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Best Masturbator Selection

If you are seeking the best masturbator just for you, you need to understand there are several different types of masturbators.

  • Penetrative Hand-held
  • Non-penetrative Hand-held
  • Stationary type
  • Electric type

Here are a few examples of each type which might fit your desires.

-Penetrative Hand-held

Easy and affordable, the best choice for all the beginners!!

The first hidden pussy toy Clear
The first hidden pussy toy Clear
Rs 995

-Non-penetrative Hand-held

Highest quality pleasure is here! For those who desire strong sensation!

Top Quality Preppy Girl Potential
Top Quality Preppy Girl Potential
Rs 2575

-Stationary Type

For the masturbation enthusiast! The Best Sex simulating experience!!

Rs 6996

-Electric Type

Masturbator from the future!! The ultimate self-pleasure machine is here to try!

Rotation Lover
Rotation Lover
Rs 11250

When choosing you best masturbator, it is advisable to consider your target price range, and how you desire to use in your everyday masturbation.

For more detailed descriptions about each type of masturbator are explained in later paragraphs, so if you are interested check them out as well.

Where to buy one

where to buy

So, where do you buy one of these masturbator if you want one?

There are several different ways in which you can get your hands on masturbators.

The legacy method of purchasing a masturbator is buying at your local SEX shop (if you have one).

And, another option is to buy one on the online sex shop.

In this section, I will explain each of the methods in order to support you decide which is most suitable for you.

Let’s take a look at each of its positives and negatives for purchasing a sex toy for yourself…

Sex toy shops

Buying a toy at your local sex shop, is how your grand-pa bought his first sex toy. lol

yea, it is simple and easy to just visit the physical store and purchase one when you had the idea.

No preparation, no pre-meditation, visit the place at the whim of your mind.

While this method can certainly get the job done, there are unfavorable risks or rather embarrassments surrounding this method.

For example, there is always a risk of being seen by people when you enter a physical store, and you need to face several people prior to purchasing the toy you want.

This is particularly not good for people who do not want to get noticed by anyone when buying a sex toy, or those who are shy and anxious.

Moreover, the selection of the products available tend to be extremely limited, so it will be difficult to choose a well-suited toy just for you.

For these reasons, it is not recommended to purchase toys at your local sex shops, especially when there is a option superior in every way compared to this…

Online stores

More of a modern method, which can eliminate all the problems of purchasing at the physical store, is to use an online sex store, or an EC(e-commerce) site.

The merits of choosing this method is quite obvious, but with this way of purchase you will be able to:

  • Stealthily purchase sex toys unnoticed by anyone
  • Choose from wide range of masturbator options
  • Different ways of payment to choose from
  • Discreet packaging to ensure secrecy

These are just a few examples of the pros in using an online store rather than a physical store when purchasing masturbators.

But not all online stores are trustworthy and safe when it comes to sex toys.

The best sex toys shop which checks all the positive points mentioned above is the “SEX Toys INDIA”.

This online shop is in business over 2 years and has a very good track record, so it can be said that it’s trustworthy for the least.

If you want to use an online sex shop, consider purchasing at the SEX Toys INDIA.

Cautions on using

When using a masturbator, generally speaking, there are a few points you always need to be mindful about.

The first is to always use sex lubricant before you insert into the masturbator.

Unlike real vaginas, masturbators don’t get wet by themselves when you are about to make a insertion.

So, it is vital that you lube up the inside of the masturbator in preparation prior to penetration.

Secondly, check the specifications of the masturbator closely before purchasing.

When you try to insert to a un-matching small masturbator, due to lack of adequate prior research, it is going to hurt your penis by extreme tightness.

You will be able to avoid this situation if you take a look at the characteristics of the masturbator before hand, and make sure that the size fits your penis with no problem.

The third point is to check the material used.

Although many products are made of silicone at this day and age, there are a few products which uses latex material which can be allergic for some people.

It is best to avoid latex masturbator if you do not know if you are allergic to rubber or not, so make sure to check the materials before purchasing.

