GNIIT went on to become a winner among IT career seekers.

The flagship GNIIT programme, which takes four years to complete, prepares students for software programming jobs. GNIIT includes one year of paid Professional Practice (PP) in a leading organisation.

Industry collaboration, which lies at the core of the GNIIT programme, has enabled countless companies to find skilled IT professionals and students to find relevant jobs - often at salaries comparable with those of engineering graduates. Today, nineteen of the top twenty IT Services and Exports companies in India recruit NIITians.

In 1993, NIIT launched short-term programmes for IT literacy seekers under the Swift brand. The product has helped nearly a million students gain IT and Internet literacy.

Other key NIIT products include CATS, that offers high tech programmes for software professionals to upgrade skills; NIIT Maximedia, that trains students in multimedia design; NIIT@School, that delivers IT training to over 900,000 students in 2,500 schools and, the e-learning portal that offers a distinctive blend of content, technology and services.

Recent Developments

The IT-enabled services industry boom in the country has opened up a whole new career segment. NIIT has set up 'Planetworkz' to meet the emerging manpower needs of the ITES/BPO industry. NIIT has formed relationships with institutions like the B R Ambedkar Open University and Karnataka State Open University from India and ITT Educational Services Inc., (ITT/ESI), USA to emerge as a

'single window education service provider.'

NIIT has forged educational linkages with over a dozen international universities of repute in Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, the UK and other countries. These help students get advanced standing admission to the Bachelor's and Master's Degree programmes of these universities.


The NIIT advertising and PR campaigns have built the brand and taken it far ahead of competition. When competition caught up with NIIT in the early 1990s, brand discriminators were brought in. This led to the idea of 'the NIITian' - the NIIT alumnus who was successful. Advertisements featuring NIITians captured the pride and sense of achievement that students felt in belonging to NIIT.

The tag line 'If you're not studying at NIIT, you're missing something' aptly described the competitive nature of NIIT's programmes.

Every subsequent year, the NIITian campaign reflected NIIT's promise to its students - to make them successful. In 1996, the NIITian campaign contained real-life testimonials of NIIT students in corporations like Ford Motors, Merrill Lynch, Bell Labs and Sun Microsystems.

In 1998, NIIT chose chess champion Viswanathan Anand as its brand ambassador. Anand, a cerebral rather than physical sporting icon and a global Indian was a perfect fit for NIIT. Subsequent campaigns featured Anand as NIIT's MindChampion.

In 2002, NIIT christened its 20th foundation day, December 2, as World Computer Literacy Day and introduced a programme to help make

India computer literate. Over 104,000 people from all walks of life signed up for the programme. In the same year the company developed a new tag line: 'Life begins at NIIT.'

Brand Values

The NIIT brand spells maturity, credibility, trust, innovation and technological edge. To learners, NIIT stands for thought leadership and technology innovations, which help them gain valuable IT skills and make them successful at work and in life.

NIIT advertising is known for its strong 'people's feel,' sensitivity and humaneness. From the '427 words of advice to college students' (1989) campaign, to the 'IT slowdown, dot com bust' ad, (which invited students to learn about the impact of the global economic downturn in IT careers in 2001), NIIT ads have echoed the dreams, aspirations and concerns of the student community.

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