Have you ever thought about using a sex toy for her sake?

Incorporating sex toys with her pleasure in mind can transform the experience for the better!

  • What kind of sex toys are available to use on women?
  • How does it work?
  • What should I consider when choosing a sex toy for her?
  • Can it really make her feel better than normal sex?
  • It’s a little scary to use it on her body, but is it safe?

As you can see, probably many people have a lot of concerns about sex toys when using on women.

Even if you’ve always been curious about them, not many of you have actually used them.

This article will provide you with an in-depth explanation of the sex toys that you normally may not be able to ask people about.

This sex toy guide will help you to buy and use sex toys correctly and safely for your partner and change your sex life for the better!

Now let’s step into the wonderful world of Sex toy!

What are sex toys you can use on your women?

pleasing women

What is a sex toy you can use to please a woman, and when and what purpose is it used for?

Many sex toys are used during sex for the purpose of increasing the satisfaction of the act by adding and supporting sexual stimulation and pleasure.

There are still negative social images surrounding sex toys people think of such as obscene or dirty.

Especially in India, many people consider sex toys as immoral due to social and cultural values and norms.

However, those images and ideas are slowly but surely fading away these days, which were pushed even further by the recent pandemic of COVID-19.

As people continue to stay indoors in many parts of the country, the sale of sex toys and other adult products has increased by 65% in the post-lockdown phase.

Sale of sex toys up by 65% in India post lockdown, says survey – Times of India

It is natural to be interested in sex toys in order to explore the desire to learn more and satisfy your partner.

Let’s learn the correct information about sex toys and improve the sex life between you and your partner for the better.

Types of sex toys you can use to please her

What types of sex toys are available that works effectively in providing pleasure for your partner?

There are sex toys for a variety of uses and women’s preferences, from those that are inserted into the vagina to simulate realistic sex, to those that focus on the clitoris, which women tend to feel more as an erogenous area.

Many of them can be used in a wide variety of ways regardless of the situation, such as using them alone for masturbation or as couples to use them during sex, so gifting one for her can be a good idea too.

Here are some of the main types of sex toys you can use to increase the pleasure for her, along with how to use them.


A vibrator, as the name suggests, is a toy that vibrates.

Most vibrators use electricity to vibrate, and the most common way to provide pleasure with them is to apply the vibrations to her sexual zones (clitoris, vagina, nipples, etc.).

There are many different shapes, materials, sizes and vibration patterns, so it is very important to choose the vibrator that best suits her preferences.

There are two main types of vibrators: insertable vibrators and those that are applied to a part of the body.

Insertable vibrators are shaped after a penis that are inserted and vibrate to give her a pleasurable sensation.

This vibrator is recommended for those who like the sensation of penis insertion and those who want the pleasure of stimulating the G-spot in the vagina.

So, if you are not confident with your penis size, or the duration of penetration you give for her, using this vibrator can be a great supporter for you to provide much pleasure for her.

These vibrators include a type that simply vibrates and a type that has rotating penis, and you can choose the one that best suits her needs and expand your sexual capabilities.

Another type of vibrator is called a egg-vibrator, which is small and can be used to obtain pleasure by placing it against a part of the body.

This is recommended for people who cannot get so much pleasure from insertion because it can give pin-pointed stimulation to the clitoris and nipples.

The vibrating part and the controller are separate, so the normal way to use is to applyy the stimulation by touching her favorite part with your hand while controlling the vibration with another.

Some of them have a remote controller that allows you to control the vibrations remotely, and they can be used in a public place with a vibrator inserted.

If you want to give pinpoint stimulation, such as clitoral stimulation, or if you want to add vibrations to normal penetration, these vibrators will surely make her sex life more satisfying.


A dildo is a toy made of various materials that basically imitates a penis.

They are mainly inserted into the vagina or anus and are often used for providing penetrative pleasure which cannot be obtained from normal intercourse with a man.

This means that even when you are not confident with your penis, you can please her to the point of orgasm using this sex toy to satisfy her.

Dildos are one of the most popular sex toys and there are a variety of sizes and materials to choose from, so if you choose carefully with consulting with her you will be able to find the best one which suits her.

In the beginning, it is recommended that you choose a smaller, easier-to-handle type to make her comfortable with, and then gradually let her body learn how to use it.

The best part is that you will be able to put it in and out with your own hands, so if she seems to experience any pain, you can take a break on the spot and gradually develop a sense of pleasure for her, which will surely relieve your anxiety in no time.

The most common dildos these days are dildos made of silicone material.

This type often resembles a real penis in terms of hardness and weight, making it the best option for a realistic simulated sex experience.

Since the flesh is very realistic, this is one of the toys that will make her more sexually aroused by visual alone.

There are also some types with suction cups and so on, so you can hold the dildo in place and have her mount it while you stimulate her other parts such as her nipples, so there are many ways to utilize the feature.

If you’re looking for the realism of sex, this silicone dildo is the best option for you.

Glass dildos are made of glass and tend to be harder than the silicone ones.

