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About the Superbrands India Council

The Superbrands India Council comprises of heads of very large companies who themselves know what it takes to build superbrands. They have decades of experience in the fields of marketing, management, strategy and branding. They bring to bear their vast experiences as final brand arbiters and are independent, unbiased mentors to the brand selection process. Their independence ratifies the veracity of the selection process.

Council Members for Superbrands VI Edition(2017) and their views on - The role of Superbrands in an evolving market



Managing Director

Superbrands India

Rising income levels, urbanisation and an attitudinal shift in consumer behaviour continues to give an optimistic outlook to Indian businesses with a promising growth forecast for all sectors. Today, the Indian market is evolving at a speed never fathomed in the last few decades.

In this scenario, being able to be identified as outstanding is more than the most important call of the day. Superbrands India, with its rock solid reputation built on fair-play and its targeted approach to consumer appraisal over almost two decades, has been the differentiator and the segregator for the finest in the crowd.

Superbrands India continues to celebrate these unique impressions of well earned reputations.

In an evolving market, while there is a constant growth opportunity, the challenge for a brand is to remain meaningful to the consumer whose expectation is being raised by various competing brands or alternate products in the market – existing and new, locally manufactured and imported.

There are also the first time users entering the market who are looking for a brand that meets their basic functional need and gives them an assurance of having made the right choice. A Superbrand is the brand of first choice for both these sets of consumers.

Thus, a Superbrand continuously transforms itself to meet the changing needs and expectations, but at the same time is able to retain its core values and purpose with which it has been associated for many years.


Dinesh Aggarwal

Joint Managing Director

Anchor Electricals


M.K. Anand

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

Times Network

A Superbrand is one that has already earned the loyalty of the masses. It is one that has to be honest and consistent in what it does and delivers. It is expected to shoulder the needs, hopes and dreams of millions who have placed their faith in them.

For example, for a brand like Times Now it is important:

To honour the leadership mandate given to it by its viewers; to continue its crusade for transparency in governance and management across all spheres of life; to bring to light every piece of news that will have a bearing on every citizen’s life, everyday; to have the courage and the wherewithal to make this happen over and over again, without excuses and to play its expected part seamlessly and unfailingly, thus cementing the brand relationship beyond any doubt.

In a world where every business value chain is getting rapidly automated and commoditised with limited differentiation, the one thing that remains within the control of management teams is defining the relevance of its brand to a consumer. Brands allow corporations to stand out from their competitors in terms of the trust they enjoy with their target customer groups. They give corporations the resilience to withstand tough operating environments by providing them with customer salience and pricing power.

Brands get transformed into Superbrands only if they are able to reinforce consumer trust in each of the micro- experiences at every customer-brand touch point. A close parallel is nurturing a sapling until it becomes a tree that bears sweet fruits for years to come. Superbrands thus are an outcome of a positive compounding of consumer trust, experience generated over the years and nurturing by brand custodians.


Amitabh Chaudhry

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company


Siddharth Jain

Vice President & Managing Director – South Asia

Turner International India

India is currently witnessing a strong upswing of brands that are communicating efficiently to their consumers and developing a strong bond of trust through innovative products and impactful campaigns. With the evolution of the digital age and social media, a Superbrand is one that creates a distinct identity for itself, whilst also ensuring an emotional connect with its consumers.

As long as brands can create this connect and learn to adapt to an ever-changing environment, they will continue to embed their values in consumers and establish their stronghold in a highly competitive market.

At no time, has the value of a brand been more significant than today – in the age of digital; in the age of a new, more aware and demanding consumer.

In today’s time, when consumers can draw on all the information they want instantly and are seeking experiences that are uniform across categories, brands are not only challenged to maintain the highest standards of performance and service within their own category but be on par with the best in other categories as well. A Superbrand is thus, one which delivers on this. Just as they are quick to trash and run down a poor brand experience on social media, consumers are equally generous about sharing their great experiences, thus enhancing a brand’s appeal and value. Organisations which build such brands are able to move away from the rigors of a price competitive market and improve profitability, leading them to invest further in enhancing consumer experiences.

As geographical lines get blurred and the world gets closer, the need to stay true to their promise becomes even more important. Brands have to continuously reinvent and stay relevant to the needs of the evolving consumer. The trust and reliability that brands build help them retain consumers through their lives.


Parag Kulkarni

Managing Director

A. O. Smith India Water Products



Managing Director

UltraTech Cement

Superbrands stand the test of time. They evolve with the changing needs of consumers, anticipate and constantly reinvent themselves to be the preferred choice of existing consumers and an aspiration for new customers.

Even while evolving, the trust and emotional connect that these brands have so carefully built in the past remains their bedrock. The core values stay intact in the journey of the brand.

Because of these intense efforts, a Superbrand is seen to be more valuable. In the face of intense competition and in a price sensitive market like India, their intrinsic worth is perceived to be higher, adding to the bottom line of the brand.

Brands like UltraTech and Birla White, which have repeatedly been selected Superbrands by consumers, stand testimony to this. They are the result of decades of such efforts that has helped them remain in leadership positions and contribute to the economic and social upliftment of the country.

The first step in the brand creation journey involves being sensitive to the latent needs of the consumer by developing insights about their behaviour. This provides a conducive environment for innovation and thus triggers a product development cycle to address the need.

It is then, imperative to put in place robust processes and quality assurance systems to provide a standardised and sustainable consumer experience. The predictability of the experience instills trust amongst consumers, thus leading to peace of mind.

This, to my mind is the transition for a product or service from the status of a brand to a Superbrand!

A vital yard stick or Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for a Superbrand is the element of pride that a consumer associates with the ownership of a Superbrand, for which he or she is willing to pay a premium.



President – TQM & Steel Business

Tata Steel



Executive Director & President

Godrej & Boyce

More than ever, what we observe today is that consumer expectations from brands and from their parent organisations are continually changing.

To begin with, consumers, especially millennials, expect that brands have a purpose that goes beyond business and positively impacts the society that they’re a part of.

Secondly, due to the connected world we live in, local brands are judged against a global set of parameters and are, thus, held up to more exacting standards of performance.

Finally, consumers expect brands to reflect and respond to their (consumers) changing needs and wants.

Superbrands are those that are able to raise their game in terms of understanding the changing contexts of their consumers, delivering higher performance levels on things that matter to them and have a deep, positive societal and environmental impact.

To me, a Superbrand is one that endures the test of time or generational changes and elicits irrational responses from the heart. These are brands you love, you wear them on your sleeve with pride or élan, you trust them, you are willing to forgive their mistakes and you can’t live without them!

Taking a brand to a Superbrand and keeping it there, takes toil, nurturing care and effort. At Unilever, brands like Dove, Lifebuoy, Knorr, Brooke Bond Red Label, Kissan were built and nurtured painstakingly by generations of marketers, ensuring that they met and anticipated people’s needs in a constantly evolving world.

Increasingly, in a world today that has become attention-deficit prone and volatile, it becomes imperative for brands to communicate with honesty and transparency, meet or even better, exceed the promises they make; not once, not several times, but consistently. Brands that make it their business to do genuine good, transform our lives and the environment for the better, acting like the guiding beacon of a lighthouse, will always triumph and endure.

This Superbrands compendium with its brilliant brand stories should serve to inspire students, marketers, media experts and businesses alike on how to sustain and build similar towering lighthouses of the future.


Executive Director – Foods

Hindustan Unilever India

Regional Vice President Marketing – Foods

Unilever South Asia