He took a few deep breaths, but his erection did not subside.

He took a few deep breaths, but the thick fabric of his jeans meant that his erection wasn’t that great. He decided to play along in a half-hearted position and opened the door.

A beautiful woman stood there.
‘Sorry it’s so late, I’ve just moved in next door. I just moved in next door. As a sign of your acquaintance, here is a trivial one: ……

The package presented to him was like a towel. As he accepted the package, Aarav gazed intently at the woman’s face. Of course, at first he had only intended to glance at her. He could no longer take his eyes off the woman because he recognized the beautiful face.

It was sakshi. She was his direct supervisor, who had worked for the same company until a year ago. I was so surprised that I forgot to breathe. When their gazes met, their expressions froze. He was in no mood to rejoice in a chance reunion or to rekindle old acquaintanceships.

Behind Sakshi stood a skinny, middle-aged man. Sakshi didn’t want him to know about their relationship and the relationship between Sakshi and Aarav was more than just a boss and a subordinate. Sakshi and Aarav were more than just a boss and a subordinate; they shared more than that, they shared a secret that they could not disclose. In addition, Sakshi’s resignation from the company was not an easy thing to deal with, so it would be better to pretend that they did not know each other.
Hi, I’m Honda, nice to meet you. ……
Aarav greeted him rudely and closed the door quickly. When the footsteps left, he slumped to the spot as if he had lost his nerve.
Chief: …….

Aarav works at a medium-sized advertising agency, where he is a member of the second section of the sales department. You will find that you will be able to find out what is going on in the world. Since there is a ten-year age difference between them, she must be 35 years old now. He was still as beautiful as ever. She was not only well-groomed and well-proportioned, but also had an air of dignity that reminded me of the movie actresses of the black-and-white era. Chapter Aarav had once been in love with her.

Class idol, school Madonna, cabaret sex queen – there have been many beautiful women he has had a crush on, but he has never met a higher peak than Sakshi. The company Aarav works for is known for its beauties, but Sakshi’s beauty stands out from the crowd and has a commanding presence. In addition, she has an unusually cool personality and I’ve never seen her smile. She was the best. Aarav doesn’t approve of women who are too flippant to be beautiful. Aarav doesn’t approve of women who are too flippant to be beautiful, but he wants them to be beautiful and to always be flippant.

Fortunately, Aarav had been Sakshi’s subordinate since he was a new employee and had followed her around like a bagman for the first year. Even after that, he tried to take the lead in running errands, making tea when he felt thirsty and dashing over to help with chores when he felt he needed it. I would have rubbed his shoulders and polished his high heels if I could have.

However, if that was all there was to the relationship, there was no need to be in such a hurry to pretend that they hadn’t seen each other in a year and that they didn’t know each other. One day in my second year with the company, I was in the office late at night. In his office late at night, Aarav was working on the color proof of a poster that had arrived from the printer. The work was slow due to the pressure of the final confirmation, but Sakshi was waiting for me in silence. What would have taken her thirty minutes to complete, Aarav didn’t interrupt her even though it took him two hours to do it.

Her strong sense of responsibility as a supervisor to train the young people must have kept her from doing so. I was truly sorry, but the lack of progress was not only due to poor workmanship and inexperience.

The poster was for a summer campaign for a beer. Four of the five posters featured a swimsuit model with a risqué high leg biting into her crotch. The posters were extremely erotic, and were impossibly aggressive in a way that would be unthinkable today. As I stared at the beautiful woman in the swimsuit, beads of sweat floating on her bare, wheat-brown skin, I couldn’t help the tingling between my legs, and eventually, I got an erection that hurt.
What’s wrong?

He heard Sakshi’s low voice behind him and Aarav snapped out of it. His concentration was completely distracted by the fact that he had gotten an erection, and he was in a daze. Before he knew it, sakshi was standing behind him.
I didn’t even realize I was there.
‘I, eeeeee ……’
With greasy sweat on his forehead, Aarav couldn’t even look back. He was working in a chair, but since he was wearing a pair of flimsy suit pants, he could have seen the ridge between his legs from behind.
‘Oh, I’m really sorry to keep you up late …… I’ll be done soon. …… We’re almost there. ……’

Aarav was too scared to turn around and froze, as if he had been trapped. In the stifling silence, only his erect penis tingled hotly with the awareness of Sakshi’s gaze. She wanted to cover it with her hands, but it would only add to her shame to do so now.
‘I’m totally embarrassed ……’
It’s not just a matter of time before you get your hands on it,” he said with a long sigh.

I’m sure you won’t be able to finish before the last train.

The greasy sweat on your forehead turned into a cold sweat that ran down your cheeks.
“Such a state,
There was no doubt in my mind that the man in question was pointing at an erection. It was a terrible way to enlarge a man’s organ at work. There are a number of people besides Aarav who have volunteered to be her paciators. She is now sitting at the top of the list because of her enthusiasm, but now that she has been exposed in such a disgusting way, she may as well get rid of them.

I decided to get down on my knees. It seemed the only way to get rid of him was to get his erection back, even if it meant slapping himself in the face, and finish the job immediately, but he couldn’t move a single finger while his body was tied up.
Aarav, do you have a girlfriend?

Aarav couldn’t believe what he was hearing. As any self-conscious career woman would, Sakshi hated that kind of question. The party
I was Chi enough to glare at him even if he was a board member if he said something like that in

‘I’m not there, but ……

‘So you always handle it yourself: ……

Aarav’s heart shrank and his arms and legs began to tremble at the unexpected undertone. Even though it was an empty office in the middle of the night, a sakshi talking about a crude joke, heaven and earth
It’s an unusual situation.
“Anyway, you can’t work like that, can you? Stand up and let me make you cum.

He could no longer believe his ears; he felt like he was having a nightmare. Preparing not to be surprised if it was a fox or a raccoon behind him, Aarav looked back fearfully. As usual, there stood a sakshi with a twang and a clear face. She was a shiny silver grey with a tight skirt of the day. It adorned her uneven body lines in a feminine way, yet it seemed to protect her like armor.

‘What’s the matter with you? ─ What’s the matter, she said, ‘She wants to make you cum, but I’m not good enough? Can’t you just go to the bathroom and do it yourself?

The coolness of the expressions and the harshness of the dialogues made Aarav feel dizzy, he admired Sakshi and thought she was his ideal type, but he had never looked at her in a filthy way before. I swear, I had even forbidden him from appearing in my masturbation fantasies. And now you want me to pull it out? That section chief is now …….