Also, materials of lubrication is important as well, since silicone-based lubrication can damage and deform silicone masturbators, the safest choice is to go with the water-based lubrication.

It is always the best idea to be equipped with these information when you make a purchase in order to avoid any sort of trouble when you actually use the products.

Therefore, keep these in mind and you will be able to have a lot of fun with masturbators!

Masturbator can change your masturbation life!

Have you ever thought how using a masturbator actually feels like?

To answer this question, masturbators actually CAN feel massively better than real sex.

Long story short, Masturbators can transform your sex life, and bring your sexual experience to unprecedented heights.

You might consider this over-exaggerated and see it through skeptical lenses, but I will say it is true.

In fact, most of people who have experienced masturbator dare say that it feels better than real sex when you only consider the physical sensation you receive.

Sure, you can say that real sex consists of more than simply vaginal intercourse, such as visual arousal, interaction and communication, and other activities other than pure penetration. So, I understand the argument of placing real sex superior than masturbation with a toy.

However, masturbators come with its own perks, doesn’t it?

You do not have to worry about taking care of your partner, or to be afraid of performing inadequately and getting dumped.

You can simply pursue your own physical pleasure, and to satisfy your sexual desire.

When you think about this, masturbators can truly bring something great to the table and transform your significant part of your entire sex life!

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Types of masturbators

I am sure you are getting excited about getting your hands on a masturbator now, so let’s talk about what kinds of masturbators there are.

Masturbators are sex toys used for masturbation by men, which generally speaking have at least one hole in which you insert a penis into.

For a product which is to do a simple job, that is to provide sexual pleasure to the penis, it has surprisingly a wide range of different products, with each of its own unique functions or shapes.

The depth in which the world of masturbators pose can be quite astonishing to some people, and many would be fascinated by the sophistication and ideas embedded into these products.

So, let’s take a look at a few different, yet most popular types of masturbators in the next section.

Read through carefully and decide what kind of masturbator you would enjoy the most.

Hand-held masturbators (penetrative, non-penetrative)

Hand-held masturbators are the most common and widely used masturbator of all time.

Fleshlight, the king of masturbators, is considered to be one of these hand-held types as well.

When people talk about masturbators, they generally refer to this type of masturbator, because it is so common and it is used almost as a pronoun for describing all the masturbators.

However, generally speaking, this hand-held masturbator can be divided into 2 different categories which are penetrative, and non-penetrative types.

Penetrative hand-held masturbators

Penetrative hand-held masturbators, as you can guess from the name, is a masturbator type in which the hole that you insert the penis goes through the entire masturbator with no end.

This means that you literally “penetrate” the masturbator past through the end of the masturbator and see the tip of the penis when you insert deeply enough.

This type of masturbator allows more control over how much pressure you want to apply to the penis, and it is suited for men who want to stimulate their entire penis down to the very base.

In addition, it is easier to clean since you can rinse the entire masturbator from the beginning to the end, so the ease of maintenance is one of the strength of this type of masturbator.

Non-penetrative hand-held masturbator

On the other hand, non-penetrative masturbators has a cave-like structure, which means there is a dead end to the hole.

This structure provides a more realistic sensation, because it is basically the same shape to that of a real vagina with has an end to the hole.

Although this type is a little more troublesome when it comes to cleaning compared to the penetrative type, it has its own merits in terms of sexual sensation.

Because of the cave-like structure, you will be able to create a vacuum inside the masturbator when inserted, which can provide you with a superior pleasure in terms of penetrative sensation.

If you are looking for the most pleasure possible out of a masturbator, going for this non-penetrative type is a great option.

Stationary masturbator

Stationary type masturbator is for those who want the “closest-to-real-sex” experience.

This type of masturbator is mostly quite heavy and large in size. So, you fix it on somewhere on the floor or on bed, and thrust yourself inside in order to get the sexual sensation.

In most cases for this type of masturbator, there are multiple holes in which you are able to insert the penis in, which are modeled after vaginas and anal.

