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UltraTech Cement (India)

As India’s largest cement manufacturer, UltraTech has consistently maintained a high degree of excellence, which has made it one of the world’s most respected cement brands.

UltraTech has a diverse range of products, which includes numerous grades of grey cement, a wide range of speciality concretes, a distinctive selection of new age building products, a host of finishing products, white cement, and top-end building solutions.

With this exceptional pedigree, UltraTech has developed specialist standalone brands that are able to command respect and authority in the market.

With dedicated products under its Speciality Concrete umbrella, the company aims to provide cutting edge solutions with UltraTech Plus, UltraTech Lite, UltraTech Duracon, UltraTech Fibrecon and UltraTech Thermocon,

Added to this are its new age building products, which offer a wide range of cement-based value added solutions which include Xtralite, Seal & Dry, Fixoblock, Readiplast, Stucco and Powergrout

UltraTech Building Solutions have created stores that offer a comprehensive range of primary construction materials under one roof. From paints, construction chemicals, PVC Pipes, to steel, fittings, tiles and putty, it has ensured that the highest standards are constantly matched.

The company’s Technical Services Cell is just a call away. A fleet of Mobile Concrete Labs and experienced engineers, provide assistance from preconstruction to the post-construction stage.

Enhancing homes while offering long term protection is ensured with WallCare Putty, GRC, Textura and Levelplast, all exceptional products under its Birla White brand.

The brand embodies the core values of trust and respect associated with the parent organisation -The Aditya Birla Group raising the bar for excellence by promoting modernity, quality, and technological superiority – all part of a slogan that defines UltraTech as, “The Engineer’s Choice”.