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Paharpur Industries (India)

A market leader for more than 50 years, ?Paharpur is India’s foremost cooling ?tower company.

Facing growing water shortages and ?an increasing awareness of water ?pollution, Paharpur has grown from ?a small lumber saw mill to the second ?largest process cooling equipment ?manufacturer in the world.

Not all cooling towers are massive ?structures, and can vary in size from ?small roof top units to giant edifices. ?Paharpur offers a broad range of ?technologies and solutions tailored ?to meet each client’s needs.

Growing concern over environment ?compatibility, energy costs and the shifting ?availability of basic materials and water ?requires continual research and development,? leading to the creation of mechanical draught ?towers in a variety of materials, including ?fibreglass, steel, wood, concrete combined ?with wood, plastic and concrete fill alternatives, ?as well as the development of hyperbolic ?natural draught towers.

There are few problems related to the ?cooling of water or other liquids that ?Paharpur has not solved. Paharpur’s ?engineering and production standards ?always exceed basic requirements and ?the company’s objective always remains ?unchanged: to supply a prime, quality product that will provide low-cost, reliable ?service to clients.

Paharpur’s integrated approach to it’s ?design philosophy recognizes that assembling ?a cooling tower from an agglomeration of ?available components was counterproductive ?to quality and dependability.

All components of a Paharpur cooling ?tower, air-cooled heat exchanger or air-?cooled steam condenser, other than the ?motor, are uniquely designed and ?manufactured by Paharpur for each project, offering one-of-its-kind solutions.

The Paharpur team consists of highly ?qualified engineers and professionals ?with over 3500 man-years of experience ?in the field. Paharpur is the complete ?cooling tower company – without ifs, ?without buts, without excuses.