Condoms are necessary if you are a responsible gentle man.

But did you know there are so many different types of condoms that can enhance sex?

Most of you men who have had sex before in their lives probably have some experience with condoms.

You wear it because you are responsible and would not want to hurt your female partner.

But condoms tend to get a negative “rep” since it reduces the pleasure on the men’s side, and most of you would be glad if you don’t have to wear it during sex.

In this article, I will introduce many different condoms that can improve the pleasure of sex for both sides, in order to break that negative connotations put on condoms.

There are surprisingly many types of condoms that are under represented and you probably never knew they existed, so there will definitely be something new for every one of you to learn!

Now, let’s open up the box full of colorful condoms and find out how they can enhance our sex in a totally new way!!

Different types of Condoms!

Condoms are often not the focus when it comes to things related to sexual activity.

Because the main functionality of condoms are for contraception and to prevent STDs, they are not considered as a fun addition to sex but rather a bothersome requirement.

However, little known fact about condoms is that they actually are so many different types with additional features other than the usual functionality as contraceptive.

And condoms can be a great tool enhance or spice up your usual sex routine.

For this reason, it can even be considered as one of the sex toys that increase pleasure of sex.

Here is a list of different condoms for quick reference:

  • Regular condoms
  • Extra thin Condoms
  • Delaying condoms
  • Flavored condoms
  • Textured condoms
  • Extra large condoms

Let me explain each one of these and how they can influence sexual activity for the better.

Regular condoms

You have probably used Regular condoms at least once in your lives before.

Regular condoms are just basic condoms that serves the purpose as contraceptives and prevention of STDs.

The most commonly used material is latex so it is quite elastic and can fit a certain range of penis sizes which are around average.

There are usually some lubricating gel, for the purpose of smooth insertion, on the outer side of the condom when you open the individual packaging.

It comes in variety of colors but the main focus is to prevent STD and to prevent conception with no additional features.

These are recommended for beginners, but if you are looking for other stuff that can improve upon sex, you should take a look at other types I will introduce later.

Masti classic
Masti classic
Rs 35

Extra thin Condoms

As you know from the name, extra thin condoms are thinner than the regular condoms in order to lessen the dulling effect of condoms.

This type of condoms can provide a more realistic penetrative sensation on the men’s side that can be closer to sex without a condom.

Because of this effect, it is a pretty popular condom among men and therefore easily accessible in many shops or online stores.

There are even extra thin condoms with thickness of 0.01mm which is 5 times thinner than the average regular condoms which are about 0.5mm.

So, if you hate the feeling of thick rubber between your penis and her vaginal wall but must wear a condom, you should go with this type to maximize the realistic feel during intercourse.

Durex feel thin
Durex feel thin
Rs 180

Flavored condoms

Flavored condoms, as the name suggests, are condoms that have a certain smell and flavor designed on them.

The flavor options are very diverse from apple, orange, and banana to chocolate and cream tastes, so there will definitely be a choice that best suits your liking.

Some men might wonder why on earth would you put a flavor on a condom which is for sex, but the interesting flavors can add something new to your routine sex and heighten the experience.

A little bit of fragrance of chocolate while you are having intercourse can enhance the atmosphere and make it more sexy and exciting.

Also, interesting flavors can make an excuse for having your partner to do blow-jobs on you, so there is a plus on your side as well.

Skore Chocolate
Skore Chocolate
Rs 80

Textured condoms

Textured condoms are potentially the most effective tool if you want to enhance your sexual performance and satisfy your partner.

Textured condoms means that there are different textural design placed on the outside of the condom, such as many protrusions and creases.

Often times the purpose of these textures are for the receiving side (women) to feel more pleasure from penetration, but you can feel the bumpy texture when you insert as well increasing the pleasure for you as well.

A little caution is that these textured type condoms requires more lubrication than regular condoms, so if you want smooth insertion, it is recommended to use some sex lubricant for your convenience.

KamaSutra Dotted 12
KamaSutra Dotted 12
Rs 110

Delaying condoms

Delaying condoms has a more interesting function other than simply increasing the pleasure.

This type of condom are made intentionally thicker than regular condoms in order to prolong the penetration duration for men with premature ejaculation disorders.

People with Premature Ejaculation are men who cannot control their ejaculation so well or reach orgasm soon after the initial insertion (about 1 to 3 minutes).

For men with this condition, delaying condoms can provide a way to mediate the effect and increase the length of time of intercourse.

Thicker condoms does not transfer much of the physical sensation to the user, so it can prevent them from ejaculating too quick, and increase the enjoyment for both the men and the women.

Extra large condoms

Extra large condoms is the special class of condoms for men with excessively large penis.

There is not much to say about these condoms other than that if you have a large penis, you have only this option available for you.

According to one study published in the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI), the average length of a flaccid penis is 3.61 inches, while the average length of an erect penis is 5.16 inches.

Average Penis and Erection Size: What’s Normal?

For extra large condoms, the target size of penis ranges from around 16cm (6.3 inches) and upwards, so when you compare this to the average size mentioned above, you can clearly see how big this size is.

If you are the chosen one with an enormous penis, you definitely must go with this option.

Rs 1176

Find your perfect one!

So now you know several different types of condoms that can enhance your sex in many different ways.

There are even more variety if you look even further, and you might find so many interesting products with different twists and tricks.

The thing you must consider first before choosing one from the massive market place, is your size of your penis, your sensitivity, and what you and your partner might enjoy.

If you keep these points in mind when choosing your condom, I’m sure you will find the best suited one for you.

Remember, the main purpose of condoms are to prevent conception and STDs, so respect your partner and have fun with safe sex!


In this article, I have introduced some different types of condoms that many of you had no idea of existing.

Condoms are necessary if you want to have responsible and safe sex.

However, you don’t need to sacrifice any of you and your partner’s pleasure by using condoms.

In fact, condoms can actually improve your overall sexual experience if you choose the one that fits you.

Research and compare each condoms, and have a pleasant and fun sex life with your partner!!