They tend to have more surface warts and special shapes than their silicone counterparts, and tend to function more for pleasure than for realistic penis reproduction.

The designs are more artistic than those made of silicone, which emphasize aesthetic, and the material is also glass, so maybe it might work as an interior when leaving it in the room compared to silicone dildos.

If hardness is the most important thing for her in penetration, this dildo is a great choice for you.

Dildos work great for women who enjoy prolonged penetration, since it will never reach ejaculation like you penis, which is hard to hold back.

Therefore, it is a great addition to use in support for your sexual performance to make her reach orgasm, and you and your partner can both enjoy the sexual experience to the fullest.

Electric Massagers

Electric Massagers is an electric massaging device.

Originally, the massager was utilized as a tool for dealing with pain and fatigue in the body, such as on the shoulders and back, but when it began to specialize in sexual pleasure, it changed its form into Electric Massagers.

Unlike dildos and vibrators, electric massagers are not designed primarily for insertion into the vagina or anus.

The vibrations tend to be more powerful than those of a vibrator, and they function specifically as a tool to be pressed against the outside of the body to obtain pleasure.

To use it, hold the handle with the switch and place the rounded head end against the erogenous area to turn it on.

As a massager, it has a wide range of controls in vibration such as intensity and patterns of vibration.

You can make her feel a pleasurable sensation by applying it to the outside of vagina, nipples and clitoris.

Because Electric Massagers is not made for insertion, it is a recommended toy for the woman who are hesitant to insert something in the vagina and the person who does not feel pleasure inside such as from the G-spot and the Portio.

It is said that many women can feel pleasure at clitoris and orgasm even if they do not have so much experience and have not been able to develop the sexual sensitivity.

So, this is the best sex toy even if your partner have no experience with sex toys as her first one, and it is a tool that can certainly provide pleasure, and you will not regret choosing it.

It’s a good place to start, and it’s a good place to start changing your sex life.


Some people may feel uncomfortable with the fact that condoms are classified as sex toys.

However, condoms have a variety of additional functions other than contraception and prevention of STDs, and they can be used as a tool to enhance sex.

There are many types of condoms, including ultra-thin condoms, thick condoms, flavored condoms, and textured condoms, that can each be suitable for different goals you want to achieve.

Its basic use remains the same throughout and it can be attached to the penis from the tip to provide contraception and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases as well as additional benefits when attached to an erect penis.

Here are some of the condom types that can enhance a woman’s sexual experience as a sex toy to increase the pleasure for her.

Textured condoms have a textured surface that adds tactile stimulation.

There are different types of condoms that provide stimulation to the vagina that ordinary condoms cannot provide, such as warts, lines and jagged edges.

For men who use them, there is no particular change in sensation from regular condoms, and they are classified as female sex toys even though they are condoms because they are intended to give women more pleasure.

There are other types of condoms, both cooling and warming types, which are also classified as sex toys.

These are condoms that have ingredients added to the lubricating jelly that is included in regular condoms to give a cooling or warming sensation.

They give a different sensation from normal sex, such as a feeling of warmth or coldness when they are inserted, so if you are looking for a new sensation for her in sex, it is a good idea to try these condoms.

You may find a new kind of enjoyment by using a cold condom on a hot day and a warm condom on a cold day, depending on the temperature at the time.

As you can see, condoms are not just for contraception and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, but they can be used for a variety of purposes.

If your partner is not comfortable with vibrators and dildos, which are only used to pursue pleasure, how about adding a new stimulus to your usual sex life by using a condom that is easy incorporate?

You can be a responsible gentle man who cares about her and also provide her with great pleasure, so condoms can be the easiest to persuade her to incorporate them.

You’ll find that just changing condoms can change your usual sex life so much.

How to choose a sex toy for your women

After looking at the various sex toy examples so far, many of you probably are already starting to get an idea of what’s right for you and your partner.

Here’s a little guide to help you choose a sex toy.

The most important thing for you to consider when choosing a sex toy for her is, of course, her preference.

Therefore, carefully discussing about the use of sex toys and what kind of pleasure that she enjoys the most is paramount when selecting a sex toy.

You must not force her to use sex toy even when you are sure that she will enjoy it, and in that case you should just leave it up for her to decide.

It is most important to reflect and think about what she is interested in before you start convincing her, and if she is less experienced or new to sex toys, choose something that seems easy and safe.

A sex toy should only be used between intimate couples with well communication, so it’s best to tune your desires honestly so that it falls in with hers.

By keeping these things in mind at all time, you will surely get a sex toy that matches your and your partner’s preferences.

A better sex life with a sex toy is within your reach!

Summary of sex toys for women

We’ve covered many types of sex toys, how to use them, how to choose a sex toy, and what to look out for.

I hope that reading this has given you some new knowledge about sex toys and equiped you with the sense that can select the best sex toy for your partner.

Sex toys don’t just make her feel good, they have the potential to help you discover a new side of her and change your relationship with your partner for the better.

First of all, choose a sex toy with her preference and a strong sense of safety in mind and use it to expand your sex life between her.

Your sex life can transform and shine brighter than ever!!