Sakshi…… You really got married. ……

Aarav slumped in the doorway and could hardly get up. Earlier, Sakshi said, “I hadn’t heard any rumors about her since she disappeared in the shocking form of elopement, but the flame of love had never gone out, and it had been consummated in the form of marriage.

The painter is, of course, the middle-aged Gallic man standing behind Sakshi.
For Aarav, Sakshi was the woman he loved more than anyone he had ever met. It was a pity that it was unrequited love, but even unrequited love was love, and he had never forgotten the ideal woman.

If he had just disappeared like a godsend, he might not have been able to remember all the details of his past. It was too cruel to be a chance encounter. The woman I idolized as an ideal moved in next door with a man. ……

……. Phew.

Aarav let out a deep sigh that seemed to leave even his soul and sluggishly stood up. With a ghostly gait, he returned to the room with only the stand light on. On the bed, a woman in a nurse’s uniform was masturbating. It was Saadia.

She was writhing on her back with her legs spread wide apart and her right hand in her burgundy panties. She was writhing in her burgundy panties with her right hand in her burgundy panties, while her front was open to reveal her big tits and her left hand was pinching her nipples.

It’s a good thing that you’re not the only one who can do this. I’m already an orgasm. ……

It’s a good thing that you are a good friend of mine.
Maybe Saadia had just obeyed the order to masturbate and waited for him.

If it had been anyone else who had pressed the intercom, he would have said, “Good, good, good, good.” He might have been so excited by Saadia’s good health that he would have held her close, fixing her messy hair, to stop being so mean to her and be gentle.

But she was so wrong.
I’m in a painful state of mind, remembering the heartbreak of a year ago, and yet, what
I’m coming.
It is. You act like you’ve never masturbated before, and now you’re about to come.


Aarav yelled at him, took off his clothes, stripped off his clothes and climbed onto the bed, his cock swollen and hard from remembering Sakshi’s hand job and sticking out in front of him like a tengu’s nose. He stood on his knees to show it off and looked down at Saadia in the shape of a demon.
‘Squeeze me.

…… Ha, yes.

Saadia sat upright with a grim expression on Aarav’s face. She took the fingers of her right hand, which had been playing with her crotch, and gently twisted them around his penis. The fingers felt vaguely wet.

Saadia began to squeezing. The way she made a hand tube and slid it down was poorly executed and did not compare to Sakshi’s elegant hand job. The more she squeezes, the more she remembers Sakshi’s hand job, the more tears come to her eyes.

That was truly one of the best.

The situation is in an office late at night and the other person is a good-looking woman Sakshi …… who is dressed in an elegant tight suit and high heels.

I’m sure you’ll be able to find a lot of good reasons for this. I’m going to be able to say that I’m going to be the one who is going to be able to help you.

…… Do you want me to lick it off for you?

Saadia asks with a superior look on her face. You’ll be able to get a good idea of what you’re looking for.

But still, it’s no match for Sakshi’s cool stare. Aarav was not a masochist, but when Sakshi was ugly, he could even taste the pleasure of M. Aarav was silent.
Aarav was silent, but
‘Un oh ……’

Saadia took the liberty of sticking her tongue out and began to lick the glans. She flicked her tongue frantically, giving the glans a sheen of saliva. The way she looked up and served her man was healthy, and it was hard not to love her. This woman really does like me, I sincerely think.

However, Aarav’s thoughts drifted to the cool girl, Sakshi. How many times had he wished for her to suck his penis in the office in the middle of the night while she was squeezing it?

How many times did she repeatedly ask God to let her tongue crawl on it, even if only a little, if she couldn’t suck it. …… Sakshi’s lips, like rose petals, were always on the side of Aarav’s face as he gave her a hand job. In a whim.
Do you want me to do it to you once in a while?
I was craving for her to say, “I don’t know what to do.

It felt so good just with her hands alone, so what would happen if she sucked on it?
Just the thought of that cool beauty sucking his cock was enough to make me lose my mind. It was going to be a supreme experience that went beyond the level of pleasantness. I wanted him to suck me. Just once, …….
‘Mmmmmm …… Mmmmmm …….