So, the biggest merit of this type of masturbator is that you can enjoy different sensations from a single masturbator, and truly a simulation of real sex for those who seek that kind of feeling.

However, there are some con points as well for this type.

One of it being the size and difficulty to maintain and store at home.

Because it is quite large and heavy, it is quite a hassle to clean the inside after use, and drying takes a lot of time.

Also, you need a relatively large space to store this massive masturbator, and it needs to be kept away from direct sunlight in a well-ventilated space.

Therefore, this type of masturbator is only recommended for those who can jump through the hoops mentioned above, and truly seek for a realistic substitution for sex.

Electric masturbator

Electric masturbators are the thing of future.

Generally, it uses electricity to add variations from automatically moving parts in order to lead you to climax with great efficiency.

There are toys that move up and down, spin, or even suck using electric power.

This type is best for men who are tired of doing it themselves, or want a sensation as though they are given pleasure by somebody else.

Since it moves automatically, you can often free up your hands and use them for additional pleasure, like touching your nipples, balls, or even your prostate for enhanced sensation.

Recently, there are even electric masturbators which can be paired up with a PC or a smart phone via USB or Bluetooth.

These types are used in conjunction with certain PC soft-wares to simulate the pleasure you get with that of what is on the screen.

This means that you can experience the feeling of being in a XXX video game and actually receiving the pleasure from its characters.

The technology might be crude at this point and does not quite realize the sexual sensation accurately, but when you imagine the future of this type of toy, the potential can be endless.

There are even extended research and development done in terms of sex robots, which is one of the biggest dreams of men all over the world.

A number of scientists have predicted that robots will become an ordinary part of everyday social life, offering personalized service and companionship of different kinds

Frontiers | Friends, Lovers or Nothing: Men and Women Differ in Their Perceptions of Sex Robots and Platonic Love Robots | Psychology

It is interesting to wonder about the possibilities of the future in terms of sex robots, so thinking about this can be an fun thought experiment.

But before then, simply for now, electric masturbators can provide you with sensation unlike anything else regarding sexual behavior, so if you are looking for that sort of experience, you should try out one of these.

Pros of masturbator

So, now you know a little more about different masturbators, wouldn’t you want to know more about how it is better than normal masturbation, or even real sex for that matter?

Let’s talk about the benefits of masturbators.

Obviously the best thing about using a masturbator is in the increased sexual pleasure that you can get compared to using only your hands.

Masturbator are made for the sole purpose of giving a man more pleasure while masturbation.

Therefore, it can be said that in terms of sexual pleasure a man can receive, self-pleasure with a masturbator is even superior to that of actually having sex with a real woman.

In addition, using sex toys has so many mental and physical benefits according to, such as:

  • Help with erectile dysfunction
  • Improve upon premature ejaculation
  • Better sexual satisfaction
  • Reduced stress levels

So, masturbating with a masturbator actually can be a good thing.

This might be particularly eye-opening since masturbation is often depicted negatively across all kinds of social and cultural aspects, from religion to popular culture.

Moreover, since masturbator can bring you much more pleasure from a single masturbation experience, it can be considered that it lowers the risks for the negative side effects of masturbation from occurring since the satisfaction level is increased.

This means that with the increased satisfaction from single occurrence of masturbation, there is lower risk for addition, and negative effects of too much masturbation from happening.

As these examples suggest, using a masturbator rather than using only your hands, can massively improve the quality of masturbation, which directly leads to healthier and more satisfying masturbation experience.

Cons of masturbator

If there are pros of using a masturbator, can there be any cons for incorporating a masturbator into your sex life?

It is quite hard, in my opinion, to come up with negative aspects of using a masturbator since the positive effects is obviously overwhelming at this point.

However, few points can perhaps be listed here.

For example, keeping a masturbator at home might pose a risk for some individuals with family members in their households.

Although it is quite easy to keep a masturbator hidden in my opinion, there are certainly some degree of risk of your masturbator being discovered by members of the household, which can result in your denouncement of your value within the family.

