Did you know that if you use a sex toy, you can experience the best pleasure ever from masturbation?

Here is a guide to the ultimate pleasure!

Masturbation is no doubt the most risk-free and easy way to get pleasure for a man by himself.

But did you know that there is a method that can further increase the pleasure?

In fact, if you utilize some tools for masturbation, you can even feel the best pleasure which can be better than real sex!

In this article, I will first provide you with some examples of sex toys which can guarantee the best pleasure possible from masturbation, followed by tips on masturbation and some additional knowledge on masturbation.

There might be types of masturbation you have never heard of, things you would want to try out, and even things that astonish you straight out of your pants (pun intended).

Let us explore the world of ultimate masturbation!!

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Best sex toys for masturbation!!

Let’s get straight to the point.

Sex toys are the best bet if you want to feel the ultimate pleasure from masturbation.

Here are some examples which guarantees the pleasure you have never experienced before!!!


Vaginal Male Masturbator Clear
Vaginal Male Masturbator Clear
Rs 4900


Top Quality Preppy Girl Potential
Top Quality Preppy Girl Potential
Rs 2575

-Prostate toy

Analyzer Rosso
Analyzer Rosso
Rs 3530

Here are only a few of the toys that will certainly bring you the ultimate pleasure you wish.

But before you go on hoarding up on these product, you should know some tips in order to achieve the best pleasure ever by youself.

From now on, I will explain some tips and methods you can use to improve your normal masturbation, and bring it up to another level!

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How to masturbate

How do you masturbate usually?

For most of guys who masturbate regularly, the way they do it probably has become a certain routine that they follow every-time.

The simplest being just rubbing your penis while watching something that arouse them (porn videos or photos, or just with their imagination for hard-cores) to the point of ejaculation.

I would guess that most of people have never put some deep thought in about it so much, or put some effort into making it better.

But is that enough? Aren’t you tired of the same old pleasure that you experience over and over again with no change?

Isn’t it better if you could feel much more intense pleasure?

I would guess most men would not refuse if they can increase their pleasure from masturbation, right?

Even when you might not be that one, there are so many people who take masturbation seriously and keep improving upon it in order to reach the ultimate pleasure a man can possibly experience.

I call them the “Mastur Seekers”.

From this point forward, I, as one of the “Mastur Seekers”, will explain the variations of masturbation in which one can partake in.

With your hands

With hands First and foremost, masturbation with your hands has been the most popular and commonly practiced method of masturbation without doubt.

It is probably even safe to say that it is the first form of masturbation ever invented by mankind.

You can imagine that our ancestors from way back have been participating in this activity that we, as modern citizens, do a lot of times as well.

It is the base in which to think about masturbation, and the purpose of it as being a replacement for the real sex.

As most of people, I guess, have done this, explanation will be minimum.

You just grip your penis when it is erect, and rub it up and down or whatever way you want.

After a while, you will start feeling good and by continuing, you will eventually make yourself ejaculate.

Well, that is the gist of it, now let’s move on to more exciting stuff, shall we?



DIY masturbation, is an interesting masturbation technique for guys with artsy and crafty tendencies.

It generally means that you create your own tool that enhances your masturbation.

Let me introduce a few types of masturbation tools that you can create easily at home.

For example, there are ways to home-make a masturbator using materials you can easily get from supermarkets or general stores.

One type is called the “cornstarch fleshlight”. This is made simply with cornstarch and water, and by mixing and heating in the microwave, you are able to create your own budget masturbator.

Just be sure to cool it off completely before use, otherwise you will burn your precious penis off, which must be avoided for sure…

Another type is the cup noodle masturbator. This one is fairly straight forward to make, which you put hot water as you normally make your instant cup noodle.

Once it has finished cooking, you wait until it is cool enough to insert, and you put your dick in.

It doesn’t feel quite tight enough, but the sensation of many noodles caressing on your penis feels much different than your normal masturbation.

These are only a few examples of DIY masturbation toys.

If you search on the internet, you will be able to find countless recipes for DIY masturbation tools.

It is a quite deep and sophisticated world when you think about the knowledge that goes into processing these interesting items to improve masturbation.

If you want to try out something different, and experiment with what you can bring into reality, making your own masturbation toys might be a worthwhile option to consider.

With Sex toys

In my estimation, many people probably have heard of it, but only a hand-full of people have actually tried masturbation with a sex toy.

Simply put, masturbating with a sex toy can be life changing.

I can even say, people who doubt that I am exaggerating, never have actually experienced any sex toy.

It is by far the most pleasurable, exciting, well-worth, and even cost-effective method to have the best possible masturbation experience.

I dare even say, that all the positive adjectives that I can think of can apply in explaining sex toys.

OK, I understand that I have been too excited talking about sex toys, but you get the enthusiasm that I am feeling, right?

