Around 80% of Indian males experience some level of sexual dysfunction in their life time.

But there are ways you can solve them!

From Erectile Dysfunction(ED) to premature ejaculation, there are range of sexual problems that Indian men might face.

However, by pinpointing the cause and taking actions in the right step according to its specific problem, you will be able to solve it!

In this article, I will explain each of the common problems which Indian men face in their sex life, and solutions which can help them get rid of the problems.

If you feel like you are having issues regarding sexual performance, read this article and take the necessary first step towards fixing your problem.

Common sexual problems and how to solve them

The most of the common sexual problems that Indian men face in their day to day lives are as follows:

  • Erectile Dysfunction(ED)
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Inhibited ejaculation
  • Low Sex Drive

According to a research published in 2018 by medical and scientific researchers in India, about 81% of the men in North India reported experiencing at least one sexual health disorder.

This is a very large number which suggests the stigma and difficulty of men coming out with their problem and seeking medical treatment.

The severity of these problems can vary from person to person, but generally speaking, taking the necessary steps can actually fix most of these problems.

Here are some ways that can help you solve the issue regarding sexual performance:

  • Use Sex Toys
  • Use Medication
  • Seek Professional Support(councelling)

Using sex toys can actually help you improve your sexual performance depending what is causing it.

For example, If you are suffering from premature ejaculation, using sex toys such as cock rings will be able to get rid of the problem with moments notice.

It is by far the easiest and safest solution, so there is no reason not to try it.

Common sexual problems which men face

When you think about sexual dysfunctions, probably what comes to your mind first, or the one which is mentioned the most is probably erectile dysfunction (ED).

However, there a lot more varied problems which Indian men have the possibility to face.

According to which is a medically proclaimed information source, men’s sexual dysfunctions can stem from two different causes; which are physical or psychological.

Physical causes can range from diabetes, heart and vascular diseases, neurological disorders, hormonal imbalances, and even to substance abuse such as alcohol or drugs.

On the other hand, psychological causes can be based on social stress and anxiety, depression, marital or relationship problems, and concerns regarding sexual performance.

In India especially, sexual problems are prevalent yet less spoken due to social stigma attached to the problem, making it a more difficult problems to deal with in men’s life.

While treatment is readily and easily available, men often shy away from addressing this condition, which can lead to relationship and health problems.

With Taboo Around Erectile Dysfunction, India Becomes ‘Impotence Capital of The World’ |

Whether the problem comes from physical or psychological causes, it is always necessary to pinpoint the factors and seek treatment depending on the cause.

Now, let’s take a look at what kind of common sexual problems are there, and see the symptoms of each sexual dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction

The most commonly discussed and major sexual problem for men in general is of course the erectile dysfunction (ED from now on).

This sexual dysfunction is characterized by the inability to get erect when sexual performance is expected.

According to Cleveland Clinic, the symptoms can range from the inability to maintain erection long enough to perform intercourse until the end, to the inability to get an erection at all from the beginning.

Whether if ED is caused by physical or psychological condition, this can be a difficult problem for a man to deal with since the will and desire to engage in sexual act for the man can be completely irrelevant to their ability to perform.

This means even when you want to have sex, you are unable to because you cannot get erect.

In most of cases, treatment of ED is widely available and considered easily treatable through medication or psychological counselling.

However, as I mentioned in the above section that explains about the social stigma rendering men unable to openly reveal their concerns about sex, it is hard for Indian men to actually reach for treatment which is a bigger problem in general.

In the later sections, I will provide some solutions which can be used for treating ED without having to go through all the embarrassing steps of seeking medical attention.

So, please read through and find out how to deal with your problem in secrecy and privately.

Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation might not be as well-known as ED, but a substantial number of men can fit the description of this sexual problem.

Premature ejaculation can be characterized by the duration of sexual performance regarding intercourse, and men with this problem reach orgasm and ejaculation too quickly before having enough sexual gratification for both of them.

According to NHS, premature ejaculation can be defined as “regularly ejaculating within 1 minute of entering your partner.”

However, as I mentioned above you can loosely define it as men reaching orgasm sooner than what he or his partner have wanted.

