Sexual problem can be extremely detrimental to the overall life of the man who is experiencing it.

From Erectile Dysfunction(ED) and premature ejaculation, to penis size and sexual stamina, there are so many different types of sexual problems a man can experience.

But worry not!!

SEX toys can help you solve all sorts of sexual problems that you may be experiencing right now!

“What? Aren’t Sex toys only for having naughty fun?”

It is true, generally speaking, that sex toys are designed originally to increase pleasure during sex and masturbation by providing a different stimulation.

However, you will be surprised to know that these sex toys can provide much more than just pleasure, and actually help you in many ways to solve your problems.

Here is a quick reference table for some of the examples of sex toys which can be utilized as solutions to your specific sexual problems.

Category Expected to improve Buy Online
  • Improve Premature Ejaculation
  • Improve weariness of masturbation
  • Stronger erection
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Cock Ring
  • Improve Premature Ejaculation
  • Stronger erection
  • Increase penis size (slightly)
  • More pleasure during ejaculation
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Penis Sleeve
  • Increase penis size (greatly)
  • Longer lasting stamina
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Penis Enhancer
  • Increase penis size
  • Boost confidence
See More
  • Longer lasting stamina
  • Enhanced pleasure
  • Improved atmosphere
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SEX Toys can fix sexual problems!

As you can see from some examples shown in the quick table, some Sex Toys can actually work as solutions to your sexual problems depending on each function and purpose.

Sex Toys have a surprisingly wide variety of products, so it can be hard to find the specific one that works best for you.

The most important thing when choosing a Sex Toy as a sexual problem solver is that you must pinpoint the exact problem you would like to solve before browsing the range of products.

So, in this [Timeless Edition] article, I will guide you through how to select your best Sex Toy as solution to your problem.

I will introduce different types of Sex Toy each with its own strength and targeted sexual problem that can be dealt with.

Also, I will explain how you can pinpoint your specific or most concerned problem in order to choose the right Sex Toy to get rid of that exact problem.

Typical Sexual Problems For Indian Men

So, what can be considered as the most typical sexual problems for Indian men?

According to the Sexual research in India published in 2010, the following data was discovered.

premature ejaculation (77.6%) and nocturnal emission (71.3%) frequent problems followed by a feeling of guilt about masturbation (33.4%), small size of the penis (30%) and erectile dysfunction (23.6%)

Sexuality research in India: An update

As you can see from this single example, both physical (ED and premature ejaculation) and psychological (guilt of masturbation and concern about penis size) problems are common among Indian men.

Dhat syndrome is also another common problem especially in India which social and cultural backgrounds of India play a huge role.

It is probably fair to say that almost every man in India, had some kind of sexual problem at some points of their lives.

And Sex Toys will be able to help you solve many of these sexual problems!

SEX Toys as Solution to your problems

I introduced a few examples of Sex Toys that can be used as solutions for men’s sexual problems at the beginning.

However, Sex Toys have a truly wide range of variety with so many different types, so choosing the one that can really help you is sometimes a difficult task.

From now on, I will try to explain many of the different Sex Toys that men can use as an answer to their sexual problems.

Comparison between number of products are also available, so please utilize this information to your advantage.


Masturbator is a Sex Toy which is an artificial vagina for men to be used mainly for masturbation.

Inserting penis inside masturbator with lubricant applied can provide massive pleasure incomparable to that of using your own hands.

The first hidden pussy toy Clear Piston Master LIPS TYPE Top Quality Preppy Girl Potential SUJIMANKUPA SETUNA
The first hidden pussy toy Clear
Feature Feature Feature Feature
Rs895 Rs4,284 Rs2,575 Rs4,213
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The main purpose is to increase the pleasure of masturbation, and add a different taste of stimulation and satisfaction.

As a solution to sexual problem:
-Greatly increases the pleasure of masturbation
-Change up stimulation for men who are getting bored of masturbation
-Training for premature ejaculation
-Practice for sex

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Fleshlight is a globally well-known brand for the masturbator, and it is characterized by the distinguished design like a flash light which contains an artificial vagina inside.

Guaranteed quality of the world wide brand sets this product above many other masturbators making it well-worth the expensive price.

