There is nothing so difficult about picking up your first sex toy.

A little bit of courage can transform your sex life to be the greatest!

  • Do you want to feel the best pleasure you have never experienced before?
  • Are you interested in sex toys?
  • Have you ever felt like buying a sex toy?

Sex toys are truly a wonderful range of products that can evolve your sexual life to never seen before heights.

In this article, I will guide you beginners in order to ensure your success in terms of purchasing your first sex toys.

I will be answering the most commonly asked questions among beginner’s of sex toys such as:

  • What is a sex toy?
  • What kind of toys are there?
  • How do you use it?
  • Where to buy one?
  • Is there anything to worry?

As I go through these questions, I will also be looking into and explaining about the history of sex toys and interesting world of fetish driven by men’s limitless sexual desire.

Sex toys, or SEX in general, is not the kind of topic which you can discuss carelessly among other people, even with closest of your friends.

So, I will try to cover as much as possible in this article, so you can grasp the essentials of sex toy without embarrassing yourself.
Please read through this article, and emerge sexually enlightened, and become a master of SEX!

Summary For You[For Busy Guys Without Much Time]

I understand that not much guys have enough time to spend reading through an entire article about sex toys for beginners.

For those of you, I have gathered some essential knowledge before purchasing your first sex toy.

Just read this part and you can get the gist of it and go on with your life with sufficient education about sex toys…

There are generally 2 different uses of sex toy which are; for masturbation, and for sex with your partner.

The best sex toys for beginners who wants to improve their masturbation are:

  • Masturbator
  • Fleshlight
  • Prostate toy
  • Love doll

Let me show you one example,

FLESHLIGHT Girls Angela White
FLESHLIGHT Girls Angela White
Rs 4600

And for those who want to enhance their sex with your partner can utilize:

  • Penis Sleeve
  • Cock Ring
  • Condoms
  • Sex Lubricant

Take a look at this toy for you,

Wolftooth Penis Sleeves
Wolftooth Penis Sleeves
Rs 1899

Long story short, buying sex toys from a trusted online merchant is the best bet for you beginners if you want quick and secure purchase.

It also ensures to keep your privacy and shipping in descreet packaging if you want no trouble.

In fact, buying sex toys from online stores are the safest and has minimum risk, so especially if you are a beginner, there is no reason not to purchase from online store.

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You probably know what sex toy is

If you have come to this page, you probably have at least some idea about what a sex toy is, don’t you?
In case you do not know, I will be explaining about what sex toy acutually is, and how it came into existence.

What is a sex toy?

So, what is a sex toy, you ask?

Sex toy, as the name clearly suggests, is a toy that you use during sex, or in activities related to it. Probably the easiest to think of for guys is the toys used in masturbation, such as fleshlights. In fact, fleshlight can be considered as one of the most popular sex toys among Indian men.

However, other than sex toys used for masturbation, there are so many different types of sex toys that are used for a variety of reasons.

For example, there are toys that are used to improve men’s performance during sex like cock rings and penis sleeves. And there are prostate toys for guys who want to reach new heights in terms of sexual sensation.

Don’t worry if you did not understand what those I mentioned above are, I will be explaining about them later, so stick with me yea?
Nonetheless, there are so many different types of sex toys, and among them there might be things that you cannot even fathom.

The world of sex toys is rich and deep, just as it is the reflection of the mysterious world of human desire for sex.

Take a deep breath and let your curiosity guide you.
As you learn about sex toys, you will learn about human life.

Why you should bother

why you should bother

  • I have been introducing about sex toys in terms of what it is and the history of it.
  • But, why should you care?
  • It is not like your life depends on it, or the most hot topic you must follow.
  • However, actually you should care.


Sex toys not only brings you unprecedented pleasure and joy, it also can bring other benefits in life. Most people would look for a sex toy solely for the purpose to feel better in sex or masturbation.

That is not wrong at all, since it is “toys” for “sex” after all. But for those people, I would like to insist that sex toys can provide you with much more!

