Masturbation can be an essential part of a man’s sex life, but should you be scared of the side effects?
All your questions about masturbation will be answered here


Getting straight to the point, masturbation DOES NOT cause any negative side-effects whatsoever. Most of scientists and medical experts consider masturbation as harmless for most of the part. Rather, the problem lies in overdoing it and being addicted.

In this article, I will debunk the myths about masturbation, explain the benefits of masturbation, and provide you with some tips to balance out your SEX life with sex toys.

Keep reading if you want to know more about masturbation, and improve on it to live a better and more satisfying sex life.

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What is masturbation?

“We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation.” — Lily Tomlin

The 12 Best Masturbation Quotes

This quote, even when it was said as a joke, captures the deepest essence of what masturbation means to all men. When you think about it, it is easy to imagine that masturbation has been a part of life from the beginning of our time as human beings.

Isn’t it romantic to think about the history of masturbation…? (Well, maybe not…)


Guys who opened this article are, to my estimation, mostly worried about if masturbation causes detrimental health damage, or wondering how much masturbation is too much, am I right?

Before we move on to the meat and bones of the problem, let’s first talk about what masturbation is. I know you know what it is already, but just let me recapture.

So, what is masturbation?

Masturbation, generally speaking, is an act of bringing yourself to the point of ejaculation in some way or another.

It involves touching yourself for the most part, whether your sexual organs, or other sexually sensitive areas.

Easiest and simplest way is to jerk off with your hands, but there are so many different ways which you can feel sexual pleasure, and being adventurous often rewards you.

Perhaps, because of the shame and guilt attached to the act culturally and socially, it is often seen as a immoral or unhealthy thing to do.

But is it true that masturbation is harmful?

Let’s talk about the true fact surrounding masturbation in the next section…

Is it true that masturbation is bad for you?

Masturbation feels good. Most of the men who have experienced the orgasm from masturbation, will not be able to stop even when their told to once they experienced it in their lives. I know it is that good.

But can it be bad for you? I believe the readers now have wondered if masturbation damages your health in any way at least once in their lives.

In this part, I will be explaining if masturbation can be detrimental to your body in any way in reality, from what is being said on the internet through to the findings presented by medical experts.

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Rumors on internet

There are so many negative rumors circulating on the internet regarding masturbation.

As this perfect quote from a guy on twitter who believes masturbation is bad for your health, it seems like a norm on the internet to think that masturbation is bad for your health.

If you search on the internet, you will find so many people who have similar opinions as him. But why is that?

Maybe it’s because they feel bad or immoral for pleasing themselves from their cultural or social backgrounds, or maybe they have existing medical concerns which they connect to masturbation.

But as you can see, these kinds of beliefs are so common among the internet users.

The people who believe masturbation causes unfavorable medical side effects claims that masturbation causes:

  • Blindness
  • Decrease in sexual sensibility
  • Impotence later in life
  • Penis shrinkage
  • Yeast infections
  • Infertility

and the list goes on….

Where does these anxieties towards masturbation come from? Are these potentially life damaging side effects truly real?

You would surely quit masturbating if these claims were actually true, don’t you?

Now, let’s find out what the medical experts and scientists say about masturbation and its side effects based on research…

What medical experts say

To answer your question right away, there are no scientific evidence which supports the legitimacy of the above claims are accurate or true.

According to the article in MedicalNewsToday, all the seeming negative side effects of masturbation are not based on scientific reality.

This means that masturbation does not cause any of blindness, penis shrinkage, yeast infections or any other problems listed.

Then where did it come from? It might be just some local urban legends evolved into internet fairy tales. And it can be said with certainty that these claims have been debunked with the power of science.

So, do not worry any more, and have at it yourself. Enjoy yourself with the ultimate power to please your natural desire. It does not hurt any one after all.

Unless, you do not excessively overdo it, that is…. (More on this in the later paragraphs.)

Pros and Cons of Masturbation

As we talked in previous sections, there are nothing which suggest scientifically that negative physical side effects are real.

But when you think about masturbation, it is important to consider it from multiple different perspective, such as mentally, culturally, and socially.

In this section, I will present you with the list of pros and cons about masturbation from several angles, and try to help you understand and make better decisions regarding masturbation.

Now, let’s take a look at what positive attributes which masturbation can bring you…


There are, in fact, many positive effects which masturbation can provide both physically and mentally. Unlike the claims circulating the internet, there are definitely reasons for you to masturbate.