Vaginal Male Masturbator Pussy Vibe Masturbator w case Vaginal Male Masturbator Clear FLESHLIGHT Girls Angela White Flesh light Lisa Ann
Feature Feature Feature Feature Feature
Rs3,482 Rs3,900 Rs4,900 Rs4,600 Rs6,500
Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy

As a solution to sexual problem:
-More satisfying and different masturbation
-Training for premature ejaculation
-Similar sensation to actual sex(for virgin)

The price point is a bit higher than most sex toys, but this is the best choice if you want to experience sensation similar to real sex.

Cock Ring

Cock Ring is basically a ring which you wear around your penis to enhance the size, hardness, and durability of your erection.

Wearing a cock ring will regulate the blood flow out of the penis, making the erectile tissue more swollen, harder and bigger.

Smart cockring for desi pink New Viaring Good Bull GLANTS COVER Good Bull Beat ring
Feature Feature Feature Feature
Rs650 Rs648 Rs1,480 Rs1,164
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As a solution to sexual problem:
-Can make you last longer(for premature ejaculation)
-Improved penis size (Length and girth)
-Improved stiffness of penis
-More pleasure when ejaculating
-Added pleasure for the partner(special feature cock rings)

Cock Ring is one of the most effective Sex Toys that can solve many of the men’s sexual problems.

If you are suffering from some problems mentioned above, you should definitely try out a cock ring as a solution!


Penis Sleeve

Penis sleeve is a cover which is worn on top of the penis in order to increase the size and also prolong the duration of sex.

Simply wearing a penis sleeve can greatly increase the penis size on the spot, so if you are concerned about your penis size, it is the easiest and most effective solution.


As a solution to sexual problem:
-Greatly increase penis size(size difference is apparent)
-Make you last longer(reduced stimulation)
-Increased pleasure for partner(sexual satisfaction)

The cheapest option is available from only Rs.600, so if you are worried of your sexual performance and want to satisfy your partner more you should pick this toy up!


Many people already know what a condom is, but there are surprisingly many types of condoms and some of them can support you in solving men’s sexual problems.

For example, textured condoms will provide a different sensation for the partner increasing the pleasure, and the flavored condom will bring pleasant scent and taste to sex, enhancing the atmosphere of sexual activities.


As a solution to sexual problem:
-Get you out of a sex rut(using different types of condoms)
-Safe yet more pleasure for both of you(thin condoms and dotted condoms)
-Enhanced mood(flavored condoms)
-Make you last longer(thick condoms)
-Prevention of STDs


Dildo is a penis shaped Sex Toy generally used by women.

However, if you are having problems such as Erectile Dysfunction or other conditions which prevents you from satisfying your partner, dildo can be used as a replacement for your penis.


As a solution to sexual problem:
-Replacement for your penis(ED, premature ejaculation, etc.)
-More satisfaction for partner(bigger and longer lasting penis)
-Spice up usual sex(visual excitement, double penetration)

There are so many different shapes, sizes, and materials of dildos, so choosing the perfect one carefully with your partner is very important when using a dildo.

(If you don’t have a partner, you can also use it by yourself for anal and prostate masturbation…)


Vibrators are an overall category of Sex Toys which include a vibrating motor.

The vibration can be applied to many different places of your body to provide sexual stimulation.

Unlike other Sex Toys, which usually has a single main purpose, there are many different vibrators which are made specifically for different parts of the body.

So, I will divide these vibrators in more detailed manner.

For quick reference, please check this table.


Dildo Vibrator

Dildo vibrator is a dildo, which I introduced previously, with the added vibrating function fore extra pleasure.

It is designed for insertion into the vagina or the anal, so the way you use it is similar to normal dildos.

There are many different shapes and sizes, and option for adjusting vibration is often available as well, so you can pick with your partner which is the best for you.

The price range starts from around Rs.2000 and expensive types can range up to around Rs.10000.

As a solution to sexual problem:
-Replacement for your penis(ED, premature ejaculation, etc.)
-More satisfaction for partner(added vibration)
-Spice up sex
-Orgasm development for partner(G-spot and portio)

Using a dildo vibrator can develop the women’s erogenous zones to be able to reach orgasm, so if you want to satisfy your partner more, you should try dildo vibrators out.


Egg-vibrator is a sex toy with a small vibrating part with a separate controller attached to it either by cord or remotely.

It has bit of a strange name, but the utility and benefits it can provide can greatly enhance your sexual experience.