The range of options and variety of sex toys can make it the best way to masturbate, since there is always the perfect toy for your particular method of masturbation.

There are so many different sex toys in the world, and each has its own special feature or interesting twist to satisfy even the weirdest of sexual desires.

With sex toys is by far the best way to masturbate

I have explained some different ways, or rather tools to use, to masturbate, but the best way possible to masturbate is undoubtedly with sex toys.

As I explained a little in the previous section, there are always the right toy for your style of masturbation, which can bring your pleasure to unprecedented level of heights.

Therefore, by clearly imagining your sexual preference, and thoroughly browsing through the store to find that can fit your need perfectly, you will certainly be able to find the exact one for you.

So, from now on, let me guide you through the fun and colorful world of masturbation toys for men!!!

What is “masturbation”?

Let’s talk about “masturbation”…

I would guess most people are hesitant to discuss things which relates to sex. Or, maybe not, and you talk about it with your friends all the time..

Either way, it is quite important to think and talk about sexually related topics, especially about masturbation, in order to understand yourself better and to spend a good and satisfying life.

First of all, let’s see how masturbation can affect our lives whether positively or negatively.
According to the betterhealth (by Victoria State Government) masturbation is natural and healthy activity which can bring much physical benefits.

Therefore, if you have worries regarding masturbation and its side-effects, I can say for sure that there is no need for concern as a starter.

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So, what is masturbation??? I know most of the people already understand what masturbation is..

Masturbation is the sexual stimulation of one’s own genitals for sexual arousal or other sexual pleasure, usually to the point of orgasm.

Masturbation – Wikipedia


Yeah, as I guessed… (Said most people.)

But wait! As you can take from this definition of masturbation, there are no specification on what to use (or not use), how to use, and what kind of sexual pleasure you get from masturbation.

What does this mean?

It means that there are so many different ways to masturbate, and the things which you have been doing all along are only the small fragment when considering the wide spectrum of masturbation which you can experience!

So, don’t reach the conclusion that is; “I already know what masturbation is, and how it feels, so I don’t need to learn anything”.

Get rid of that mind-set and set your mind free, for there are so much more in the eye-opening world of masturbation!!!

Different kind of masturbations

As I have been explaining about different tools to use during masturbation, there are differences in body parts which you stimulate during masturbation as well.

In this section, I will introduce you some different places of your body to stimulate in order to receive varied sexual sensations, and tools which you can utilize to further enhance the pleasure for you.

From the ordinary penis masturbation, to the more eye-opening ways to masturbation, you will definitely find some interesting tips here to improve your masturbation life!

Penis masturbation

The most common and heavily practiced way of masturbation is, no doubt, the masturbation with your penis.

I would guess almost all men (at least over 90 percent of men) have practiced this masturbation at least once in their lives.

As you probably already know, it is a way of masturbation by touching and rubbing your own penis with your hands in order to reach orgasm.

There might be some specific and personal ways that each of you individuals have been practicing for a long time, but all involves stimulating your penis in one way or another.

As most men have experienced this, I believe, there is no need to explain further about this masturbation.

However, if you can improve upon this ordinary sexual activity to achieve even more pleasure, wouldn’t you be willing to try out?

Let’s check out some sex toys which can massively improve the sensation of self-pleasure by stimulating your “Johnny boy!”

Sex toys for penis masturbation

Probably most guys who are reading right now have heard of “Fleshlight”, the king of masturbators.

As you can fathom from the popularity and the degree in which this sex toy is main-stream, Fleshlights are one of the most well known sex toys in the world.

And this “Fleshlight” happens to be one of the masturbators which is the best toy that you use in penis masturbation.

Masturbator is one of the sex toys which is used commonly all over the world.

As a sex toy for penis masturbation, masturbators are used by inserting and rubbing in order to reach orgasm.

Now let’s see some specific masturbator products in order to enlighten ourselves about the different sexual pleasures we can possibly get from masturbators.

FLESHLIGHT Girls Riley Reid
FLESHLIGHT Girls Riley Reid
Rs 4600

This is from the famous brand of “Fleshlight” which is called the “FLESHLIGHT Girls Riley Reid”.

It is one of the particular Fleshlight series which are modeled after certain porn actresses for the effect of providing simulated experience of having sex with a famous porn star.

Because of its brand and quality, the price range tends to be higher as you can see with this specific product compared to other masturbator products.

However, the durability that allows repetitive use, and the guaranteed pleasure that no other products, or even a real vagina can replicate makes it a well-worth investment for your improved sex life.

The incognito nature of the product, which looks like a flash light when maintained and stored properly makes it easier to keep in households without gathering any suspicion too.

This makes it one of the best masturbation tools for men who cannot allow their household members to find out about their toys.

