“Well, which one shall I choose?”
Aarav chuckled at the back of his throat and opened the closet door.

There were very few of his own clothes, and they were crammed with ladies’ costumes. Middle school uniforms, maids, nurses, and cabin attendants, mostly cheap ones that he got through mail order.
However, there are more than twenty outfits, so it’s a spectacular sight to see them all lined up.

I usually use them mainly to strengthen my imagination, but today I have a partner to wear them. I almost got an erection even at the stage of choosing.

The room in the apartment where Aarav lives alone. It’s a one-room apartment of about eight tatami mats, with a small kitchen and a unit bath.

“…… You weren’t kidding, were you?”

Saadia’s charming drooping eyes drooped more and more and her face crinkled. Even with her make-believe smile, she looked bewildered, and was standing in a dimly lit room with only a stand light on, looking unaccountable.

“It can’t be a joke, can it? If you want to despise me, you can do it, but this is for both of us, you know. I like women in costumes. They make me want to munch on them in a hazy way. You know what I mean? This is, in other words, like a stage costume for two people to make passionate love to each other.”

Aarav and Saadia are a couple who have just started dating; Aarav is twenty-five years old and Saadia is twenty-four.

They knew each other since they were attending the same dentist, and when I asked them out for tea, they readily agreed to go out for a movie, dinner, and the promised date, and then had a hot time at a love hotel.

That was a month ago, so normally, it would be like the adjustment process was finally over. However, Saadia seems to be inexperienced in love, she fell in love with Aarav after the first date, and by the third date, she was all pretending to be his girlfriend, and now she sends him texts more than ten times a day.

It’s a bit annoying, but that’s okay.

Saadia, who said she worked at a restaurant, had a cute smile and a slightly chubby style that was disgustingly meaty, but she wasn’t extremely beautiful. She was about fifth from the top in her class.

Aarav had always been an unusual face-eater. When I was in middle and high school, I liked her the most …… in my class. No, all the number one beautiful girls in the school.

“You should talk to the mirror,” my friends used to say, to my dismay. The specs here were quicker to count from the bottom, so that was just as well, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t throw away my preferred type.

He would much rather masturbate with a beautiful girl of high caliber than go out with an ugly girl.

However, after I passed the age of twenty, I couldn’t say that anymore. The reason was that if I stubbornly continued to eat my face, I would never be able to get sex.

When I gave up my virginity to an ex-Yang girl, I learned two things: one was the tear-jerking pleasure of it, and the other was the importance of compromise in life.

The latter may have been the biggest factor in my decision to take the stairs to adulthood. He had not abandoned his face-eating, but a warrior could not decide to eat a toothpick in the face of the magic of sex. Someday, he would be with the beautiful woman of his dreams.

I’d like to hold her until she’s out of the woods, but that’s it. For now, I’m not going to let a woman who can do it get away with it.

“How do you like this?”

I took a white nurse’s uniform from the closet. It’s not what a real nurse wears, but a sex prop I bought from an adult mail-order store.

It’s a one-piece type of dress, with a super mini hem, and the fabric is transparent.

“Are you sure you’re going to wear it?”

Saadia stares at me with a resentful upward glance.

“If you don’t like it, go home.”

Aarav coldly shunned her. She didn’t mean to be humble with someone who wasn’t her ideal type, and a dumb type like her should be given a gasp. It was Saadia who was to blame in the first place.

If she was an incredibly beautiful woman, she wouldn’t have asked her out for cosplay sex. Not so much, so it’s outrageous to make a swollen face when she’s trying to get a little bit of fun out of it.

“Go home. …… Isn’t that awful?”

Saadia bit her lip.

“It’s not awful. I confessed my sexuality honestly, to my shame. If you don’t understand, there’s no choice. We’re going to have to break up.”

“Such a …….”

Saadia lost her complexion; even though to Aarav it was like a hair on the back of a friendship, she was in love mode. If she wants the relationship to continue, she has to come to terms with her feelings, and even if the demands seem unreasonable, she has to give in to them.

When she came to change into her nurse’s uniform in the bathroom, she was almost in tears. The look on his face made Aarav’s lower body tingle. Maybe it was because of her profession as a restaurant attendant, or maybe it was because she was so confident in her smile, but Saadia always smiled for no reason, but the tearful look on her face was much more intriguing.

As an added bonus, she was wearing a nurse’s uniform of white fabric that wrapped tightly around her fleshy body, with her underwear showing through. It was a burgundy top and bottom. The unexpectedly flamboyant color of the nurse’s dress made me grin and almost end up in a chapter. Since she was invited to Aarav’s house for the first time, she must have gone all out and put on her sexy underwear.

Normally she doesn’t tell a single naughty joke, so it’s fair to say that she’s overzealous. The bra, with its large cups so large they could have been mistaken for a hat, was eye-catching, but the high-leggedness of her panties was also quite destructive.
Saadia doesn’t have the style of a race queen. She’s a little chubby with an overall round shape, and to be frank, she’s one step short of a clay figure, so she didn’t look like a good fit in the racy sexy lingerie. But Eros is a strange thing, and the mismatch is rather obscene. Even the white nurse’s dress was too erotic because it was transparent.