Saadia’s tongue was moving around while letting out a sweet voice from deep inside her nose. She doesn’t understand the point of male pleasure at all. All she did was lick and poke around like a soft creme, but she didn’t go down on him for any length of time. She didn’t understand that it felt more comfortable for a man to suck on her. Aarav, irritated, grabbed his penis and forced it into his mouth.

Saadia’s eyes went black and white in surprise. The last time they had been in bed, she had taken a poor blowjob without complaint, with a look of concern and satisfaction on her face, but now that she remembered Sakshi’s hand job, she needed more than that to get her mind off of it.

Aarav grabbed Saadia’s head in his hands and thrust his hips forward. Saadia was relieved, but she was not yet reassured.

Aarav grasped the head of Saadia with his hands and began to use his hips. He sent a mighty second piston movement to her lips, making Saadia scream from deep inside her nose.
It was an intriguing look.

Aarav was basically a chatterbox and he didn’t usually treat women like this, no matter how much he swore inwardly. He doesn’t like to be rough, and he’s never even thought of irritating her. But I hope you’ll forgive me, just for today, when I’m hurting for my reunion with Sakshi …… I’m being gouged by the old wounds of a broken heart.

‘Unguuuuuuuuuuu! Unguuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Saadia’s scream from deep inside her nose grew urgent as she pumped her lips with every piston stroke. She pounded on Aarav’s hips and thighs, complaining with her eyes that she was having trouble breathing.

He didn’t have to worry about it. No matter how hard it was to breathe, he would not die. Even though death on the belly was a real thing, he had never heard of a man being choked to death by irritation.

”Unguh-ooh! Unguh-ohhhh!

As she insisted, Saadia’s screams became more and more inhuman as she let out huge tears.

She was aware of the horrible things she had done, but she was even more excited.

The crying face suited Saadia very well. He was proud of his smile, but from a man’s point of view, the crying face was much better. It’s far more intriguing. I want to make her cry even more.

However, we cannot expect to serve well if we just do it wildly. We need to drop some motivational fuel on this one.

That’s good …… It feels great! ……

I said, my voice trembling with excitement.

Saadia’s mouth feels so good, I need you to hold on a little longer …… I know it’s painful, but just a little bit more ……

– Saadia gave me a flirtatious look with tears of anguish. She couldn’t hide her joy at being cared for by the man she loved.

And she was a woman who loved to be praised. Once, she had complimented him on his cowgirl position. She had actually meant it as a sarcastic remark about her sluggishness of movement, but Saadia had taken it seriously and had been shaking her hips until she was drenched in sweat.

‘It feels so good. ….. .Saadia’s mouth feels so good ……

Aarav sped up his pistons and thrust his cock in and out of her in a furious S. Aarav accelerated his piston movements and thrust his cock in and out of her in a furious manner. The more he thrusts, the more saliva flooded Saadia’s mouth, and the more lewd stimulation she got.

The force of Saadia’s tongue in her mouth, sucking on my cock, seemed to make me feel as good as this. She was a very healthy woman. It was so healthy that the core of my penis began to tingle hotly.

It’s going to come out …… I’m going to come out already ……

Aarav said in a hoarse voice and shook his legs, wanting to enjoy more of Saadia’s teasing oral service, but he was at the end of his patience. With one last deep thrust, he pressed Saadia’s face against his crotch.


Saadia, her face nuzzled into her pubic hair, let out a scream of despair from deep inside her nose. Aarav let out a scream that exceeded Saadia’s voice.

It’s going to come out …… Ooohhhh …… Ooohhhhhh!”

The hot mucus sprayed at the back of Saadia’s throat as she cried out. She couldn’t stop shivering with delight as she poured it into her throbbing mouth.

It was the first time I had ejaculated in a woman’s mouth outside of the sex industry. In the adult entertainment industry, she was a tuna fish, but now she is a tormentor.

It was a world beyond my imagination. “It was a world beyond my imagination,” he said. “It was a world where he could fuck a woman’s face and dominate her completely. ….
The crazy pleasure that filled my body and mind kept me from thinking about Sakshi while I was letting it all out. She was so immersed in the pleasure of oral ejaculation that she could forget everything bad and sad.