Health benefits are the most easy to stand by and clear measurements to recommend masturbation.

According to the article in healthline (a medically reviewed article) masturbation can:

  • help you sleep better
  • relieve cramps
  • lower the risk of prostate cancer
  • relieve built-up stress

As you can see in the list, there are certainly positive health effects you will receive from masturbating.

Especially, lowering the risk for prostate cancer is a big plus when almost nothing is known to prevent the onset of prostate cancer at this time.

As the research in 2016 suggests, there is a link between frequent ejaculation and lower risk of prostate cancer.

In this medical paper, the researchers found that men who ejaculated more than 21 times a month had a reduced risk for developing prostate cancer.

As these examples clearly portrays, there is a lot of health benefits which you receive from masturbation.

Isn’t it magical that you can feel great pleasure and keep ourselves healthy at the same time??


In masturbation, there are not only physical benefits, but also mental and emotional benefits as well.

It is said that masturbation can:

  • boost your mood
  • make you relaxed
  • reduce stress
  • boost concentration
  • improve sex

and much more…

Masturbation can often times be a great tool for stress relief and other emotional self management. It can take the edge off you and can be a good reset button for the days to come.

Additionally, as most of you probably have experienced, after ejaculation, you will have a clearer head and your mind works faster and more efficiently which can help a lot in terms of your work or daily tasks.

This is called the “post-nut clarity” on the internet as a slang.

When you feel overwhelmed with your life and suffocated by stress, I strongly recommend you to squeeze in some time to masturbate, and manage that stress.

Consider masturbation as a boost for your mental health when busy. When you are able to manage your sex life wisely, the benefits can be tremendous!!


By reading this far, you might think, “well then, there are no negative side effects so I should just keep on jerking off as many times as I want!!”.

However, as old folks left us with their wisdom, “Every light has its shadow.”

But well, in this case a very thin shade I would say.

There are certainly negative sides of masturbation which you should at least keep in mind after all, regardless of how small or minor they are.

However, it can be said that there is no negative sides on masturbating per se, but the problems lay in the excessive frequency and the rate in which you masturbate.


First is the negative health side effects.

Now you might think, “Wait a minute, you said there are no negative side effects. You liar.” You might be right for some degree, but as I wrote above, masturbating too much can, in fact be detrimental to your overall health.

If you masturbate too much, it can cause problems such as:

  • soaring of penis
  • skin irritation
  • soft tissue pain
  • reduced sensibility

This seems like minor health issues, but when you cannot stop masturbating and continue even when you have these problems, it can get worse and lead to injury.

Especially, there is a possibility for men who masturbate too much to develop DE(delayed ejaculation) which is a condition for men to take a very long time or not be able to ejaculate from vaginal intercourse, because of their decreased sensibility.

This can massively hinder your ability to perform sexually with your partner.

As these issues suggests, it is important to not overdo your masturbation, rather to participate in it with moderation. overdo

Time consuming

How long does it take for you to toss one off? It is said that average time for a guy to reach ejaculation from masturbation is around 5 – 20 minutes.

This does not seem that bad considering the time you spend doing other essential things in a day such as eating, taking a shower, or sleeping.

You can surely squeeze one in even on busiest of the days.

But what if you masturbate for more than 5 times a day? The time you consume from repetitive masturbation will stuck up to be a substantial chunk out of your entire day.

In fact, overdoing masturbation and having not enough time for your daily routines, your work, or recreations with your family or friends, counts as one of the biggest and worst side effects of excessive masturbation.

Then how many times is too many? This actually depends on the person, so it is impossible to put a certain number on excessive masturbating.

However, when masturbation gets in the way of your daily activities or hinders your ability to function as a social being, it is considered a disability.

Therefore, be mindful of how much time you spend masturbating, or whether it is causing you massive set backs in terms of your social life.


Moreover, there are certain numbers of people who get really into masturbation to the point that they cannot function as a normal member of the society.

This is called addiction. You might be skeptical about how one can be addicted to masturbation, but trust me, there are considerable number of people who falls into this circumstance.

This can be connected to the time-consuming part of the negative effects as well, but people with addiction to masturbation will always consider masturbation as paramount above all else.

Even when they do not want to they cannot stop masturbating, which leads to disability in many essential parts of their social lives such as school, relationship, work, and even taking care of themselves. (sacrifice everything for masturbation)

People with this condition often spend hours in a day watching porn or touching themselves, which massively impacts not only his social life, but also his physical health as well.