Also according to MAYO Clinic, premature ejaculation can be divided into two types which are Lifelong(primary) and Acquired(secondary).

Both psychological and physical factors in combination can be the cause of this problem, so as I mentioned in the above sections, the treatment must be done accordingly.

This is a tough problem for men because most people feel embarrassed when they reach ejaculation too quickly.

And often times because of that loss of confidence, they become more prone to other sexual performing problems which are caused more by psychological factors such as ED.

Therefore, although premature ejaculation does not seem like bigger a problem compared to that of the ED (because you can still have sex and feel good), swift treatment is always advisable.

Just the same as ED, I will introduce solutions for premature ejaculation in later paragraphs, so be sure to stick with me.

Inhibited ejaculation

Inhibited ejaculation, also known as delayed ejaculation, as the name suggests, is a problem which is characterized by reaching orgasm too slowly, or not at all.

In contrast to ED, a man with this problem can get erect or maintain erection for the duration of sexual intercourse.

However, it is harder for him with this condition to feel enough pleasurable sensation to reach orgasm and ejaculate.

Some men with delayed ejaculation need 30 minutes or more of sexual stimulation to have an orgasm and ejaculate. Other men might not be able to ejaculate at all (anejaculation).

Delayed ejaculation – Symptoms and causes – Mayo Clinic

Similar to other issues, this problem can be caused by both physical or psychological factors.

However, this condition can also be caused by improper methods of masturbation, such as too strong stimulation or too frequent masturbation, so you must be considerate about the ways you masturbate.

(Do not be afraid of masturbation! If you do it properly, there shouldn’t be any problems!!!)

*Read the article above for more information about masturbation effects*

Low sex drive

This particularly does not sound like a medical problem as such of that other problems listed above.

However, reduced interest for sex can very much be caused by medically defined body conditions.

For example, physical causes of this problem can be;

  • Low testosterone levels
  • Prescription drugs
  • Blood vessel disorders and high blood pressure
  • Smoking
  • Alcoholism and drug abuse

Moreover, psychological causes can include;

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Stress and mental exhaustion
  • Past sexual trauma
  • Marital or relationship problems

The things you must consider regarding this particular problem is that in comparison to your past, if you have lower interest towards sex or not.

If you generally have low libido than others, maybe it is normal for you to be that way, but if you used to have a lot of sexual interest but recently feels less towards sex, you probably have some kind of underlying cause.

In addition, aging can play a big role regarding this problem, so it is recommended to analyze the problem from your own perspective.

[All information regarding sexual dysfunctions in this section sourced from the Cleveland Clinic:]

Ways to solve these problems


We have looked at 4 major sexual problems which men face, and their symptoms and effects on your daily sex lives.

If you are starting to feel worried about your own performance sexually, do not be afraid!

From this section, I will introduce some solutions which might help you in different ways to solve these problems.

Figuring out what factors are causing the problem, and finding what specific product can help out in solving your problem is very important.

Let’s check out different solutions so you can have a great sex life!

Sex toys

One of the easiest and best ways to solve your sexual problems are sex toys.

You might wonder how sex toys which are supposed to increase pleasure can help solve your sexual problems, but in fact, it is possible.

In this section of the article, I will explain each sex toy in its use and how it can be utilize in treating your specific sexual problem.

So, keep an open mind and perhaps you will find this information very useful in the future!!

Cock rings

Cock rings, as you can clearly guess from the name, is a ring shaped device which you wear on your penis.

The benefits of using this toy can be;

  • Maintaining an erection
  • Prolonging the feeling of ejaculation
  • As accessories

Most importantly, out of these functions, maintaining an erection can work greatly in order to solve certain sexual problems for men.

For example, men with erectile problems such as ED can wear this when they cannot keep an erection during the duration of intercourse, and maintain an erection for longer.

Additionally, wearing this can reduce the sensation you receive which can work great for men with premature ejaculation issues to last longer with this product.

Cock rings were originally used as a medical device in treating problems such as ED and premature ejaculation, so it is more of a medical tool than a sex toy.

Moreover, the price range is relatively cheap with products starting as little from 500Rs.