Here are some of the benefits of using a sex toy in your life.

In health

Rumors are circulating on the internet that masturbation is bad for your health. There is no scientific evidence which support this claim to be true. As a matter of fact, when you look at the medical literatures, it is quite the opposite in reality.

Using sex toys and masturbating can actually improve your health. I know it is hard to believe but just hear me out.

According to many medical news sources like MedicalNewsToday and healthline, masturbation has several health benefits such as:

  • Boost immunity
  • Relieve built-up stress
  • Enhance sleep quality
  • Decrease risk of prostate cancer
  • Balance brain hormone (Endorphin, Oxytocin, Serotonin)
  • Relieve pain

As these suggests, masturbation has many different health benefits.
Enhancing your masturbation with sex toys can bring even more health benefits, as it can give you even more pleasure and satisfaction to your daily life.
So do not be afraid to masturbate, or use sex toys.
If you take care of yourself properly and not overdo it, the health benefits it brings you can be immense!

In relationship

Sex toys not only boost your health, but it can also improve your relationship with your partner when used in sex.
Sex toys are not only for masturbation.
In fact, most of the sex toys are used during sex with his/her partner.

The benefits in terms of relationship that sex toys can bring includes:

  • More sexual satisfaction
  • Enhance confidence in body image
  • Helps solve sexual dysfunction
  • More intimacy between each other

It is important to talk about sex toys with your partner if you want to incorporate sex toys into your sex life.
Communication is key.

By realizing what each other wants, you will understand more about your partner, give and receive more satisfaction, and even improve overall relationship.

Also, using sex toys is a very private matter.

So sharing a secret of using a sex toy with your partner is fun and can enhance your intimacy with them. The most important thing is to carefully consider about your partner.

If you can take that step, incorporating sex toys into your relationship will only bring more joy and happiness.

What kind of sex toys are there?

Finally, let’s move on to the main topic of what types of sex toys there are!

Now, I understand your excitement but hold your horses. In this part, I will explain each category of sex toys for men, how to use them, what kind of people might enjoy it and so on.

I am certain that you will find just the thing you have been looking for, or perhaps you will discover a new side of you…

Sit back, grab some pop-corn and soak yourself in the interesting and mysterious world of sex toys!!


The wonderful act bestowed to every man regardless of their social or economical background. (In case you don’t agree, don’t think about it. As Shia Lebeouf said “Just do it!!”)

You only need yourself and nothing else. You don’t hurt anyone, even yourself. What if you can increase the pleasure and reach unprecedented heights with a sex toy?

What if you can feel even better by 10-folds or even more?

In fact, there is such a thing on this planet earth which can realize this dream.
It is called the “Masturbator”.

As you can tell by the name, masturbator is a sex toy you use when you masturbate.
There are inconceivable numbers of combinations in terms of types, materials used, and shapes, but there is one overarching common point:

“You put your penis in it”.

Let me introduce some of the major types of masturbator from now on.

Hand-held type

This type of masturbator is arguably the easiest to handle.

It comes in so many different materials and shapes, but most are made of silicone or soft rubber, and it looks like a meaty cylinder which you can insert your dick into.

It can be divided into penetrative and non-penetrative type.

With the penetrative type, the hole that you insert your penis goes right through the entire masturbator, so when you insert you penis deep enough, you will be able to see your tip from the other side of the toy.

It is easier to imagine if I call it the tunnel, because it has the entrance and the exit. Thanks to this structure, there are interesting ways to utilize it like penetrating it from the other side to enjoy a different sensation than the usual use.

This type can be washed easily because you can easily rinse the inside due to the tunnel-like structure.
It is easier to dry and maintain for further use.
It tends to be light and small, for maybe it is the best choice for beginners of masturbator.

On the other hand, non-penetrative type does not have an exit for your penis. I will call it the cave type, for obvious reasons.

Because the hole does not go through to the end, you can enjoy the sensation of your penis tip hitting the end of the masturbator.