If you are a always-masturbate-with-penis kind of guy, trying out one of these masturbators can be the greatest purchase of your life in terms of improving on your sex life.

So, be brave and take the first necessary steps in order to massively enhance your sexual life for the better!

Anal masturbation

From the “Mastur Seeker’s”  perspective, penis masturbation as I explained in the previous paragraph, is simply the entry point of the ultimate journey to self-pleasure.

Anal masturbation is only allowed for those with massive determination and self-control and patience.

It can be consider as the higher achievement for men to reach the pinnacle of anal masturbation orgasm.

At first, it is really hard to feel even a speck of pleasure when you start stimulating your anal.

But by being persistent, and if you can be strong enough to face adversity in the eye, you will be able to get there: The place of ultimate sexual pleasure which is incomparable to penis masturbation.

This is why the anal masturbation is considered as the gateway to success in terms of sexual life and all that accompanies it.

This particular type of masturbation requires slow and substantial development in order to feel anything from it.

However, the difference in pleasure compared to normal masturbation, makes it the well-worth kind for your time and effort spent.

Sex toys for anal masturbation

What toys are there that you can utilize when developing or carrying out anal masturbation?

Before we go into specifics, let’s talk about the reasons why we should use anal toys when masturbating anally.

When you play with your anal, it is hard for you to do it with your own hands and fingers, since your anal is hard to reach with your hands by design of your body.

Even when you can reach it, keeping the unnatural body posture of playing with anal for a long time can hurt your back, ribs, or your legs.

Moreover, using your fingers, after you developed your anal, can be not so satisfying according to most masters.

Therefore, if you truly want to enjoy the ultimate pleasure of Anal masturbation, using a sex toy is totally the best way to go!

According to the wiki page about Anal Masturbation, there are several risks accompanying the act of this particular masturbation.

For example, colon bleeding, rectal foreign bodies, and hygienic problems. These are the common trouble that might occur if you don’t take the necessary steps during anal masturbation.

For this reason also, using a sex toy correctly is better idea than using only your body.

Therefore, read the instructions carefully, and use your anal toys correctly with caution, and you will definitely reach the ultimate anal sensation which is much better in many ways compared to normal masturbation.

Prostate masturbation

Prostate masturbation is one of the wonders of our male bodies.

The function of the prostate is not fully revealed yet, but the experts say that it has something to do with secretion of bodily fluids which relates to reproduction, such as semen.

However, what is known is that when you stimulate your prostate a certain way, you can feel pleasure unlike any other you will feel from stimulating other parts of your body like your penis.

Why not use this special organ particularly only allowed for men? It is a waste to have this body part sitting around doing nothing when you can actually feel much more pleasure from stimulation.

It takes time and patience in order to develop your prostate to the point that you can feel the full-body ultra climax, so keep that in your mind when you start with your prostate journey.

According to Wikipedia:

Anatomically, the prostate is found below the bladder, with the urethra passing through it

Prostate – Wikipedia

By stimulating this location, you will be able to feel a similar sensation to penile ejaculation, but much more intense and felt through your entire body.

People who experienced this orgasm, often describes it as a men’s G-spot orgasm, which captures the essence pretty well.

Unlike the orgasm from normal penis stimulation, which lasts only for a moment, prostate orgasm tends to last longer and stronger than ejaculation.

Even more, it does not lead to ejaculation, which means that you are able to continuously stimulate and orgasms as many times as you want with your full body.

This can be considered as a massive upgrade over ejaculative orgasm, which renders it even useless for some people.

Now let’s take a look at what sex toys we can use to achieve this mysterious orgasm of the magical male organ.

Sex toys for prostate masturbation

The most major product which you use to stimulate the prostate is called the Enemagra.

This “Sex Toy” was first invented by a medical doctor as a method to treat prostate cancer and other symptoms related to the penile area.

As a matter of fact, stimulating your prostate has several health benefits, the biggest one being to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Isn’t it wonderful that you can reduce the risk of cancer and feel great sexual pleasure at the same time?

There is no way that you should skip this magical fun that you can have.

In order to effectively develop your prostate sensitivity, the “Enemagra” toy is the must-have tool.

Generally, this toy is not large in terms of circumference, so even for those with no experience in anal play will be able to insert it with no problem when lubed up.

It is designed specifically to stimulate the prostate glans, so the effectiveness is guaranteed.

Just make sure to keep in mind that it can take up to 6 moths for some individuals in order to reach orgasm from prostate stimulation, so be patient and you will get there eventually.

Prostate orgasm is quite a magical experience unlike any other sexual pleasure you can feel, so developing your body can be extremely beneficial throughout your sexual life.

Don’t be afraid and let’s try out the taste of ultimate prostate pleasure!!

Nipple masturbation

Now, nipple masturbation is kind of a kinky choice for the kinkiest of all.