Therefore, you can safely use this toy, so if you want an easy solution for your problem cock rings might be the best and most cost-effective solution!


As all of you know, masturbators are used to feel more pleasure during masturbation.

The most famous “Fleshlight” is considered as one of these masturbator toys.

Masturbators not only can make you feel good, but can train your sensitivity towards pleasure and make you more tolerable to physical sensations.

People with premature ejaculation disorders can practice with masturbators which is modeled after woman’s vagina, and enhance your tolerance to sexual pleasure.

It can also help you with your psychology since when you can achieve the duration goal that you set using a masturbator, you can start to feel more confident about yourself which can boost your performance during real sex as well.

Even when it doesn’t work in improving your sexual performance, it can still be a great masturbation tool, so there is no loss in trying out, right?

BDSM or other unique roleplays

If you are having reduced libido or less interest towards sex, BDSM toys and other roleplaying oriented sex toys can help you get back that passion for sex.

Many people probably feel hesitant towards trying BDSM toys since the image which surrounds it is often scary and mysterious.

However, true BDSM is only done between the most trusted couples because both the players must know exactly what your partner is wishing for.

You can start from milder toys such as hand-cuffs, blindfolds, and ball gags, if you are still worried about delving deep from the get go.

It is a wonderful way to spice up the sex and add a new dimension that you have never experienced before.

Therefore, if you have less libido because of psychological factors, this type of sex toys can improve that and support you in your sex life for the better!

Penis enlargement devices

Penis enlargement devices are not “sex toys” to be strict, because it does not add physical pleasure during sex.

It is rather a supporter for your sexual performance, so it is more suitable for men with sexual problems indeed.

Generally, you use a air-suction type or a stretcher type enlargement devices in order to increase your penis size.

For the stretching type, there are even medical evidence which scientifically proves the effect of enhancing the length of the penis.

Therefore, it can work great for people with low self-esteem about their penis sizes, and because of that have erectile dysfunction.

If you use this you can boost your confidence towards sex, and support you in solving problems such as ED and reduced interest for sex and so on.


Other than sex toys, there is another way, which is to use medication, in order to treat your sexual problems.

For men with ED, you can take Viagra and such drugs in order to solve your problem.

There are even medications which works for premature ejaculation by putting on your penis, and medication which enhances your senses in order to solve inhibited ejaculations.

There are also energy drinks which claims to improve your libido and sexual performance during sex after drinking.

These might be one of the effective ways as a solution towards your problems.

However, often times these medications are only for single use purposes, which means that it does not have a prolonged effect, and only works when you take the medication right before having sex.

Also, continuous use of these medication has the possibility to cause health risks as well, so it is not recommended to be taken repeatedly.

This suggests that medications, although it can be a viable solution for single time, it is not very effective as a long-term solution.

The best ways to solve

best solution

So, what is the best way to solve your sexual problems?

The answer is most definitely “Sex Toys”.

Many Indian people have negative views towards sex toys due to social and cultural values, but sex toys can work wonders in treating your sexual problems when utilized properly.

It is especially recommended in India, since discussing openly or seeing a doctor for your sexual problem can be perceived in negative light or considered embarrassing.

In those cases, sex toys can be the best choice since you can buy online without seeing anyone in real person.

Also, privacy policies and discreet packaging of recent online sex toy shops are very trustworthy and safe in terms of your secrecy.

In addition, you are able to check user reviews, unlike medications, to see if you are getting what you want or check the durability and quality of the product.

All these reasons makes sex toys the best solution for solving your sexual problems in India.

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In this article, we have gone through the most common sexual problems which Indian men face, and some statistics regarding these issues in India.

There are several ways to deal with your problems, but the best and most cost-effective way by far is using sex toys.

Sex toys can be used repeatedly and often affordable in price, and if you target which problem you want to solve, it can work perfectly if utilized the right way.

Although it may be hard for some men to make the initial leap towards sex toys, it is easier to step out compared to other solutions like medication or seeing a doctor.

If you truly want to solve your sexual problem and spend a fun and fulfilling sex life, I definitely recommend you a sex toy!!!

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