Selection of all Superbrands projects happens at two levels.

Level 1

  • In the first instance, relevant audiences are invited to score listed brands. Banner space taken on high density portals, diverts traffic to the Superbrands website. Respondents keen to participate are invited to fill in important fields so that contact with them can be established, should a cross-check to determine their authenticity be necessary.
  • After acceptance of the information provided by the respondent, the list of categories, alphabetically programmed, opens. Visitors can choose those they wish to score. On clicking the category the list of brands under each are exposed. A section titled “Others” is available on this page so that brands which may have been inadvertently omitted by us are incorporated by the respondents. This also helps us update our listings.
  • Once threshold numbers of scorers has been reached a primary league table is created. Brands with a score of less than 6.50 points out of a possible ten and categories which draw less than 50 respondents are eliminated from further participation. The rest are sent to the next round of evaluation.

Level 2

  • Here marketing professionals, called the Superbrands Council, subject each brand to individual scrutiny. To the scores provided by them, the average score given by the on-line respondents is added. In this way consumers are given a further 9.09% weight-age.

Final Analysis
Only brands which have scored exceptionally in each category are invited to participate. In other words Superbrands are always selected, never applied for.

It is important to understand that the nature of the scoring process makes it almost necessary for brands to be nationally available – at any rate to be nationally recognised. This fact also explains why regional brands – even if they are very powerful locally – rarely get the Superbrands status.