It also can give you a stronger sensation if you push out the air inside prior to insertion to feel the vacuum which suck on your dick intensely.

For these reasons, it can be considered as a more realistic reproduction of a woman’s vagina.
If you want to experience imaginative sex with a masturbator, this is your option.

Stationary type

Stationary type masturbator is generally a more hefty toy compared to the hand-held type.
The design mostly resembles a woman’s entire pelvis area, with pussy and butt.

It is much larger in size, and quite heavy, so it is intended to be used by placing it down on the floor or on the bed, and then inserting your penis.

It is harder to carry and move around this toy unlike the hand-held type, but by moving your own body and hip to thrust into this masturbator can give your a more realistic feeling of having sex with a woman.

It often has several insertion points such as the vagina and the anal, so with just one of this masturbator, you can enjoy different penetrative sensation.

Because of its size, it is typically more expensive than hand-held type, and it is harder to maintain or hide. However, if you are looking for a more realistic close-to-sex masturbation experience, this can be the perfect sex substitution.

Electric type

Electric type is the newest among all these masturbator, but the potential it presents is immeasurably huge in my opinion. It is made with electric moving parts inside which can provide more than just the penetrative sensation.

The best part about this type is that it moves by itself and stimulates your penis in ways which you can’t with your own hands.

It turns, sucks, and pistons using electric power, so you can just sit back and enjoy the feeling of almost being touched by someone else.

This is the masturbator of the future.

Some of the electric masturbators even has the link-up feature, which you can connect it with the computer and synchronize the movements with the adult game you are playing.

When you think about the possibilities of this type of the masturbators in the future, it is in fact endless, so it is very exciting to imagine.

Technology only improves with time, and who knows what? maybe it can bring something entirely new and interesting in terms of sexual pleasure in the near future.

I have introduced 3 of the measure masturbator types for you, but there are much more types you probably could not even imagine. The only way to step into the masturbator world is to experience one.

Because there are so many different kinds, surely there is always the perfect masturbator waiting for you.

If you want to try out a masturbator, please look at some in the online shop and explore new types of sexual pleasure to your heart’s content.

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Fleshlight is arguably the most well known and popular sex toy for men. You probably at least heard of the name “fleshlight” somewhere in the past.

Strictly speaking, it can be categorized as a masturbator, however the popularity and fame which accompanies this product deserves its own place I believe.

Originally, fleshlight was invented by a man from the United States, Steve Shubin, in 1998. According to “The Oral History of Fleshlights” by thrillist:

He invented this toy in his garage through many trials and errors, in order to avoid jeopardizing his wife’s pregnancy and save his relationship.

The Oral History of Fleshlights – Men’s Sex Toys – Thrillist

It looks like a big flashlight. (Have you noticed? Flashlight vs Fleshlight…)

You can cover up the fleshy insertion point with the plastic cap, so it looks just like a normal flashlight when the cover is on, which is convenient for guys who want to stealth it.

You can use it by taking off the cover and reveal the soft insertion point which is made to look like a vagina, and penetrating it with lubricant applied.

There are other shapes such as ones which resembles an anal, or a mouth, so you can choose according to your preference.

Additionally, you are able to adjust the suction strength by turning the cover on the other end in order to bring in variation in terms of pleasure.

Because fleshlights are a famous brand product, the prices can be relatively higher than usual masturbators. However, you are able to use it repeatedly, and the quality and durability is certified.

It can be said that it is well worth the price for the pleasure that can even change your entire sex life. You will never go wrong with purchasing fleshlights.

If you want to try out a sex toy for the first time, but afraid of being given a shoddy product, fleshlights are the way to go.

It is the perfect beginner’s product with guaranteed safety and quality!

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Cock Ring

A cock ring is a ring that is attached to the penis and can be used either during sex or masturbation. What’s the point of wearing a ring on your penis? Many people would probably wonder what it is for…

In fact, the cock ring has three main effects

  • Maintaining an erection
  • Prolonging the feeling of ejaculation
  • As accessories

Wearing the correct size cock ring will help to hold the blood that flows into the penis.
This means that the erection can remain hard for longer than normal. It also prolongs the ejaculation time by applying pressure around the bottom of the penis.

