Sex lubricant is by far the most under-rated item to use during sex.

Using lube the right way can bring intense pleasure into your daily sex!

Sex lubricant, also know as lube is one of the pretty well known sex-related products on the market.

However, not so many Indian men seem to actually tried utilizing it during their own sex routine.

Many people in India seem to use their spit instead of actual sex lubrication, but using sex lubricant is much better than just using saliva in many ways.

In fact, there are so many different types of lube on the market each with its own strength and perks that can enhance your sexual experience.

In this article, I will introduce many different types of lubrication and their difference in characteristics.

Also, I will explain recommended ways to incorporate lube into your sex life to make it so much better!

Please read this through and find out how sex lubricants can transform your sex life!!

Sex lubricant will totally change your sex!

As I mentioned a little above, sex lubricant has the potential to totally change the way you have sex for the better.

Here are some of the beneficial effects of sex lubricant:

  • Intensify pleasure (for both men and women)
  • Reduce penetrative pain from less friction
  • Better hand-job and foreplay
  • Enhanced sense of intimacy

These are only a few of the examples but using some lube can greatly expand the possibilities of pleasure in sex.

Use your brains freely and experience the extremely fun world of sex lubricants!

Durex Lube More 50ml
Durex Lube More 50ml
Rs 975

Different types of sex lubricants

Now let me introduce several different types of sex lubricants for your knowledge.

There are surprisingly many types of lubes each with its own special feature and functionality to increase the pleasure of sex.

Find out how they compare and contrast with each other, and choose the best one just for you!!

Multipurpose Type

The most basic type of sex lubricant is the multipurpose type.

This type of lube can be used in virtually any kind of sexual activity from normal sex to masturbation by yourself.

The most common kinds are the water-based lubricant and the silicone-based lubricant.

This type of lube is almost always clear and transparent and has no smell to it, so you will be able to use it in so many different ways.

If you got stuck choosing your first sex lubricant, choosing this type cannot go wrong.


Water-based lube is the most natural type of lubrication that you can use in all sorts of orientations.

As the name suggests, it is made mostly of water so even if your skin is easily irritable, selecting this type will minimize the risk of any trouble.

Mostly this type of lube is quite thin with not much viscosity, so it is rather easier to wash off with water.

The weak point is that this type is easily dried out so you must use quite an amount for longer sessions.

Nururun Lube -ぬるるん - 200ml
Nururun Lube -ぬるるん – 200ml
Rs 850


Another multipurpose sex lubricant is the silicone-based kind.

This type uses some silicone material in order to strengthen the viscosity and add a much more substantial thickness to the lubrication.

Because this type has a high viscosity, it does not dry out so easily, thus suited for longer periods of session.

Only a small amount can give it a good slippage, so this is quite economical as well.

The only downside of this type is that it cannot be used in conjunction with other silicone or plastic products, since it can cause adherence and damage the product in use.

Smooth lasting Lubricating gel 100g
Smooth lasting Lubricating gel 100g
Rs 995

Flavored Type

Flavored type sex lubricant is a more playful and fun lube for couples who want to bring in a more joyful atmosphere to their sex.

There are so many different flavor options on the market, and most of them are made of material which is safe for consumption.

This means that you can actually use this in your mouth when giving oral pleasure, and the taste will be actually quite pleasant and safe.

If you are thinking about improving your foreplay game, this type of lube is definitely a great choice that can get the job done!

Jam Lubricant cherry hot felling 100g
Jam Lubricant cherry hot felling 100g
Rs 995

Warming & Tingling Type

Warming & Tingling type of sex lubricant is actually quite rare but has the most potential, in my opinion, in terms of increasing the pleasure for both parties.

Putting this type of lube on your erogenous zones has the effect of intensifying the sensitivity, and feels almost like its burning.

Hence it is called the warming & tingling.

Some people might find it a little scary when hearing about it, but it is actually totally safe, and the effect wears off in no time when you wash it off.

Using this type of lube can increase the pleasure for both of you to the point that it almost feel like it is not your body part anymore, so if you are looking for something totally different, try out this type for sure!


Durex Lube Warming 50ml
Durex Lube Warming 50ml
Rs 975

Anal Lube

For men who enjoy anal play, anal lubricant is the necessity that you cannot forget about.

As opposed to the vagina, the anal does not secrete any natural spontaneous lubrication by itself.

Therefore, it is essential to use lubrication in order to avoid any damage to the anal internal wall.

You must be careful to only choose anal specific lubricant since this type is specifically designed to reduce the most risk to suit the use in sensitive anal.

If you enjoy anal sex with your partner this type of lube is a must have product!!

Recommended Situation

As I have been explaining, there are so many different types of sex lubricants out there to choose from.

But let me give you some tips and advices on how and where it is recommended to use lube with your partner.

Here are some of the advice you can follow:

  • Avoid using in bed
  • Choose the right type of lube for your specific purpose
  • Use a lot of lubricant

First of all, you should avoid using lubricant in beds since lubes are mostly made out of water, so it can get soaked into the bed and make it very difficult to clean afterwards.

The most recommended place to use is in your bathroom or inside bathtubs for easy cleaning.

Secondly, you should choose the exact lubricant which matches the purpose of use.

As I explained above, there are many different types of products specific to their uses.

Especially when you are using it for anal play, or if you are considering using other sex toys made of silicone, you must keep in mind that there are certain types you should avoid.

So, remember this point and have safe and fun sex.

Lastly, I recommend you to use a lot of lubricant when you are having fun with your partner.

Sex lubricant not only can provide more pleasure for both of you, but since it can provide more sense of sticking together, it can also enhance the sense of intimacy.

Using more lube means more pleasure and fun.

Therefore, do not skimp on the amount and have fun as much as you want with tons of lubricant!!


In this article, I have introduced you many different types of sex lubricants.

There are so many different types based on its purpose of use and materials made of.

There are certain points to keep in mind when using sex lubricants and the most recommended place of use it of course the bathroom.

Sex lubricants can truly increase the pleasure for both of you and has the massive potential to enhance your entire sex life with your partner.

Use a lot of lube and have the most fun and pleasure together!!

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