From kissing to oral pleasure, foreplay is much more important than you think especially from your partner’s perspective…

Performing exceptionally in foreplay can increase the satisfaction on the woman’s part which can lead to better relationship overall.

She will be more loving towards you, and if you can give her an orgasm, she will never be able to let go of you.

She will be willing to do more daring and kinky plays with you, and you might experience the best sex of your life as well.

So, there are so much benefit in putting more thought into how you perform foreplay for your beloved partner.

In this article I will teach you some tips you can use to improve your foreplay skills, as well as explaining what it means to provide pleasurable foreplay and its importance.

Equip yourself with the knowledge which can get your partner addicted to your sex!

Why foreplay is important

Many men tend to consider foreplay as just a necessary step-stone to get to the final main dish, “sexual intercourse”.

However, the same can certainly NOT be said for a woman.

For a woman, foreplay can mean a lot more than what typically males think about it as.

There are mainly two sides in which why foreplay is so important for your partner, which are the biological side and the psychological side.

Let me explain both accordingly.


First of all, the main purpose of foreplay is to heighten the sexual arousal sufficiently for both participants of you and your partner.

For a man, as you know, getting sexually aroused is easy and quick for the most part, since men can get excited even only from visual.

“For men, on average, it’s rather fast — touch, a thought, something visual can do the trick,”

How Long Does It Take A Woman To Get Aroused Vs. A Man? 5 Things To Know About Getting Turned On

However, for women it is not that simple since many factors play a role in getting them sexually aroused.

According to an article in healthline, there are 4 steps of sexual arousal for a woman which are biologically defined.

The 4 steps are as follow:

  • Excitement
  • Plateau
  • Orgasm
  • Resolution

To learn more about each step, please click on the article to get a more detailed explanation.

Also, as you can think of from the study that I mentioned in the previous section (about women pretending to orgasm), there is a clear gap between how men and women get turned on.

According to Amy Levine, who is a sex coach, mentioned in Bustle, women often require 20 minutes of foreplay in order to reach maximum sexual arousal, whereas men only need around 10 minutes.

This means, biologically speaking, women tend to need twice as much foreplay than what normally men need in order to match both of the sexual arousal at the same level.

The purpose of foreplay is to prepare for the intercourse, and especially for women, this is important because sufficient vaginal secretion is required for enjoyable sex.

This is why biologically for women, it is important to perform enough foreplay in order to have a smooth and pleasurable intercourse.


For a woman, psychological factors play a bigger role in feeling pleasure during sex much more than a man in general.

This is because in general for a woman, sexual pleasure and orgasm is more tied to their mind as well as it is tied to physical sensation.

This means that as a woman gets more emotionally connected her partner and mentally secured, she is more likely to feel more pleasure and orgasm.

Therefore, carrying out foreplay in a way that is not selfish for you and more thoughtful about her will greatly increase her emotional attachment to you and provide more pleasure for her.

Tips which can get your partner addicted to you!

foreplay tips

Now that we know how important foreplay is for women, I will provide you with some tips that can improve your foreplay to make her more into you.

As you know from reading the previous parts, providing great foreplay make your partner more attached to you both emotionally and physically.

Foreplay is one of the best ways to improve your relationship.

So, upgrade your “foreplay game” and earn the ultimate love from her!

Create atmosphere

First of all, creating a good and sexy atmosphere before you even actually move on to sexual acts works great for many women.

You might not think creating atmosphere counts as foreplay.

However, as I mentioned above, women get aroused psychologically more than men in general, so setting a good mood works perfectly in increasing the sexual anticipation for women.

Specifically, dimming the lights, placing aromatics, and treating her extra gently and carefully can be one of the methods to set a sensual tone.

By doing this part right, it inevitably enhances the trust of her towards you and opens her up to the more physical foreplays that follow which can lead her to pleasure.


Kissing can be one of the highlights of foreplay.

However, as much as it is physical, you must consider the psychological element more when it comes to pleasing a woman in kissing.

Think about it as an oral dance session.

As a man, you must always consider leading her, and just pushing through with what you personally feel good is a big no-no.

Being gentle and not forcing it will eventually get her into it more easily and naturally.

Doing this part right can set the impression of you at the best possible place, so do not rush it and always examine her reactions carefully.

Gently with your hands

with your hands

Now let’s move on to the more physical stuff.

Using your hands can be difficult depending on each person you are having sex with, because each person differs in their preferences.

However, you will never go wrong with being gentle and thoughtful of her emotions.

Start from gently touching her non-erogenous zones like her hands, neck, back, legs, and so on.