This allows the man to feel the pleasure of ejaculation for a longer period of time, making it feel even better than before. And you can even use it as an accessory and part of your self-expression by wearing a cock ring of your preferred design.

These cock rings have multiple functions, and if you’re interested in them, we recommend you try them out.

Want to try a cock ring?

Penis Sleeve

Penis sleeves are another interesting sex toy that you mainly use with your partner during sex. As you can imagine from the name, it is a sleeve thing that you wear on your penis.

It is generally made of soft-silicone or rubber, so it is stretchable and easily put on.
You might wonder for what reasons you wear a silicone sleeve on your dick, you ask?

The main reason is to improve sex performance, whether to maintain erection longer or add girth to your penis to improve sexual stimulation for your partner.

Not only it adds girth to your penis, there are additional textural features on the surface of the sleeve such as bumps and creases, to add even more sexual sensation.

How to use is pretty straight forward, as you just wrap the sleeve around your erect penis, and it is good to go. It makes your penis’s circumference larger with additional textures to make your partner feel better, and helping you to last longer because of reduced sensitivity on your dick.

For people who want to have longer sex with their partners, or guys who just want to make their partners orgasm, might find this toy interesting. The price is affordable since most products are sold below 3000Rs, and cheaper ones starting from 500Rs.

If you ever wondered if you girlfriend is actually enjoying sex with you or satisfied with it, this simple product can help you erase that fear and solve the problem, just as easily as putting on a condom.

Actually, you can wear a condom on top of this sleeve if you are worried of contraception and prevention of STDs. Just be sure to apply lube in between the sleeve and your penis in order to avoid any pain or discomfort.

If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to bring change into your usual sex, and also pleasing you woman better than before, try this one out!

I am sure you will find it very helpful! 🙂

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Prostate Toy

Now, prostate is one of the strange wonders of our bodies.

Prostate gland is an organ which only males posses located in between your bladder and testicles, above the colon.

Its function as a organ is not fully understood yet, but it is said to be related to the secretion of fluid that protects semen. Although not its full function is revealed to this day, one thing is known: It gives you sexual pleasure you have never experienced before.

It is rarely known about stimulating the prostate in order to achieve a different kind of orgasm for men. But it is said that the climax feeling by prostate stimulation is similar to that of a woman feeling orgasm from her G-spot.

It is called the dry orgasm since it does not lead to ejaculation, rather it is a continuous long-lasting sensation. People who have experienced this orgasm tend to prefer it much more than the typical orgasm with ejaculation.

You can taste the long-lasting feeling of pleasure without the physical exhaustion or mental downside, and this can be repeated as many times as you want.

The only thing which is between you and this mind blowing sensation is time and experience. You need to dedicate some time in order to achieve this orgasm, so patience and good preparation is the key.

For some people, it might even take a few months in order to reach the point that you can feel at least some pleasure from stimulating the prostate.

It is truly a winding long road to reach to this peak. However, just as I described it above, it is totally worth it. Unlike other sex toys which provides additional features and pleasure to your usual sex and masturbation, this prostate toy can actually be life-changing.

Therefore, keep this in mind and keep on keeping on to the road of ultimate sexual development!

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Condom is no doubt the most widely used and common contraceptive ever made.

Guys who have ever had sex before in their lives, most likely have used one, right? (If you have never used one, maybe you are doing something wrong, I might add.)

Many people would not consider condoms as sex toys. However, if you look at different types of condoms, you might change your idea.

In fact, condoms can be one of the most varied and interesting sex toys, like no other sex toys can compare. Here are some interesting condoms which can enhance your normal sex and bring it to another level!

Extra-thin condoms

Extra-thin condoms are very thin that you forget that you are wearing them during penetration.

It is the best condom for people who do not want to actually wear a condom due to pleasure reasons, but have to in order to protect you and your partner.

