Many men, at some point in their lives, have wondered what owning a sex toy is like.

But those who actually own one are too few and far between.

The reasons for the hesitation which prevents Indian men from purchasing sex toys despite their interest for them, of course varies from person to person.

However, most men would probably own a sex toy once the opportunity of owning one with minimum risk is available to them.

In this article, I will introduce some of the “easiest to hide” sex toys available on the market for Indian men who are interested in them.

I will briefly go through each common factors which prevents Indian men from owning a sex toy, and provide some tips for safely keeping your sex toys at home as well.

By reading this article, you will be able to find out how to own a sex toy safe and sound with minimum risk, and realize your long held fantasies…

Have you ever wondered of having a sex toy?

The chances are that most of you reading this article now have wondered of having a sex toy at least once or twice in life (since you are reading this).

Sex toys can be a wonderful addition to give color to your sex life.

However, many men, especially in India, shy away from owning a sex toy due to social, cultural, and socio-economical reasons.

This is a great waste when considering the positive which sex toys can bring about to your life.

Sex life in Indian households

sex toys secret

In order to talk about sex toys which can be hidden easily, we first need to acknowledge the situations surrounding Indian households in terms of sex life.

In India, sex is a very private and secretive part of life, and it is not discussed openly among even the closest of groups.

According to FACTS and DETAILS, even the married couples are discouraged from having sex in many cases.

This suggests how sexual activity is negatively considered in Indian culture, which makes it all the more harder for people to own a sex toy.

Reasons for not being able to possess sex toys in India

Although many men find sex toys interesting and curious about trying them at least once, there are several common reasons which prevents them to actually reach out their hands.

The reasons stem from:

  • Social background
  • Cultural background

Let’s see how each aspect from Indian society influences the decisions of men shying away from purchasing a sex toy.

If we can pin-point the problem, we might be able come up with the best solution.

Social background

In India sex is considered a very secretive topic. It is only discussed behind closed doors and even when someone is in trouble talking about sex or sharing knowledge about it is considered shameful. Many teenagers and even adults are suffering due to this.

How is Indian sex life like?

In Indian society, sex is often times cast aside as a taboo to discuss among people.

One study mentioned in B4tea shows that Indian men are the least sexually active in the world, having sex less than once per week on average.

In addition, the study found that Indian men only have 3 sexual partners on average throughout their lives.

These all point to the social value held among many Indian people that they tend to be sexually conservative for the most part.

Sex toys can be taken as opposite of being sexually conservative.

Therefore, this social background is one of the reasons why Indian men are so hesitant of owning a sex toy in their possession.

Cultural background

Another aspect that works against owning a sex toy for Indian men, is the Indian cultural values.

This is similar to the social value, but in India there is a culture that consider sex related topics as taboo.

Sex is not a topic that people talk openly about in India. Dating still considered taboo by some people. Casual sex is very rare, even in the hippest of crowds. Most couple have not even held hands before they are married.

SEX IN INDIA | Facts and Details

This is somewhat strange when you look at it from the aspect of Hinduism, which the Kama Sutra, the Indian text book for love and sex was based after.

Nonetheless, culturally in India, sex is considered impure and the subject must be avoided if possible.

These cultural values root deep inside of Indian people’s psyche leaving them hesitant towards sex-related things including sex toys.

Therefore, cultural background is one of the many reasons prevent Indian men from owning a sex toy.

Sex toys can be kept secretly

You might think “with all these hurdles to overcome, it is impossible to own a sex toy!!”

However, if you choose your sex toy wisely with focusing on a specific feature and use in mind, you will have little to no problem keeping a sex toy at home.

As you can see, more and more Indian people are starting to feel free about owning a sex toy, especially under this current situation regarding the pandemic.

Also, according to Entertainment Times India, 64% of all buyers of sex toys in India are male.

As these recent trends suggest, the increased popularity and acceptance towards sex toys will only increase as time goes on.

In this section I will introduce some of the examples of sex toys which you can easily keep at home due to its discretion and camouflage.

Why don’t you become one of those sex toys owners and enjoy your sex life to the fullest?

For masturbation

Sex toys for masturbation is by far the most popular toys for men to own.

You might think masturbation toys such as the famous “Fleshlight” is too big, and therefore not suitable for keeping at home when you do not want family members to discover.

However, there are some interesting substitutes which you can easily hide in your house, as well as providing much more pleasure when you masturbate.


As I mentioned above, normal masturbators tend to be too large and not good for hiding secretly.

But before you give up in getting one, there are some interesting products which solves that exact problem that prevents it from being exposed.

For example, “the first hidden pussy toy Clear” can be the perfect choice for those who are worried about being discovered about sex toys.

This particular masturbator is small and looks just like a piece of plastic which is unsuspicious.

Also, the price is very affordable and one of the best choices for beginners of masturbators.

