• I’m getting tired of having sex with my partner.
  • I don’t get excited anymore by the same old sex all the time.
  • I haven’t had sex with my partner for a long time.

Have you ever felt like this?

You Have a loving partner but for some reason sex is not something you’d want. Having sex less often than when you first started dating.

Couples who have been together for a long time often find themselves in this situation.

In a relationship where you’ve been together for a long time and know each other well, and the rhythm and pattern of sex tends to be consistent, it’s kind of natural to feel this way.

But isn’t it sad to say that you don’t get excited about having sex with someone you have been with that long and trustworthy, when the purpose of sex is also to confirm your love for each other?

For couples in this situation, sex toys could be a savior.

Many couples know about sex toys and are interested in them, but have difficulty getting into them, or would like to use them themselves, but don’t know if their partner will understand.

Some people may also have a skepticism or a negative image of sex toys, such as being somewhat embarrassed or wondering if using them will really make them feel more pleasure.

Furthermore, there are a number of hurdles to overcome from purchase to use, and many people may find it difficult to actually incorporate them.

However, once a sex toy is introduced, it has the power to do a 180-degree turn on sex and even lift a couple’s relationship into new territory.

Many people may be uncomfortable or too embarrassed to suggest sex toys to their partners.

However, if you are honest with them that you are not satisfied with the sex you are having, and you are honest about your desire to make it better and make your relationship even better, they will surely agree.

When you tell your partner, emphasize that you love them and want to make the relationship even better with more satisfying sex.

A sex toy is only a tool that should be used to develop your relationship into something better.

As it is mentioned in the article from Bustle, a licensed SEX and relationship expert explains that:

“There are, surprisingly, a good number of psychological benefits associated with incorporating sex toys into relationships and self-pleasure,”

5 Mental Health Benefits Of Using Sex Toys In The Bedroom

Therefore, it is very important to discuss with your partner what you want without forcing the other person to use a sex toy, and it is very important that you agree on what you both want.

In this article, we will discuss the various types of sex toys that couples can use to keep their relationship in good shape, how to choose the right one, and even what to look out for in a sex toy.

Learn the right things about sex toys so you can have a more fulfilling sex life with your partner!

What are the best sex toys for couples?

There are many different types of sex toys for couples, with so many different purposes and uses.

Basically, “sex toy” is a general term for items that are used as an adjunct to sex.

When thinking about sex toys for couples, it is important to reflect on the current state of unsatisfactory sex.

Being honest with each other and discussing what frustrations you are currently experiencing and what kind of stimulation you would like to introduce is an essential step in adopting a sex toy.

For couples who can’t usually be honest with each other, taking the time to talk about their feelings can also help improve their relationship.

If you are able to communicate your feelings to each other at this stage of the discussion, it will in itself lead to better sex and possibly rekindle your love for each other, so try to be honest with each other first.

Once you’re clear on what you both want through the discussion, you can come up with a sex toy for both of you that can be brought into reality.

As mentioned above, there are many types of sex toys for couples, depending on each person’s preferences.

Therefore, it’s not possible to recommend any one sex toy for couples, but it’s important to choose the right sex toy for each couple.

Choosing the right sex toy will surely improve your sex life and your love for each other.

Recommended types of sex toys for couples

Couples who are considering a sex toy might have already decided on certain wishes of what they want to incorporate.

There are many different types of sex toys for couples to choose from, depending on their relationship and desires.

Here are a few of these varied sex toys. I am sure you’ll find a sex toy that’s perfect for you and your partner!

Blindfolds, Masks & Gag

  • “I want to see my partner as I’ve never seen him/her before.”
  • “I want to feel what it’s like to be in control, even over my partner.”

If you have desire to experience the feeling of control and making your partner do the things you want to do, we recommend this set of eye masks and gag balls.

Eye masks are those eye masks you wear when you sleep? Some of you may be wondering, and you’re right, it’s basically the exact same thing as that eye mask.

However, in sex toys, eye masks are used in dominant S&M play, where the opponent is blindfolded and deprived of the ability to see what’s going on around them, thereby shaming them into being crippled and moving him around as he wishes.