Another con point can be that maintaining a masturbator can be troublesome for some people as well.

In order to continuously use the masturbator of your choice, you must maintain it daily to keep healthy condition and safety.

Cleaning after every use, and storing in a dark and well-ventilated place are ones of the must follow instructions in order to keep the masturbator from degrading.

As you can see from these points, there are some minor risks surrounding owning a masturbator.

However, it certainly does not over-ride the benefits you will get from using a masturbator, and using a masturbator will most definitely be a net positive for overwhelming amounts of men in my opinion.

Therefore, if you just keep in mind the risks of masturbators, you will be able to enjoy and spend much better sex life for sure.

How to choose one

How to choose

As I introduced in the above sections, there are so many different types of masturbators on the market.

With each different product, there is a special feature or function which can satisfy a specific sexual preference.

But how do you choose the best one which exactly fits your desire when there is an ocean full of different masturbators to choose from.

In this part, I will provide some tips in how to choose the best product suited just for yourself.

Read through carefully and use the information as an aid for the better in order to carry out successful and satisfying purchase.

Be honest with yourself

The single most important thing you must consider when purchasing a masturbator is to consult with yourself honestly.

For some people, facing their own sexuality or desire might be uncomfortable to say the least.

However, thinking about yourself honestly in order to improve your sex life, can impact even your social life and life as a whole in a positive, since you will understand yourself better.

There are a lot of options out there to choose from, and there will be definitely the one which fits your desire too.

Finding the perfect masturbator you were looking for can make you feel not alone for your sexual preference as well, so it can work more positively too.

Therefore, the first and foremost thing to do is to talk to yourself and understand what you wish for with honesty.

Check reviews

Once you decide what kind of masturbator is fit for you from consulting with yourself, it is time to look at user reviews of your target products.

If you are clear in what you want, which you should be after taking the first step mentioned above, you can look at the reviews from past users since they tend to also have similar taste as yourself.

If the actual impressions from users seems to be satisfactory, it can be said that it is safe to purchase the product.

User reviews can work as great tools for making sure you do not make a mistake at your purchase.

Therefore, always check the reviews before you click the “put in cart” button, and carefully read through the opinion of others with similar taste to yourself.

Take care of your masturbator

For most of the part (other than disposable ones), masturbator are reusable over many repetitive times when maintained properly.

After all, you do not want your masturbator to break easily or because of inadequate management, being short lived for their expected life cycles.

Honestly, maintaining a masturbator can be a drag in some special cases (like the stationary types), but in most cases, it is quite easy and straight forward enough, that not much effort is required.

The most important thing is to clean the inside after every use.

This is essential in terms of keeping the masturbator in optimal condition, since leaving the inside wet after use can start infection inside and ultimately damage of completely rot the masturbator to the core rendering it unusable forever.

So, don’t be a lazy boy and fall asleep after masturbation, but rather take care of it by cleaning and drying the inside every time you use it.

Another thing to consider is the storage.

As I mentioned above, masturbators are made often of silicone.

Silicone can be easily damaged or deformed when placed under direct sunlight or in a hot environment, because it can melt down from high temperature.

For this reason, you must keep your masturbator away from direct sunlight and store it safely in somewhere dark and dry like inside a drawer.

If you can follow these easy steps, you will have no problem maintaining your masturbator, and be able to enjoy as many times as you want.

Well maintenance of masturbator can work for your favor by a lot since it can be cost effective as you use more times, so it is smarter to do so for sure.

Therefore, take care of your masturbator in well condition, and your masturbator will answer your love as well…


Now you know all about masturbators, don’t you?

You are equipped with the knowledge of different types of masturbators, what to consider when choosing one, and deciding where to purchase one.

If you utilize this information, you will certainly be able to make the perfect decision when making a masturbator purchase for sure.

Incorporating a masturbator into your daily self-pleasure routine can bring much more pleasure and satisfaction, which ultimately leads to a more fulfilling sex life over all.

So, let’s use masturbators and enjoy our sex lives more!!!

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