When Aarav was unable to move, Sakshi grabbed him by the arm and pulled him to his feet.

The force was so strong that he had no choice but to stand up, as it was inappropriate to his appearance. I’m so worried about the bumps in my crotch that I’m reduced to a pathetic midsection.

Aarav looked like he was going to cry. As he reluctantly straightened his hips, his face was so embarrassed by his lumpy crotch that he felt his face was about to burst into flames.
‘Get your penis out,’

The moment he looked her in the eye and said that, a shiver crawled up her spine. Perhaps, Sakshi thought, Aarav’s attitude would change the moment he produced a figurine. Exposing his erect penis in the office would be a sure sign of sexual harassment. He could be dismissed from his job.

“Oh, are you sure you’re going to let me cum?
Aarav asked in a ridiculously shaky voice, Sakshi didn’t answer. On his face.

I believe in Sakshi, but I don’t believe in this situation. I believe in Sakshi, but I don’t believe in this situation. He wanted to say something like that, but he knew it would only make her feel worse.

If this was a trap, he had no choice but to give up, so he unbuckled his belt and pulled on his pants and briefs as if he were jumping off the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

There was a buzzing sound of his penis warping in the silent, late-night office. He didn’t actually hear it, but that meant he had an erection with that much force. A tremendous erection.

When Sakshi saw Aarav’s, her eyes narrowed slightly and her expression hardly changed. The gaze that was released also remained cool. But she had a firm grip on the man’s erect organ, stroking it, teasing it, not touching it with her hand. There was a spell that made the tightly wrenched rod of flesh jump and bounce without touching it. They say that blue flames are hotter than red flames, and the coolness of Sakshi’s gaze is a blast.

”I’m sorry.”

Leaving Aarav with his penis exposed, Sakshi went back to her desk and returned with a small bottle of baby oil. Sakshi held it in her palm and blended it in her hands while asking, “How old are you, Aarav?

How old are you, Aarav?


‘I knew you had more energy when you were young. It’s amazing the way you recoil. ……

I couldn’t tell if I was being complimented or humiliated, but I didn’t have time to find out. The next moment, a slender finger, slippery with baby oil, attacked my cock, which was bouncing around like a freshly caught fish.
‘…… … Gulp!

Aarav managed to stifle his voice. Aarav managed to keep his voice down, because he knew he would be scorned if he reacted in a strange way. Nevertheless, the shock was tremendous. Just having his penis touched by the woman he admired was the height of the unusual, but the way she was rubbing his dick was so much nastier than he had imagined.

The hand job of the prostitute is not even close to the hand job of the prostitute. Her grip is very soft and her movements are elegant in every way, in contrast to the slapstick work of a sex worker. Each of her ten fingers wriggled like a creature with a will.

I’m being caressed.
The realization that this is a great feeling.

Sakshi leaned in closer, adding more baby oil to keep her fingers from getting dry.

Aarav couldn’t breathe as the profile came closer and closer to his breath. The beauty was even more beautiful up close. He was stunned by the whiteness of her skin and the fineness of her skin. Her eyelashes were naturally long and her nose was as neat as if it had been carved with a carving knife. Her lips are like a bright red rose of passion.

I wanted to kiss her. I wanted to kiss him, to put my lips on his, to tease his tongue with mine. If it was unreasonable, he could have just licked her cheek, but of course he couldn’t do anything, because he didn’t want to do anything unnecessary to make her hate him.

It’s getting really hard.

Sakshi whispered, turning her head to the side, “Does it feel good?
“Does it feel good?

It feels so good! It feels so good that it makes me hard!

Aarav hollered at the top of his lungs. Aarav let out a yelp as he pulled out of his mouth, sweat cascading down his blazing face in a careful posture, and he couldn’t help but wiggle his hips as Sakshi slowed down his caresses. It was probably a tremendously ridiculous sight, but what did it matter; the ichimots Sakshi was squeezing were in fact harder than she had ever experienced before. It wasn’t just his penis, it was every part of his body that felt like it was going to churn.

It was a state of sexual frenzy I hadn’t experienced in my twenty-four years of life. He wondered what it was like for Reika to give him such a high level of pleasure and excitement just by squeezing his penis with both hands. To be frank, it was more than just real sex.

The desire to ejaculate was building up, and
‘AAHH! SakshiSakshi!
Aarav looked at Sakshi as he hung on. ,
I’m coming out!