With your eyes closed, you are unable to keep track of your surroundings and are more sensitive to the slightest noise or touch.

The idea is that by depriving you of one of your five senses in this way, your other senses are sharpened and you become more sensitive to pleasure.

However, it is also true that this is not the play for people who are afraid or anxious about not knowing what is going on around them.

That’s why it’s a very interesting play, because it’s based on the premise of a relationship of mutual trust, and that you can trust this person even if they are blind.

In other words, you could say that S&M play is the ultimate test of trust.

Gag balls, like eye masks, are used in S&M play by also taking away some of the freedom of the body and enjoy a sense of control.

In the case of the gag ball, it is attached to the mouth, so it deprives the person of the freedom to communicate, such as saying words.

In addition, the gag ball prevents the mouth from closing, leaving drool dripping, so it has the aspect of shame play, exposing a slutty figure.
hose with a strong desire for dominance and subjugation will be greatly aroused by the animal-like appearance of their partner, who can’t utter a word and is drooling.

Both eye masks and gag balls are reasonably priced and very easy to put on, making them very popular with couples who want to enjoy an easy S&M experience.

As mentioned above, S&M goods such as eye masks and gag balls are popular with couples who are getting bored of the same kind of sex because they take away each other’s freedom and provide a new and different kind of sex stimulation.

And since it’s a play where trust in each other is very important, it’s a sex toy that is recommended for husbands and wives or couples who have been together for a long time, regardless of their image.

For couples who have already had sex countless times and are stuck in a rut, discovering a new side of their partner with this set of sex toys can be a great help in building a better and more intimate relationship than ever before.

If you have a trustworthy partner but are feeling sexless, it may be a good time to try it out and open a new door for you.

Chastity Devices

Many people may say, “I’ve never heard of a chastity belt.”

A chastity belt is a device that is attached around the male or female genitals, which functions to make sexual gratification, such as sex or masturbation, impossible.

I think it’s normal for people to not understand what the purpose of such a thing even after how it’s explained so far.

However, this is a sexual desire management device that is often used in S&M play, along with the eye masks and gag balls described above.

It is made of strong and not easily breakable materials such as iron and leather, and is used in one way or another by placing it over the genitals and locking it up, depriving the person of the ability to release their sexual desires, and thus satisfy their desire for control and other needs.

This device was originally invented and begun to be used in medieval Europe, where it was attached and used by husbands to prevent their wives from committing adultery while they were away at war.

It also served as a tool to protect wives from being attacked by thugs in the Middle Ages, when it was dangerous for women to be alone.

Despite its somewhat dark past, chastity belts are popular today as an S&M commodity to manage a partner’s sexuality and are rarely used compulsively.

This tool, which is often used as an S&M toy, is mainly used in role-playing in a master-servant relationship.

The purpose is for the master to attach a chastity belt to the slave, and to manage the slave’s inability to release his sexual desires as he wishes, even when the master is out of sight.

The masochist slave is aroused by the humiliation of not being in control of his sexuality, while the sadistic master is aroused by the sense of control that only he can exert over slave’s sexuality.

There are female and male versions, both of which are shaped like an underwear which covers the genitals that is made of steel, leather or plastic.

It has a lock on it, so once it is locked, the person wearing it cannot remove it at will unless they have a key.

If you have a desire to be in control and want to try out this kind of play of managing your partner once, it might be interesting to try it out.

It is also recommended to use it imaginatively as it can be used for the purpose of managing each other’s sexual processing and experiencing the most exciting sex you’ve ever had by releasing all your hoarded seual desires at once.

It’s a bit of an unusual sex toy, but couples who are interested in a special kind of play can
give it a try.

Vibrator Cock Rings

  • “The penetration of penis feels good, but I want him to touch my clitoris at the same time.”
  • “I want her to be more stimulated and feel good during insertion.”

For couples who had feelings like this before, cock rings could be a great answer.

A cock ring, as the name suggests, is a ring that is attached around the penis.