This masturbation addiction is often thought to be one of the sexual disorders, and medical intervention is recommended. There are support programs which you can attend for people with this condition.

So, seeking help is advisable.

How to have a balanced masturbation life

Now you have a balanced view towards masturbation, for its benefits and down sides which you can fall into when you are not careful enough.

Perhaps I have stepped too far into the dark side of masturbation, but do not be afraid. Simply acknowledging the risk of masturbation will help you avoid them almost certainly.

After all, there is more benefits to masturbation than negative effects, so you should definitely not stop masturbating.

Also, there is one huge advice I can give you when you are balancing your masturbation life.

That is, to use a SEX TOY.

Use sex toys

In order to improve your SEX life, and have a even more balanced masturbation life you might want to incorporate sex toys.

SEX toys can improve your pleasure of masturbation and bring your sex life even higher. This means that you can get more satisfaction from a single masturbation which can help you balance out your masturbation and daily life in a good way.

Therefore, I strongly recommend using a sex toy to satisfy your sexual appetite.

What kind of sex toys are there that you can use to heighten your masturbation experience.

Let’s take a look at a few SEX toys that you can use during masturbation which can improve the sensation and blow you up to new heights in terms of sexual pleasure!!

Types of sex toys

The best SEX toy for masturbation for men is definitely the masturbator.

A masturbator, for a lack of a better term, is a sex toy which you use to masturbate, by inserting the penis and jerking just like you do normally with your hands.

This toy can be said the pinnacle of SEX toy which simulates the feeling of real vaginal intercourse. Some even say that the sensation you get from penetrating a good masturbator is simply better than real SEX.

There are so many different types of masturbator, from the ones which imitates an anal to the ones which recreates a woman’s mouth for oral pleasure, so you can choose according to your preference.

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You will need some lotion when you want to get in action with a masturbator since without any proper lubrication, you will not be able to insert your penis into it.

Lotions, also known as SEX lubricants, simply work as lubrication during sexual activities both in SEX and masturbation alike.

If you want to improve your masturbation, but cannot keep a masturbator at home, just going for the lube might be enough to provide you with increased pleasure.

Making your penis slippery to touch will increase your sensitivity a lot, and give you a completely different but better sensation when you jerk off using your hands.

It is also essential to use with a masturbator, so having a bottle at home will always help.

It is considered as a easy addition to your usual masturbation, so if you want a better masturbation experience, you definitely should get one.

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Where to buy

“I’m excited to get one! So, where can I buy one?”

I got you covered.

In this day and age of smart phones and internet, it is not a good idea to buy a sex toy in a town’s sex shop.

I would even bluntly say that buying one in a sex shop is down right stupid, when you consider the risks of doing so.

First of all, it is embarrassing to face the staff and ask for a sex toy, and secondly when you are seen by your friends or family coming out of a sex shop with a toy in hand, you will surely find yourself in a pickle.

The best way to buy a sex toy right now is to buy online.

If you choose an online store carefully based on its privacy policies, the method of delivery, security and anonymity, you will have a much more safe and sound experience of purchasing a sex toy.

When you buy online, there is no risk of being caught by your acquaintance, or going through the embarrassing routine of buying at the physical shop.

Also, the selections tend to be much larger and broad in scale compared to physical shops, which is a big plus for beginners who do not have the knowledge of different products. You can simply browse as much as you want and learn more about SEX toy with just a swipe of your finger.

The recommended online SEX shop is the “SEX Toys India“.

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Private policies are clearly stated, and it prides itself in securing private information.

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Take care of yourself

Masturbation can be a great way to relieve stress and relax your body as well as your mind.

However, overdoing has the possibility to damage your daily life, and render you disabled to most social activities, which is a risk.

Although masturbation will not hurt anyone around you, it has the potential to harm your own self.

Therefore, what is most important is to take care of yourself first and foremost when it comes to self-pleasure.

As I explained the benefits of masturbation, it can truly be a wonderful thing to do in your everyday life when incorporated correctly.

So, be smart and mindful about the risks and benefits. And take good care of yourself.

If you can work out the best way to masturbate for you, it will definitely be a greatly beneficial part of your life!

Have a good masturbation!

Now you have learned so much about masturbation, from the side effects and benefits, to having better masturbation with a SEX toy.

With this knowledge, you are equipped with the mind to build the best SEX life possible.

Having a good masturbation can bring you much joy and satisfaction, which directly translates into your social life.

So, enjoy your masturbation, and live a wonderful life!!!

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