The first hidden pussy toy Clear
The first hidden pussy toy Clear
Rs 995

Cock rings

Cock ring is another interesting sex toy which can enhance your masturbation, but kept secretly at the same time.

In fact, cock ring looks just like a piece of rubber band, so you can simply leave this anywhere and be unsuspecting for those who do not know the real purpose.

Using a cock ring can prolong your duration of erection, as well as increase the pleasure of ejaculation, so just by incorporating this simple ring can enhance your masturbation life a lot.

New Viaring
New Viaring
Rs 648

Prostate toys

Prostate toys are perhaps not for everyone out there, but for the stealthy sex toys purpose, it is one of the most effective in enhancging your sex life.

Prostate toys can be used to stimulate your prostate glans which is a sexual organ only males have.

It takes some experience and development in order to reach orgasm through prostate stimulation, but the pleasure you will get from it is unlike anything you feel from normal penis masturbation.

In general, prostate toys look like a weird plastic objects which is hard for people to imagine the use of it unless they know exactly what it is for.

This makes it one of the best toys which are stealthy and suitable to be hidden easily.

If you are interested in prostate toys, you should research about it a little further and find out if you truly will benefit from it or not.

You can check out different prostate toys here if you want to know more!

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Tips for hiding sex toys



Now that you know a few actual toys which you can easily hide, I will provide some tips in how you can hide your sex toys effectively with no worries.

You want to avoid your family members from finding out about your sex toys at all cost.

And there are recommended ways that can surely help you in favor in order to keep your toys secretly without gathering any suspicions.

Here are some of the tips you can use when you want to hide your sex toys in your home without getting exposed.

Keep in container(with your clothes)

Many people probably come up with this method, but keeping your toys inside of your personal container is one of the basic ways to hide your sex toys.

You probably at least have your own drawer which you keep your own clothes usually, so hiding your sex toys here can be the most orthodox method.

It is ideal if you have your personal lock on the container, so no one other than you can actually open the drawer, but it can work without a lock too.

Just be sure to manage your own clothes by yourself like washing, folding, and storing them, in order to create the usual environment where no one else goes near your container.

Simply fold in your small sex toys between your clothes, preferably your underwears.

Remember that this can only work if you have your own drawer and you manage your own belongings by yourself daily.

If this does not apply to you, do not worry, for there are other ways to hide your sex toys as well…


Using the camouflage technique is the interesting yet effective method to hide your sex toys.

“Camouflage” means to mix the thing amongst the environtment in order to avoid detection.

The term originally was used in military tactical context, but the strategy can be apply inside your house as well.

For example, you can hide your cock ring by using it as rubber band by tying up your personal belongings like your pens, and no one will notice it is a sex toy.

For your prostate toy, you might be able to keep it inside your tool box among your other tools, like your drivers and penches.

It is hard to detect them as sex toys when they are mixed among things you use daily, so this can work as one of the best and smartest ways to hide your sex toys in your house.

Leave it in the open

Last but not least, as well as the easiest and effective method to hide your sex toys is to just leave it out in the open like nothing.

This seems like a counter-effective way to hide your sex toys since you “don’t” hide it.

However, sometimes when you really want to hide something, not hiding it at all can work the best in many cases.

For example, in the case for the masturbator which I introduced above, you can simply leave it out on your desk and no one will suspect it as a sexual object.

Normally, people think sexual or obscene objects must be hidden out of sight, so this strategy utilizes this preconceived notion and psychology to your advantage.

No one will suspect an object left in plain sight is a sex toy that you use for masturbation, so this can work as the easiest and effective method of keeping your sex toys in your home.

Don’t be afraid to buy sex toys!

There are so many creative methods to keep a sex toy hidden in your home, so you really do not need to be afraid to buy sex toys.

As you can grasp from the recent trends of increased sales in sex toys in India since the lock down, more and more people are actually going out there ways to purchase a sex toy.

If you can keep you toys secretly following my tips, you can enjoy improved sex life with minimum worries of being discovered.

You can buy secretly on the internet

What if you are sure you can keep your sex toys safely, but the problem is the first step of purchasing a sex toy?

Luckily nowadays, you can buy sex toys discreetly and privately without seeing anyone face to face.

Online sex shop is the best way to get your hands on a sex toy secretly.

Many shops now offers discreet packaging, and also follows strict privacy policies.

You can simply buy through a few taps from your smart phone, and there is no risk of being seen from other people.


In this article, you have learned about what makes it difficult for Indian men to own a sex toy in their households, and useful tips which can circumvent those problems.

I have introduced that there are sex toys which you can easily keep at home due to its discreet design and size.

If you can get creative, there is always the way for you to get what you want.

Sex toys can work great in improving your sex life, so do not be afraid of trying them and have a fulfilling and enjoyable life!

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