You may be wondering how a ring on your penis can lead to further stimulation during sex.

The truth is that the cock ring has multiple functions and is a great way to provide new stimulation that is different from normal sex in one or two ways.

One of the functions of the cock ring is to keep the penis erect.

This is a function of wearing a ring that is just the right amount of tightness at the base of the penis to hold the venous blood back from returning to the penis and help maintain a firmer erection.

The hardness of the penis is said to be more important to a woman than its size, such as thickness or length, for pleasure.

This allows the penis to remain at maximum hardness for longer, which makes it more pleasurable for a woman than normal sex.

Another function of cockling is to prolong the feeling of ejaculation.

This is mainly an effect on the man’s side, because if he ejaculates while wearing a cock ring, he ejaculates more slowly than usual because of the tightness.

This makes the ejaculation, which normally takes only a moment to complete, a longer pleasant sensation.

For men, ejaculation is a short and intense momentary pleasure, so it is a dream come true to feel it longer.

Yet another feature is a cock ring with a vibrator, which attaches to the penis and allows for simultaneous insertion and clitoral stimulation, just like when using a vibrator.

Lotion(Sex Lubricants)

Lotions are often used in common sex and are easier to incorporate because they are more well-known and common than other sex toys.

There are unexpectedly many types of such lotions, and you can get many times more pleasure than normal sex by devising how to use them.

Here, we will introduce actual examples of lotion and various types.

As the name implies, lotions are used as a lubricant to improve friction during sex.

The general purpose of using it is as an adjunct when a woman’s vagina is not sufficiently wet to make it easier to put in and out.

But it can also be used in other ways as well, by applying it all over the body to make it slippery all over the body and feel each other’s body as a whole.

By rubbing each other’s slippery bodies against each other, you can experience maximum physical and mental pleasure.

Care must be taken when using it in bed.

It is preferable to do it in the bathroom or on a special plastic mattress, as it is inevitable that the bed will be soaked due to the large amount of lotion used.

It may take a little bit of work to prepare, but it’s one of those plays that gives you exceptional and very great pleasure that is worth it.

There are several interesting types of lotions, one of which is the flavored lotion.

Many of these are water-based and, as the flavored feature suggests, are completely safe and harmless to take in your body.

It can also be used in your mouth to give a blowjob, for example, and the smell and taste makes it different from the usual.

Another special type of lotion is the warm (aphrodisiac) lotion.

This has the effect of making the area feel more sensitive when applied to sensitive areas such as the clitoris and glans, as it feels like it’s heating up.

If you use these lotions for foreplay, such as fiddling with each other’s genitals, the stimulation will be stronger, and the anticipation of sex will grow, which will in turn make you more excited.

As you can see, there are many different types and uses for lotion.

Their ease of incorporation and ease of use make them the best toy for couples who are new to sex toys.

If you’re not sure where to start, how about changing up your sex routine with some lube?

Remote Control Vibrators

  • “I’d like to watch how she reacts in different situations.”
  • “Maybe she’s interested in some outside sexual activity.”

For these couples, a remote-controlled vibrator is a great option.

A remote-controlled vibrator is a type of vibrator that has a separate vibrator and controller, with the ability to be controlled remotely.

Just like the use of an egg vibrator, you can enjoy the stimulation of the clitoris, nipples and other sexual areas.

Since it has a remote control, you can control the vibrations from a distance.

You may wonder what on earth the remote control is for, but it makes for interesting play.

For example, you can play with the vibrator on your clitoris or in your vagina while you are out and about with your clothes on, and you can turn it on and enjoy how your partner reacts.

This is a popular toy for couples with special sexual proclivities because the man has a controller and can stimulate the woman in public and observe her reactions from a distance.

For men, it doesn’t involve penetration, so there is no physical pleasure, but they can enjoy watching her reaction to the stimulation even though she’s shy, so it’s very exciting to see this new side of her.

Doing this outside as foreplay can also be a great way for couples who want to bring a change to their sex life, as it allows them to get very excited about the sex that follows.