However, nipples are one of the few unique erogenous body parts which both men and women can feel pleasure from.

But, would you believe that it is possible to reach orgasm just from stimulating your nipples?

Most people are at disbelief when told this, but in fact, it actually CAN happen.

Compared to other body parts such as anal or prostate, developing the sexual sensitivity for the nipples is quite easy, and many people can feel pleasure when nipples are stimulated along with other erogenous zones like your penis.

However, reaching orgasm solely from nipple stimulation is a whole different story.

Not only that you need to develop your senses to the pinnacle of your potential, with nipple masturbation, you are required to possess great concentration and meditation in order to reach the climax.

According to the article in GREATiST, reaching orgasm with nipple stimulation can be beneficial in many ways such as happiness, heart health, and many others.

Therefore, incorporating this style of masturbation to change up your sex life can be extremely positive for your overall mental and physical well-being.

Even when you are not able to reach orgasm just through nipple stimulation, there is always a certain pleasure you can get from nipples, so developing your nipples will never go to waste.

Sex toys for Nipple masturbation

The most popular sex toy for nipple masturbation is definitely the nipple vibrators.

These unique vibrators are specifically designed to stimulate just the nipples, so for the purpose of reaching orgasm through the nipples, it is the most suitable toy on the market.

There are different types even among nipples vibrator; one is the suction cup type and another is the clamping type.

Suction cup type sucks on to the nipple and gives continuous stimulation, whereas clamping type can be put on by pinching the nipple lightly in order to transfer vibration.

If you want to check different nipple specialized vibrators, chick the button below.

For nipples masturbation, there are actually sex toys other than nipple vibrators which you can utilize to get the pleasure you seek, like pushing a normal vibrator against your nipples, or to apply sex lubricant to increase sensitivity.

So, find the best sex toy that suits you the most, and enjoy the wonderful sensation of nipple masturbation.

Cautions on masturbation (risk management)

Masturbation is quite a satisfying and fulfilling activity when done correctly and according to your desire.

However, not all is just butterflies and roses, when it comes to sexual activities, since there are certain risks accompanying the act of masturbation.

Especially when you are using your DIY toys, or using your body in an unnatural way, the risks of hurting yourself will get higher.

In this section of the article, I will explain the potential risks following masturbation, and provide some ways to avoid them.

Being cautious and treading carefully is always important whenever and whatever you are doing…

Don’t hurt yourself

One of the problems which might occur when using a a sex toy is that you might hurt yourself if you use sex toys improperly, or without enough development.

Especially when using anal toys or prostate toys, it is paramount to develop your capabilities with enough time and patience in mind.

If you insert a butt plug, anal dildo, or a Enemagra too quickly and roughly without any development, you will definitely hurt your anal area.

In some cases, you wouldn’t even be able to recover from it and be forever with the artificial bowel system, which you never want.

I do not want to scare you, but it is true that there are risks in doing anal play like, ripping your butt-hole, or not being able to hold your excretion down when necessary.

So, be mindful of your own development level, and remember to never rush yourself towards the ultimate pleasure.

Having a healthy relationship with your body is the most important thing when thinking about masturbation.

Don’t get addicted

Another problem that one might face is getting too hooked on a particular masturbation.

Developing and experiencing new kinds of orgasms is a wonderful thing that can enhance your sex life.

However, it will become a problem when you are too addicted to the sensation, and cannot carry out your daily duties as a social being.

Surprisingly, this can happen to all sorts of people, and the symptoms include not being able to work, study for school, or even take care of ones-self.

The frequency in which you masturbate is not the problem per se, as long as you are balancing out the daily routine with your masturbation pretty well.

When you are rendered unable to participate in social life because of too much time spent on masturbation, it becomes a serious problem.

Therefore, be aware of the risks of delving yourself too deep into masturbation, and try to avoid being hooked when you feel like you are falling.

Simply remembering this possibility exists will massively help you from not falling into this situation.

Try out new stuff

Try out new stuffNow that you know all the positives and negatives of masturbation, it is time to actually try out.

Knowledge is just knowledge. You will not be able to truly “know” the feeling unless you actually experience it.

So, pick something new up at a local sex shop or online store if you are careful for that matter.

Go ahead and experiment with yourself, and find out what you are really made out of.

Once you explore and discover your true self, your life will improve by a lot, and there will be strength that nobody can deprive you of.

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In this article, we have gone through different ways to masturbate, and sex toys you can utilize to even get greater pleasure.

Reminding yourself of the risks of self-pleasure and the pitfalls can work wonderous for preventing yourself from falling into that position.

Just remember, always to consult with your own body when you masturbate.

Keeping a healthy balance with your mind, body, and masturbation can definitely improve your sex life which can ultimately be beneficial for all aspects of your life!

If you want to know more about masturbation and its effects, check this article out!

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