The price range of egg-vibrator is the lowest among other vibrators starting from Rs.500, so the affordability is another strength of egg-vibrators as well.

You can use it stimulate many different body parts, such as her clitoris, nipples, vagina, and even your own penis.

Just simply running it against your or your partner’s body can provide a tingling sensation which can enhance the pleasure for both of you.

As a solution to sexual problem:
-Can be used both in sex and masturbation for more pleasure
-Clitoris stimulation which is necessary for orgasm
-Help you and your partner out of the rut
-More sexual satisfaction

Electric massager

Electric massager provides a stronger vibration than any other vibrator on the market.

This was originally created as a normal massager to relieve pain and soreness of the body, so the intensity of vibration quite strong.

The head part is quite large so it is not intended for insertion, but the strong vibration can make your partner orgasm just by pressing this against her clitoris.

As a solution to sexual problem:
-Can ensure orgasm for your partner(intense sensation)
-Can be used for masturbation as well
-Spice up usual sex
-Relieve other body conditions too(massage)

Nipple vibrator

As you can tell from the name, nipples vibrator is a vibrator which is specifically designed for nipples stimulation.

This is often made with suction cups or clamps in order to hold on to the nipples.

The great thing about this specialized toy is that you can use it without your hands once you fix them on the nipples, so it can add a completely separate dimension to your sexual experience whether in sex or masturbation.

As a solution to sexual problem:
-Different stimulation for more pleasure(sexual satisfaction)
-Change up masturbation(hands free)
-Visual excitement in sex(atmosphere)

Nipples are one of the most sensitive erogenous zones for both men and women, so nipple vibrator can be used in more situations than you probably can imagine!

Sex Doll

Sex Doll, also known as a dutch wife, is a Sex Toy used for masturbation to have a similar-to-sex experience.

There are types which can be inflated with air, and types made of silicone for a more realistic reproduction of a woman’s body.

Sex Doll has at least one of the masturbation holes in the position of vagina, anal, or mouth so you can insert your penis for pleasure.

Even the air inflated types which is cheaper can be from several thousand Rupees, and silicone types can price up to 100s of thousands Rupees, so it is not an easy investment at first.

However, not only sex dolls can provide more pleasure during masturbation, they can also provide you with some sense of security(weirdly enough) by taking care and spending more time together.

As a solution to sexual problem:
-Can experience masturbation almost like real sex
-Practice sex
-Penis training (premature ejaculation)
-Sense of security (emotional stability)

The initial investment might be quite difficult, but many men consider love doll one of the most well-worth purchases of all time, so I’m sure you will get your money’s worth.

Penis Enhancer

Penis enhancer is a little different from other Sex Toys in which that the main purpose of them is actually to increase penis size.

There are electric types and manual types, as well as air-pumped types and stretcher types, so you can choose what seems to suit you the most.


As a solution to sexual problem:
-Increase penis size(length and girth)
-Improved confidence
-More satisfaction for partner (increased size)

In order to see any results from using these tools, you must at least continue for more than 2 months, so patience is required.

The stretcher type especially has a medically proven evidence that it actually works for penis enlargement, so if you really want to increase your penis size, using this tool will definitely help you.

4 Pillars Of Sexual Problems For Men And Sex Toys Suited To Solve Them

Now that you have the general idea of what types of Sex Toys are there, and how they can be utilized to solve men’s sexual problems, let’s try to figure out what sexual problems you are the most concerned about.

Every person has their own unique sexual problem, and the best way to solve them can differ from person to person.

The most important thing to consider before choosing a Sex Toy for solution purpose, you must clearly pinpoint the cause and the problem you are experiencing.

From this section, I will divide men’s typical sexual problems into 4 categories; Personal, Relational, Masturbation, and Sex, and provide you with some examples of specific cases of each category.

Also, I will select the best Sex Toy suited for solving the problem.

Some you might be able to relate, and some you might not, but I hope this can help you with pinpointing your own sexual problem, and provide some guide to choosing your own Sex Toy.


Personal Problems

Personal problems for men can be both physical or psychological, but it involves only you and your past experiences when identifying the problem.

Certain body complex issues such as penis size, foreskin, etc., and mental problems such as sexual trauma or no experience in sex can be all categorized as personal problems.