Sakshi looked into Aarav’s face with an exceptionally cool look in her eyes. The cool look in Sakshi’s eyes alone was enough to make her come. Aarav’s boiled red face crumpled up as Sakshi stared at him. His body quivered all over, making his penis swell hard to the limit.

‘Oooh …… Duh, it’s coming out! It’s already coming out!

Staring at Sakshi’s beautiful face – eye-to-eye, Aarav came to an end.

Just before she released, Sakshi wrapped the glans in the palm of her hand and caught the man’s cum. Each gulp was followed by an intense dizziness, but Aarav was unable to close his eyes.

He kept staring at Sakshi’s beautiful face, even though he had tears in his eyes. I It was too fragile a relationship to call it physical. In fact, after washing her hands and returning to her office, Sakshi resumed her work as if nothing had happened and asked Aarav to do the same. However, Aarav’s inner life was dramatically changed by the incident. He thought that the fact that she had pulled him out of the room with a hand job meant that she was doing him a certain amount of favors.

He hadn’t even been able to masturbate to her before, but he thought he could go out with her with one more push, and he began to relentlessly press for a relationship. Whenever we were in a situation where it was just the two of us, such as at lunch or when going to a meeting, he would say something like this in earnest: “I love you.

I’ve fallen in love with you. I’ve fallen in love with you and I’m not going to let a ten-year age difference between us stop me. I will make you happy, I will make you happy for sure. I’ll make you happy, I’ll make you happy and I’m ready to devote my whole life to you. That’s why I’m asking you to go to …… Please go out with me.

I wouldn’t have felt so bad if they were the type to open their legs to anyone,” says Aarav, “but when a fastidious female boss like Sakshi gave me a hand job, I was in high spirits.

However, Sakshi did not take Aarav’s feelings to heart.

‘No,’ she said, ‘you can’t. ‘No, I don’t see anything in you that makes me feel like a man.’

He snickered at that.

You’re not mature enough as an adult to date me, are you?

Every time someone said that to him, Aarav felt deeply depressed, but the flame of love for Sakshi never went out. Even though he refused to go out with her, he would give her a hand job when they were alone in his office late at night.

Aarav, who was snorting to himself, pressed on with such force that he didn’t even bother to push her down, and it was the first thing he did. ……
As for Sakshi, she was probably trying to placate the aroused beast. The fact is that Aarav will become more docile once the man spits out the semen of being subjected to such a thing, making it even more difficult for him to give up.

He knew that one day he would be turned around. Even if it was just a hand job for now, he believed that eventually he would be able to kiss her, share a passionate embrace, and have a morning of happiness and embarrassment. And yet ……. As if to shatter Aarav’s sweet dreams, the time of separation came abruptly. And in a terribly shocking way.

‘I heard that Sakshi sent a letter of resignation to the general administration.

One morning, a gossipy co-worker overheard me.
“I think they’ve run away together. Her parents are coming to the boardroom to talk about it. She thinks her parents didn’t want her to marry him so she went off with some guy.

Aarav did not believe the rumor at first. The mention of an elopement didn’t really ring a bell, as Sakshi had never once felt the shadow of a man in her life. Aarav had been given a hand job by Sakshi.

Aarav had been given a hand job by Sakshi, which he would have noticed if he had a lover, since they were much closer than the rest of his colleagues in terms of man and woman. In fact, if he had a girlfriend, he wouldn’t have given her a hand job.

However, the rumor seemed to be true. It turns out that the man with whom she eloped with is a painter by the name of Eiji Shimamura.

Shimamura had been in and out of the company for several months, either to contribute or not to advertisements. Aarav had heard rumors about him. Aarav had heard rumors about him, too: a wandering painter living in poverty, whose homelessness and lack of a permanent address was more important to him than the paintings themselves.

After Sakshi’s disappearance, we hear that she had been a fan of the artist for a long time.

It was also hard to believe that a cool woman in charge of the department would become a fan of someone else’s. However, we were surprised to learn that she not only went to his solo exhibition, but also owned several paintings costing several hundred thousand yen.

He was quite serious about it. Perhaps it was inevitable that they would fall in love with each other when they were so close, but Aarav was rooting for Sakshi’s parents, who were in a bloody hurry to find out more about their daughter.

Such an elopement, she hoped, would fail.

The wife of a poor painter is not suitable for a beautiful, high-class woman.