If you’re interested in discovering a new side to your partner or doing things outside, it can be a great way to expand your sex life.


  • “I use condoms all the time.”
  • “Are condoms a sex toy?”

Many couples would probably think like this.

However, condoms are not only effective in contraception and preventing STDs, but also provide a new kind of stimulation as a sex toy.

Condoms are not easily recognized as sex toys, but in fact there are many condoms with special functions, such as ultra-thin, flavored, and textured condoms.

The ultra-thin condoms are thin (0.01mm) and have eliminated the biggest weakness of condoms, which is that they reduce sensitivity to pleasure, to the extreme.

The thin condoms are so thin that you can enjoy sex so close to the sensation without one that you forget that you are wearing one.

Some of the flavored condoms are available in a variety of flavor options, such as apple and chocolate flavors.

Even for women who don’t like to give blow jobs, there is a point at which she can enjoy the taste of condoms, which can be a great way to expand your foreplay.

By choosing a different flavor each time, you’ll be able to create variety in sex and enjoyment in a new way.

Texture-type condoms have various bumps on the outside of the rubber, which give you a stronger-than-usual stimulation on the way in and out.

They have various bumps and bruises, such as warts and lines, and you can try different types to see how your partner reacts.

Women will feel more pleasure from this condom, so once you use it, you might not be able to go back.

There are many different types of condoms like these.

They are the easiest sex toys for couples who use condoms on a regular basis to incorporate, and they are a great way to increase the variety of sex.

If you’re going to use a regular condom, there’s no reason not to use a different kind of condom.

If one condom can change your sex experience, you’ll think it’s worth a try.

How to choose a sex toy for couples

So far, we’ve introduced various sex toys that couples can use. Here’s how you should choose a sex toy for couples who actually want to use it.

The most important thing for couples to consider when choosing a sex toy is always understanding each other.

Unlike sex toys used for masturbation, for couples, a sex toy is something that is used by two people.

No matter how much one of you wants to try a sex toy, it should not make the other person feel insecure or uncomfortable.

Sex toys are just a way to make sex better and more satisfying for both parties.

First, have a discussion about what you are looking for as a couple and make sure you both agree on a sex toy.

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What’s the best sex toy for couples?

The main attraction of sex toys for couples is the stimulation and excitement like no other.

The use of the right sex toy for two people to suit their tastes can create a new kind of sex enjoyment and give them maximum satisfaction like never before.

Sex is a very big part of a couple’s relationship. The satisfaction that comes from sex can also make your relationship better in your daily life.

That’s why sex toys are recommended for couples who are in a long term relationship.

Sex toys can be of great benefit to couples who are in a relationship where they trust each
other and are able to talk to each other about many things.

The correct and mutually beneficial use of a sex toy will deepen your relationship.

Suggestions for sex toys for couples to keep in mind

If you’ve read this far, you may feel that sex toys for couples are all good things.

However, there are certain things you need to be careful about in everything, and in sex toys, this is no exception.

The most important thing to be especially careful about is whether using a sex toy can hurt your partner.

The word “hurt” here includes both physical and emotional aspects.

For example, forcing your partner to use a sex toy without consulting him or her and getting his or her consent can hurt your partner’s body.

Furthermore, forcing someone to use a sex toy can also hurt their feelings, causing wounds that will never heal and risk cracking their relationship.

If you are truly caring for the other person, respect them first and listen carefully to their opinions.

Let them know what you want, too, and carefully discuss how you both can enjoy reforming your sex life together.

In any case, if you both keep in mind that you are equally involved in the process, you’ll be able to use sex toys safely.

Summary of sex toys for couples

As we have discussed, there are so many different types of sex toys for couples, and using them in a way that matches their needs can improve their sex life.

We hope you now understand how to choose and what to look out for.

Sex toys are not something that you should be ashamed of using, but rather a tool that can enhance your potential as a couple and build a great relationship.

If you think about each other and care about each other well, you can have an irreplaceable future as a couple.

Let’s live a wonderful life with sex toys, always thinking about what is most important: love for each other!

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