Have you ever tried a sex toy when you masturbate?

Although many men are hesitant to make the initial step, the return you will earn makes it totally worth it!

The chances are that many of you probably know what sex toys are already.

But sex toys can be divided (in most cases) into toys which you use for masturbation, and toys you use mainly for sex.

In this article, I will introduce the wonderful world of sex toys which you can use all by yourself to feel the ultimate pleasure that you have never felt before.

I will be explaining 5 of the greatest masturbation toys that will definitely impact your ‘single’ sex life for the better.

So, let’s delve deep into the world of sex toys for self-pleasure!

Do you masturbate often?

How often do you masturbate?

In India, the study done in 2011 shows that among Indian adolescents, the average frequency of masturbation per week was 3.12 times.

However, in the same study, researchers found out that only 45.9% of boys engaged in masturbation, which is considerably fewer than that of the world’s average.

For example, according to the study in 2011, 73.8% of adolescent boys in the US regularly masturbates, which is almost double that of in India.

This can be because of India’s social and cultural strictness towards sexual activities, and often times masturbation is considered as an unpreferable act.

Many people also view masturbation negatively due to their beliefs of that it can bring negative side-effects.

But is masturbation really that bad for you?

Let’s find out the truth about masturbation next.

How many times is too many?

It is fairly common belief that masturbating too much can result in negatively impacting your physical and mental health.

The negative side-effects are believed to be:

  • Blindness
  • Hair loss
  • Penis shrinkage
  • Infertility
  • Mental illness

These are only a few of the examples of what is believed as a side-effect of too much masturbation.

However, the fact is that almost all of these side-effects are only myths and urban-legends which are not based on scientific reality at all.

In fact,

Masturbation will not lead to blindness or cause physical and mental health problems. In many cases, masturbation has more health benefits than adverse effects.

Masturbation side effects: Myths and facts

So, you do not have to worry about masturbation, because most of the time, it can work more positively than negatively.

[If you want to find out more about the effects of masturbation, here is another article for you!!]

Are you getting tired of same masturbation every time?

So the average frequency of masturbation is about 3 times per week.

This means you will engage in masturbation about 14 times per month, 168 times per year.

Some people might even do more…

When you repeatedly masturbate this many times, over and over again, it is only normal to feel tired of or bored of the same old sensation every time.

Especially for men, masturbation tends to be repetitive since the only thing you do normally is just rub the penis up and down until you ejaculate.

I believe many men are feeling exactly the same way towards masturbation, and that is why you are taking a look at this article, right?

In the next section, I will explain how you can improve and transform your self-pleasure with sex toys, so find out and evolve your sex life for the good!

You can change up your masturbation with sex toys!

As I explained above, it is inevitable for men to feel tired of the same old masturbation every time.

But do not worry!

If you use sex toys for masturbation, you will definitely be able to revitalize the passion towards masturbation, and soon you will be even hard to live without one.

I have picked 4 of the most versatile and popular sex toys which men can utilize in order to improve upon their normal masturbation.

Each have is own perks and strength that can appeal to certain tastes which men have, so find out what fits you the most!

1. Masturbators

Masturbators, without a doubt, are the most straight forward toy which you can incorporate to enhance your masturbation experience.

There are so many different types of masturbators with their own interesting twists to them, but all have the same simplest function which is to be inserted to increase the pleasure of masturbation.

The famous “Fleshlight” is one of these masturbators since you penetrate the hole with your penis to feel the sensation similar to real intercourse.

Hand-held masturbator among all is the most popular and easy to handle masturbator, which can surely increase the pleasure.


Vaginal Male Masturbator
Vaginal Male Masturbator
Rs 3,482

How to use

The use of these masturbators are, as you can imagine, pretty straight forward.

You just insert your erect penis into the hole which resembles either a vagina, anal, or mouth.

One thing to remember is that you must use lubricant before you insert into the masturbator, otherwise your penis will get hurt by friction.

After you ejaculate, you always have to clean the masturbator thoroughly and dry the inside well.

If you do not maintain your masturbator taking these necessary steps, your masturbator will deteriorate and even cause infectious diseases when used further.

Therefore, it is paramount to clean and store properly after every use.

2. Sex Lubricant

Another sex toy which can dramatically enhance the experience of your masturbation is the sex lubricant.

It is by far the most easily incorporated toy, so many men maybe have used in their masturbation before.

Sex lubricants can lube up your penis and your hands making it slippery and slick allowing you to feel greater pleasure which cannot be realized through normal hand masturbation.

Moreover, in most cases, it looks like a simple liquid inside a container, so it is best for those who want to be stealthy about their sex toy use.

