Superbrands India was launched in December 2002 when the first Council of Members was formed to judge consumer brands. The 1st edition of Consumer Superbrands was released in September 2004.

To date, the company has produced and launched nine books: five editions of Consumer Superbrands and four editions of Business Superbrands.

After the first two books were released, Superbrands India researched its offering. It discovered that brand managers, while appreciative of the books, would have also liked to see the inclusion of consumers in the study. The appearance of brands from the 2nd edition of Consumer Superbrands onward is the result of this inclusion.

The involvement of relevant consumers has been a huge success. More than 190,000 people have so far participated in the scoring process, collectively marking more than 3.50 million scores. By any standards of research this is a stunning result. As a comparison, global studies cutting across continents usually cover less than 20,000 respondents.