A hot excitement built up. As I watched Saadia writhe and shame herself in the nurse’s uniform with her underwear showing through, the figment between my legs was getting hard as if it was going to break through my jeans. However, there was no need to push down in a hurry. The night had only just begun. If they lost the distance between them, they wouldn’t be able to enjoy the eye candy. It wasn’t too late to let them rub and lick and lick until they had devoured enough of their obscene glamour; Aarav nudged Saadia to the bed and sat himself down in a chair.

“Why are you over there?” Saadia furrowed her brow curiously.
“I thought you were supposed to be munching on me?”
“Don’t be in a hurry. I need you to do something for me before you start munching on me.”
“…… What is it?” Saadia asks anxiously.

“Please masturbate me.” “Ehhh, ……” ,

Simply, Saadia’s face flushed suddenly.” That’s fine, there’s no one else around. We’ve already had sex many times.

Five times to be exact. Five times we’ve shown each other our embarrassment all over again. It’s funny how embarrassing it is to be so embarrassed about masturbation.”

“But you can go to …….” Chapter “Just do it!”

Aarav glared at her with a grim expression and Saadia looked like she was going to cry again. I’m creeped out & cringed. Somehow I had a feeling that she had an M-ness to her, but to make her so aroused just by her crying face was a great discovery of hidden charm.

“……. How can I help you?” It’s just like I always do.” “I …… I’ve never done that before.”

“Huh?” It’s true. That’s what I’m talking about: …… I …… I’ve never been to …….” Heh.”

Aarav stared at Saadia with a dumbfounded look on his face. It is a ridiculous kamatoto to claim that he has never masturbated at the age of twenty-four. Of course it was a lie, but on the contrary, it made me happy. If he’s lying, just expose his true nature.
“Well, first of all, you’re going to have to sit in the gym: …… That’s right. While you’re in that outfit, just spread your legs …… Will I see your underwear? I suppose so. But what’s the problem with that? You can’t see your sexy high-legged panties without spreading your legs, since you’re wearing a skimpy nurse’s uniform.” “Ugh, ……” Saadia groaned in shame and sluggishly spread her legs. I could see her burgundy panties, which were stretched tightly between her legs. The sight of them through her nurse’s uniform was distressing, but looking at them directly, they were still raw. The shape of the mound of shame was breathtaking. The thighs are extremely white and fleshy, which makes the secret triangle even more bewitching.

Aarav ordered his fingers to stroke the pubic mound, the middle finger of Saadia’s right hand crawling like a scale insect over the small hill. She thinks she is trying to appeal to her disgust, but her movements are rather erotic. When I told him to stroke down further, he started tracing around the crack.” Aang, …….”

Aarav chuckled inwardly at Saadia who squirmed out of her voice with a trongy look in her eyes. After all, it was a downright lie that he had never masturbated before.

He only had to look at the way she traced her crack. Saadia’s flushed face is not only a sign of embarrassment. Sooner or later, the huffing and puffing began to occur. The smell of sweet and sour breath No. 1 seemed to drift up to this point. Horse “Doesn’t it feel good?”

“No, it doesn’t. ……”
Saadia shook her head in a panic, but didn’t stop tracing her finger across the crack. She began to move it to her hips, breathlessly.

The movements were so boarded up that I even suspected that he had never masturbated before, but rather that he was in a routine.” Your left hand is playing with you, man.” “Eh, …….” Touch her tits, too. Saadia blushed more and more in shame as I gave her a throaty laugh, “Cooch,” her boobs she was so proud of. The first time we went to bed, she was embarrassed to say, ” I don’t have anything to offer, but my breasts are big”. They were 900 cm G-cups. The whole thing is somewhat chubby, so it’s not a surprising number …….

“Ahh, …….”
Saadia raised her eyebrows impatiently as she began to rub the bulge of her chest with her left hand. There is a theory that big breasts are less sensitive, but in her case, it’s the opposite. Since it is a very prized part of the body, one’s attention is naturally focused on it. It was a nice touch.

Watching Saadia rubbing her burgundy cup through her nurse’s uniform, Aarav adjusted her cock-positive to ease the pressure.

Her overly hard ichneumon was screaming in her jeans. It was time to let it go, or else it would be too painful to let Saadia masturbate and suck on it. …… But then.

I’m not going to be the only one who’s been in the same boat for a while. Looking at each other’s eyes in silence, Aarav nodded his head in annoyance.” The time is past eight o’clock in the afternoon, who in the world could it be at this hour? A courier service?NHK?newspaper or religious solicitation? I thought about using the answering machine, but then a good idea hit me.

“Okay? I’m going to keep masturbating until I get back. Get it all wet and I will give you a treat,” Aarav overheard Saadia and headed for the door. ”