There are different types of lubes which have variety of added features, such as warming or cooling, and flavored types, so choose your favorite one according to your preference.

How to use

You can simply apply the lubricant on your penis and your hands before you masturbate.

And then, you rub your penis just as you normally do when you masturbate.

By simply adding the lube when you masturbate, can increase your pleasure by a lot that you have never experienced before without it, so trying it at least once is strongly recommended.

However, you must be careful where to use it since it can get messy with so much liquid around your genitals, so placing a towel under your body or just using it inside the bathroom is recommended for easy cleaning.

3. Love dolls

Love dolls are more on the enthusiast’s side when it comes to masturbation, but the pleasure and happiness it can bring you cannot be underestimated.

There are many realistic love dolls on the market which can change your perspective towards sex toys, and be fully immersed in the world of sex dolls.

They tend to be quite costly with even the cheaper types starting around Rs.200000, so certain amount of determination and preparation is required.

Most of these men who purchase love dolls treat them as more than just a sex toy, and spend time not only having sex with them but also doing other activities which you normally do with your partners.

It is one of the options only for those with a certain mindset towards life in general, so it may not be for everyone.

However, if you feel like you are the one, give it a try and it can bring great joy into your sex life.

How to use

In most cases, high quality love dolls are made of silicone with almost the same size and weight of that of a real woman.

Therefore, when using love dolls, maintenance and storage is the key.

Just as masturbators, you must clean them every time after use, and store them in a dark, cool, and well ventilated container.

You must make sure you have room for love doll since it can be quite a presence inside your house once you welcome it inside.

4. Prostate toys

Prostate toys used to be one of those maniac tools for only a selected few men, but in recent years it has gained much popularity and slowly joining the main stream along with masturbators.

This is a toy specifically designed to stimulate the prostate glans which is a reproductive organ responsible for releasing seminal fluid that protects sperms.

he prostate is located in the pelvis. It sits below the urinary bladder and surrounds the urethra.

Prostate – Wikipedia

Originally, it was created by a doctor for treating prostate diseases, but gradually it became one of sex toys which solely was used for pleasure.

By mastering the use of prostate toys, you will be able to experience multiple orgasms without ejaculation, which can completely flip your preconceived notions about masturbation and self-pleasure.

It is understandably quite difficult to convince yourself to try this toy out, but it is certainly the toy that can totally change your masturbation for those looking for a real shift.

How to use

For most men, prostate does not feel pleasurable when first stimulated, but through patient development and commitment, you will be able to reach unprecedented sensation of climax.

You use it by inserting this into your anal with some lube applied, and once you have it inserted, you start to slowly apply pressure on your prostate.

At first, you might not feel anything other than just pressure, but developing it along with penile stimulation can slowly develop your sensitivity of your prostate.

It is certainly a time consuming process, and for some men it even can take up to 6 months to reach orgasm through prostate stimulation, so patience is definitely important.

If you truly want something different in terms of sexual pleasure, this prostate toy might be the choice for you!

Cautions on using sex toys

be cautious

We have explored 4 of the sex toys which can transform your sex life for the better, but there are things you need to keep in mind when using these in your masturbation.

First, you must choose your toy carefully through product descriptions and user reviews, in order to avoid some mistakes or problems upon using a toy.

When you buy sex toys online, there are user review which you can check out if the actual product matches the description, or chech the quality and durability.

It also works as a great information source for those who are first time buyers, so checking these information closely is essential when choosing a sex toy.

Another thing to care about is to not fall into masturbation addiction.

Since sex toys can provide you with much more sexual pleasure compared to normal masturbation, it might be the case for some people to feel inclined to masturbate at any chance they get repetitively.

Although this is rare, and for the most part masturbation is good for both your physical and mental health, some people are prone to masturbation addiction through sex toys.

If you start to feel like you are procrastinating everything in order to make time for masturbation, or prefer masturbation over real life social interactions, you might be at the threshold of masturbation addiction.

Simply keep these cautions in mind and you will be able to have a happy and fulfilling masturbation life!!!

With these information in mind, why not check out some sex toys to transform your masturbation!?!?

Open a new door with sex toys

Now you know what can bring change to your boring and tasteless masturbation.

Although there are certain risks in using sex toys, the benefits easily outweighs the negatives regarding sex toys in masturbation.

Choosing the right sex toy for you can be literally a life changing experience, and it can make your life more wholesome and lively.

If you are even slightly dissatisfied about your daily masturbation, I strongly recommend to use sex toys to bring your masturbation life to another level!

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