receiving themselves.

Therefore, in this way, it is one of the toys which are for select few people which makes it a more unique SEX toy choice.

Prostate toys

Prostate is a wonderous reproductive organ which only males have.

If you have heard of this body part before, it was probably mentioned through a medically related information.

However, rarely known fact is that if you properly develop this organ, you will be able to feel pleasure which can even top the pleasure from normal masturbation.

Anatomically, the prostate is found below the bladder, with the urethra passing through it.

Prostate – Wikipedia

It is hard to find this hidden gem of your body with only your finger, and most people feel uncomfortable inserting anything into their anal anyway.

But trust me, it is totally worth it.

A toy which can effectively help you develop your prostate sensitivity is this:

Analyzer Rosso
Analyzer Rosso
Rs 3530

This strange toy-weapon looking thing can definitely support your journey towards the ultimate prostate orgasm.

Just keep in mind that developing the sensitivity of this part takes much effort and patience, so keep a cool mind and try not to rush it.

Once you can reach the point of orgasm solely from prostate stimulation, the sense of accomplishment and massive physical pleasure will not be replaceable by anything else.

You might be hesitant at first to insert an object into your anal, but the trade off is very much worth the initial attempt.

Breaking your notions towards masturbation and exploring new kinds of pleasure is a big part of delving deeper into the world of SEX toys, so if you are interested, I will seriously recommend you try this out!

Expensive Sex dolls

Expensive Sex dolls are one of the weirdest and most profound part of the world of SEX toys.

In fact, most of people who owns this SEX doll, will not consider it as a “toy” per se.

These type of high quality love dolls can cost around $3,500 to $10,000 (THE MODERN SEX DOLL-OWNER: A DESCRIPTIVE ANALYSIS, 2012), so it is not a cheap and easy buy.

The pure determination is often required to purchase this toy due to its costly price range, and effort required to maintain it.

The owners of these dolls often not only have sex with them, but also take a bath together, eat together, sleep together, and even travel together…

For this reason, this love dolls are considered by the owners as more than just a SEX toys, but more close to that of a true partner.

This makes the world of love dolls peculiar even when compared to other weird types of SEX toys.

It is quite a high hurdle to overcome getting your hands on realistic sex dolls, because of its price, and for maintenance reasons (or simply the difficulty of keeping at home).

However, having a person(doll) which you can rely on in your day to day life who will never betray you and never leave you can be a great emotional support for certain people.

If you have that pre-determination on mind, SEX dolls might be the greatest addition to your life!


BDSM certainly has its own unique place among all the other weird SEX toys.

Using a BDSM toy involves multiple people (at least 2) and does not get used in masturbation much often, which also makes it stand out from other SEX toys as well.

So, what is “BDSM”?

According to COSMOPOLITAN, “BDSM is a term used to described certain aspects of sex that can be split into these major groups: bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadism and masochism.”

So, it is a aggregation of initials of certain elements regarding sex.

As you can see from the keywords that formulate the term BDSM, this particular fetish involves more mental elements rather than only physical elements, which is one of the differing factors from other SEX toys.

The world of BDSM is in itself very deep and sophisticated, and it is impossible to capture the full scale of its variety and diversity in a single section.

But if you feel like you are interested in BDSM play, definitely learn more about it, since there are so many different funs which you can have through this roleplay.

It will be worth your while if you can develop a liking towards BDSM play.

RC vibrator

“RC” stand for “Remote Controlled”, so this vibrator can be operated from a distance.

“Why the heck do you need to control a vibrator from afar?” You might ask.

There is actually a whole type of fetishism surrounding this remotely controlled SEX toy.

Have you heard of “Exhibitionism”?

This is a fetishism which is centered around the sexual arousal of being seen during sexual activities which include both intercourse and foreplay.

People who have this fetish feel sexual pleasure from showing off their naked bodies to other people or feel embarrassment and arousal at the same time when seen during SEX.

For this type of people, RC vibrators are the great tools which can enhance their satisfaction.

This toy is often used outside among couples, one with the controller and one with the vibrator attached on them.

When the one with vibrator is surrounded by anonymous people outdoors, the one with the controller turns on the vibration, giving irresistible sensation while being seen in public.

This public action can provide massive pleasure and satisfaction to those with this kinky taste.

If you have ever fantasized about being seen in public doing obscenities, or feel embarrassment and sexual satisfaction at the same time, maybe this is the perfect SEX toy to try out!?

unique lotions

As you know, lotions can provide you with slippery smooth effect when masturbating or in SEX with its lubricating function.

It is widely used enough that it can be called one of the main-stream SEX toys that you can purchase.

Simply adding some kind of lotion to your daily SEX life can get you much more pleasurable experience than just using your bodies.

However, even in this seemingly ordinary SEX toy, there are unique and interesting variants which can surprise you.

One of it is the flavored lotion.

It is hard for some people to believe that tasting or intaking a lotion which is primary used for sexual enhancement, but this type has its own unique benefits.

There are so many different kinds of tastes from chocolate for those with sweet tooth, and fruit flavors for more health conscious people.

You can select as if you are browsing through the sweets section of the market, and find the favorite flavor for you.

Oh, and it is perfectly safe to consume since it is “flavored” after all, it is obviously made with consumption in mind.

You can actually change up and affect the SEX life by switching out the flavors of lotion, to bring more excitement and variation.

If your penis tastes good, your partner will perhaps even enjoy giving you blowjob, which can be definitely a win on your side!

Exploring the different tastes of lubes can be an interesting alternative of your SEX life, so why not try out?!

Do you like kinky stuff? There is always an answer

You have learned much about different SEX toys through this article, didn’t you?

However, the knowledge introduced here is like only scratching the surface in comparison to the deeper more sophisticated world of SEX toys.

As you have seen through a wide range of different selections of SEX toys, there is always the perfect option which can satisfy your particular desire.

Whether it is the kinkiest or not, SEX toys will always answer your call.

So, do not try to write off your deepest desires as weird or inappropriate, rather face it straight on with courage and careful consideration.

To consult with your sexual desires is to consult with deepest of yourself.

Pursuit of sexual pleasure for humankind is limitless

SEX toys are merely a reflection of the diversity of sexual desires and preferences in which us as human beings possess.

There is no limit to the possibility of SEX toys.

As long as we seek to satisfy our each and own sexual desires, there will always be a SEX toy which corresponds with that.

It is interesting to allow your mind to wonder about how we as human beings pursue sexual pleasure in different ways.

Perhaps, the answer to our future selves is in this kind of meditative thoughts.

Keep exploring, and expand your SEX life with the power of unique SEX toys!

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