This type is usually made of either natural latex or polyurethane, so even when you have rubber allergies there is an option for you as well.

The best point about this condom is that you almost feel as if you are having sex without a condom, which can give you much more pleasure.

For people who want to enjoy the rawness of intercourse by taking the necessary steps of protection, this is the perfect choice for you.

Textured condoms

Have you ever wished your penis to have different surface texture in order to render your women addicted to the sex with you.

Well, textured condoms are just the product which can realize that fantasy of yours. As the names suggests, textured condoms have different surface patterns which can enhance the penetrative sensation for your partner.

It can have many bumps, creases, or random ruggedness to add stimulation to the thrusting of your penis.

Just by substituting your normal condom to this type, can bring your sex to another level, and provide satisfaction to both of you.

This is an easy way to add a difference to your sex so just try one and make your woman helpless to your mojo.

Flavored condoms

Flavored condoms have specific use in mind of making your penis taste better. It covers flavors such as, chocolate, apple, lemon, caramel, and many more, so you can definitely find the one that fits your preference.

At first, it might sound strange to add some flavor to your condoms, but this can work out pretty nice for both of you and your partner.

Maybe your partner is hesitant to giving blowjobs, because she might be weirded out by some reason or another.

Nobody wants to force your precious girl to giving blowjob, because you want to feel her love coming from her voluntarily.

If you use this flavored condom, you both can get what you were missing. Your partner might willingly participate in the fun due to the added interesting flavor, and you can receive the pleasure without feeling guilty.

Even when you do not use this for blow-job, or any action which involves tasting, this can still work great because the flagrance can heighten the atmosphere and bring change to SEX.

The smell is good enough to change the mood and enhance your interaction with your partner. As many scientists claims, olfactory sense is one of the most important sense closely connected to your memory.

By bringing a change with the sense of smell, it can heighten your interaction and leaving a pleasant memory of each other for a long time, which can help you build a better relationship.

If you are looking for something different that can shift your usual sex, try out this flavored condoms!

Now, you have learned a lot of different condoms which can bring a difference into your SEX one way or another.

Condoms can be an easy way to enhance your sex, so it can be proudly categorized as sex toys don’t you agree?

If you are hesitant to incorporate more obscene sex toys such as vibrators or dildos to your sex life, condoms can be an great option.

The most effective presentation to your partner? Just say it is the best way to protect you and her both, because you care about her a lot.

You will be goochi.

Sex Doll

Oh the flamboyant world of sex dolls!

What do you imagine when you think about a sex doll? An inflatable ugly dutch wife which is nowhere close to a beautiful woman of your dreams?

Oh no, the world of sex dolls is much more deep and interesting to explore. It is hard to cover the entire scope of sex dolls in this single section, but I will try as hard as I can to guide you through the world of sex dolls and its appeals.

So, come now, and step right in…

Sex dolls can largely be divided into 3 categories which are; Air inflatable type, Realistic silicone type, and body-parts types.

The dutch wife, most likely the one you imagined about a sex doll, can be categorized as air inflatable type. This type is the cheapest and easiest to handle type within different sex dolls.

It works just like your typical inflatable floats you use in swimming pools; you blow air into it.
Typically, there are several holes as mouth, or vagina on its body where you can fit a masturbator in to use it as a sex toy.

Most of the time, this type does not look attractive at all, rather it is simply a cheap reproduction of a human figure.

The biggest positive point of this toy is the ease of maintenance, because you can just deflate it after use and store it somewhere compact and safe.

This is for guys who just want an easy way to have simulatory sex with a doll, and because it is easy to clean and handle, this can be a good purchase.

Realistic silicone type is, I would say, the most interesting thing in terms of sex dolls.

It can be said that all the wonder and joy about sex dolls comes from this realistic type dolls. This type of sex dolls are very realistic reproduction of a woman.

It is almost as heavy as a real woman, with realistic hair, eyes, mouth, fingers, and of course “pussy”.