Personal problems can be characterized by one’s own perception regardless of the objective truth, for example, if you feel shame that your penis is too small even though in actuality it is not, this can be considered a personal problem.

Let’s take a look at some examples.


★Question: “I have a girlfriend that I love very much, but I’m afraid that my penis is too small to satisfy her, so I’m scared of having sex and I can’t make the first move…”

★Answer: “Penis size concerns are one of the most common problem among men, but in reality, abnormally small penis is very rare (only about 0.6% of all men have micropenis). I recommend a cock ring or a penis stretcher if you are really anxious about it since it can boost your confidence. Once you get to experience your first sex, you will probably forget about your problem!!”


Relational Problems

As opposed to personal problems, Relational Problems are when you experience problems in relation with other people such as your partner.

Relational Problems can involve more psychological factors rather than actual physical factors (although they both play a role).

Not satisfied with the number of sexual intercourse you have with your partner, sexlessness from stuck in a rut, and unsatisfied with sexual performance can be a few examples of relational problems.


★Question: “I’m in a happy and loving relationship with my partner, but when it comes to sex, she seems to always be unsatisfied because I reach orgasm before she can. She says my penis size is not the problem, so I think it is my stamina which is the problem..”

★Answer: “In this case, Cock Ring will definitely help the most! It can prolong the duration in which you have sex, and can make you last longer than usual. It has an added effect of making your erection stronger, so I will surely make her reach orgasm! If you’re partner is not open to using Sex Toys, then you can use masturbators on your own to train your penis and improve premature ejaculation as well!”


Masturbation Problems

Masturbation problems can be characterized by concerns or anxieties towards masturbation.

Especially in India, which has cultural and social background that consider sexually related things as taboo, it is difficult to ask about your masturbation worries.

I believe that many Indian men secretly hold concerns on how to masturbate as well as masturbation guilt.

On the other hand, getting bored at masturbation and seeking new types of pleasure can also be included in this category as well.

Masturbation is a normal thing to do, so you do not have to worry or feel bad about pleasuring yourself.



★Question: “I have been masturbating for the past 10 years, but recently I feel really tired of masturbation and starting to get sick of the same sensation all the time. Is there any way to feel better, because I would like to feel the excitement like the old days?”

★Answer: “For a masturbation master like yourself, I would recommend a Fleshlight and a little bit of sex lubricant for sure! You probably heard of this one somewhere, but it is truly a life changing experience. This will definitely re-ignite your passion for masturbation!”

Fleshlight & Lubricant

Sex Problems

Sex Problems as opposed to Relational Problems, is more of a physical and technical problems between couples.

Not knowing how to correctly please a partner, or having physical problems such as ED only during sex can be categorized as Sex Problems.

Unable to satisfy your partner or feeling physical pain during sex can be very detrimental to your overall relationship, and can lead to other relational problems as well.

Sex problems can occur even in relationships which are perfect in all other ways, so in contrast to relational problems which often involves emotional matters, sex problems can be solely physical.


★Question: “I have a wife which we have been together for over 10 years, but recently because of my heart disease, I’m unable to get an erection. I still love my wife and she’s still sexually active, so I would at least like to satisfy her in some way.”

★Answer: “Sexual activities can be one of the most important things regarding relationships, and it is nice of you think that you want to satisfy your partner even though you are unable to have fun. For you, I recommend a dildo vibrator since it can get the job done even better than a real penis, and I’m sure if you use it on her, she would enjoy it more. Strap-on dildo is another choice for you as well, since you can wear it and have sex with your partner even when you can’t get an erection”

Realistic Dildo vibrator/ strap-on dildo


Sex life is a very important part of your life, and if you cannot truly enjoy your sexual activities whether it’s masturbation or sex, it can be very detrimental for your overall life.

So, fixing your sexual problems should be one of the biggest priorities for you.

In order to solve you sexual problems, using Sex Toys can be the most effective methods for you since you can select an item based on your specific problem and focus on it.

There are so many different Sex Toys with different features and effectiveness to range of sexual problems, so you should learn the strength and weakness of each toy and choose wisely.

Also, figuring out what is causing the problem is also important in order to solve your sexual problem.

When you know the cause exactly and are able to face the problem right on, you will be able to get rid of the problem and enjoy a truly fulfilling sex life of your own.

Let’s utilize Sex Toys and enjoy the best sex life to the fullest!!!