And slowly go down towards her more erogenous areas, such as her breasts, hips, and vagina.

Once you get to those sexual parts, gentle caress at first and slowly turning up the intensity is a great way to go about.

Remember to always check with her reaction whether she is enjoying it or not.

If she is truly enjoying your caress, the good indicators can be that she might be more verbal with her moans or moving her body in a way that matches your movement.

Asking simple questions if she likes it or not can also be a good way to confirm her pleasure.

Oral pleasure

with your mouth

Oral pleasure is more tricky than you think since many women feel resistant towards receiving it than men.

However, if you have been taking your steps right until this point, it is highly likely that she will be open to receiving your oral love.

And oral pleasure can be one of the most effective ways to heighten a woman’s sexual arousal and lead her to orgasm.

Sucking and playing with her nipples with your tongue is the easier way to start out, because most women don’t feel quite resistant towards nipple stimulation.

Slowly move down on her until you reach her private parts, and start gently licking on her clitoris.

Clitoris is one of the most sensitive erogenous organ for a woman, so stimulating this area will surely be the perfect point.

She might orgasm through oral stimulation on her vaginal area, but you do not have to focus on making her come since this is simply a foreplay to enhance her sexual arousal.

Therefore, do not try so hard and just enjoy the intimacy and concentrate on getting more connected with her feelings.

Sex toys

Sex toys can also be a great tool to enhance your foreplay massively.

Simple egg-vibrators can add a different dimension to your caress since it can provide a completely different stimulation than your hands.

Sex lubricant can be utilized to increase the sensitivity of both your bodies, and almost gives a sensation of your bodies melting together which is great for intimate experience.

Dildos can be used if she enjoys penetrative sensation more than anything, and you do not have to worry about ejaculating too quick.

These are only a few examples of what sex toys can provide you in terms of sexual foreplay.

There are a huge variety of sex toys to choose from, so look for the best one which matches you and your partner’s preference to take your foreplay to a totally different level!

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How are you performing sex??

Have you ever considered before about how are you performing in sex with your partner?

Generally speaking, the regular sex flow seems to be; making out, foreplay which consists of hand-jobs or oral pleasure, and finally followed by intercourse.

Many men probably never even thought about how they are performing in pleasing their partners, or they are convinced that their partners thoroughly enjoys sexual activity with them in its entirety.

I hate to break, but according to the survey from 2010, it shows that almost 70% of women have pretended orgasm during intercourse.

This reveals the clear discrepancy between men’s and women’s attitude towards sex, and in most cases, men are rushing towards the finish line with no regard for their partner’s pleasure.

Men and women have totally different rhythms in terms of sexual arousal and reaching climax (more on this in the later section).

Being considerable for your partner is always a nice thing, and it is the same when it comes to sex as well.

Don’t be selfish!

As I told you above, many men seem to rush to the end without giving much thought on how their partners are actually feeling.

Even when you think you are doing just great in terms of your sexual performance, many women inevitably feel left alone, and most times the sex is over before even reaching closer to orgasm for them.

Sex is a mutual act of confirming the love for each other.

So, just step back a bit and observe your partner’s reaction carefully, and also be considerate on how you move about during sex.

Being selfish does not work great in your relationship, and if you continue on with no effort to change your actions, it is highly likely that the consequences will not be good for both of you.

This might be a sensitive topic for some men since some people are worried about their performance in sex and anxious to know if their partners are sexually satisfied enough.

However, I would say, when talking about foreplay and pleasing your partner in general, men with that kind of mind set has the better potential to be a wonderful sexual performer.

Now that I have set the pretense, let’s move on to why foreplay is important, and what you can do to improve it.

Communication is the key!

I have introduced some tips which you can use to enhance your foreplay experience in general.

However, every person is different in terms of what they find sexually arousing and pleasurable.

Therefore, always remember to communicate with your partner about what kind of foreplay she enjoys the most.

As I explained, carefully examining her reactions and slowly adjusting your skills to her liking is one method you can use.

Moreover, simply asking her questions which she can answer in “yes or no” is a more promising way to confirm her preferences too.

Just be reminded that sex is a mutual act that you cannot do alone.

So, communicating with your partner and being considerate is necessary if you want to truly please her and get her more into you.


In this article, I have discussed the importance of foreplay biologically and psychologically for women.

And I have guided you through some tips which you can incorporate to improve your performance in sexual foreplay.

Foreplay, if done correctly, can be the best ways to enhance your sexual experience and improve your relationship as a whole.

Always remember to be considerate of your partners feelings, and spend the most intimate and fulfilling sex life with her!

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