A lot goes into work in order to realistically reproduce a woman’s body, so the price of this type is typically very expensive.

Even the cheapest one can cost from 140000Rs., and the more costly types can range up to the 1000000Rs.

Tips for Sex toys beginner

So, up until this point, you have learned a lot about sex toys haven’t you? You can be considered as an intermediate level in terms of sex toy right now.

Want to be the master??

From this point I am going to explain the ways in which you use different sex toys, and how to manage them.

By passing this part, finally you will be granted the title of the sex toy master.

So be patient, fill your last bit of your brain real estate with this information, in order to reach new heights of sexual enlightenment.

How to use

Have I explained how to use each sex toys? If not this is the right place for you to learn.

Generally speaking, sex toys for men are used in ways such as; by putting a body part inside, putting the toy inside a body part, or using on the body.

Moreover, regardless of the types of sex toys, it is almost always used with lubrication.
As examples of toys which you use by putting a body part inside, masturbators, fleshlights, and sex dolls can be counted as such, because you insert your penis into them.

Prostate toys or dildos and vibrators, are categorized as toys that you put inside a body, whether in yourself or your partner’s.

Toys which you use on the body are, Cock rings, penis sleeves, condoms, and lubricants, which is mostly used to improve sex rather than the pursuit of self-pleasure.

Sex toys are always closely tied to your body.
And the way of use reflects that relation.

The most important thing is to read the instructions of the toy very carefully, regardless of the type.

Although you might know exactly how to use one, always assume that there is some specific unique feature that sets the toy apart from other ones.

If you consider this point every time despite the type of toy, you will be able to spend a safe, long, and fulfilling sex life!

So, be smart and do not stop educating yourself.

You might always find something different in each toy to enjoy!

Taking care

As the final part of this journey of sexual enlightenment, I will explain the most important and necessary point regarding sex toys.

That is :longevity of your sex toy and your sex life. Nobody wants to get unhealthy or come to an end in terms of sex life pre-maturely.

Taking care of both yourself and the sex toys you are using is the most crucial thing in order to keep risks at minimum, and lead a healthy and fulfilling sex life.

First of all, you must consult with your body often and try not to push yourself too much to use sex toys that are uncomfortable for you.

Especially things you put into yourself such as prostate toys can cause injuries if used improperly or forcefully.

Taking care of your body and not forcing yourself even though you want to get more pleasure, is essential in order to enjoy long-lasting sex life.

If you break your precious body, there is no returning from it, and your sex life could be ruined from that point on.

Therefore, please take close care of yourself, and enjoy a happy and long sex life.

Secondly, taking care of your toys is also a very important thing to keep in mind so that you can lead a good sex life.

Masturbators must be kept clean and dried inside after every use to prevent infestation of unfavorable stuff.

Sex toys are things which you use directly on your body, so to keep them sanitized is the most essential point.

Keeping your surroundings orderly can help you maintain a positive mental state as well, so take care of your sex toys well.

Both of these points always goes back to the most essential part, which is your body.
Sex toys are toys used in sex, so inevitably it is used in relation of your body in one way or another.

For that reason, sex toys must be always safe and comfortable to your body to use.
Pursuing to satisfy your ever growing desire is not a bad thing, but nothing is more valuable than your own body.

If you ruin your body, there can be no more fun in sex.

Therefore, taking care of your body and your sex toys is the most important thing to keep in mind, especially you are the one who wants to reach the unimaginable heights of sexual pleasure.

Let’s try out

And thus the journey comes to an end…
Finally, you have come to this point.

You have learned what sex toys are, and the history of it. You have also learned different types of sex toys, how to use them, and how to take care of it.

Your knowledge about sex toys are almost on par with that of mine as a master.

The only thing that you lack now is the experience.
As some famous dude said in the past, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.”

You must experience yourself what it is like to actually use a sex toy.
So, be adventurous and courageous yet cautious all at the same time.

Sex life is one of the most wonderful part of our lives.
Explore your own sexuality and find the best sex toy that will expand your world!

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